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Reality Tidbits – Sunday Edition

Want to know where some of your favourite Project Runway alumni are up to well go to She Knows and find out.

Speaking of Project Runway, the inaugural winner of the Australian version Julie Grbac is getting some international publicity she may not want. Apparently the new Virgin Australia uniforms she designed are giving the flight attendants rashes. Well that is what the Huffington Post is claiming anyway.

Oh God I knew Cat Deeley had a wild side but her antics in hotel rooms just confirms it. (Source: Famefad)

Casey Donovan, former Australian Idol winner, has been getting rave reviews in London for her role in The Sapphires. Good for her. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Is former Australian Idol judge Jay Dee Springbett leaving Sony? Do I give a flying fuck? No. Anyway if you do care here is an article in the Sunday Telegraph.

Richard Hatch’s new jail sentence may mean the rumoured show down between him and Johnny Fairplay won’t occur. (Source: Reality Blurred) Just beware there are spoilers on this site for the current Survivor season.

Jeff Probst has signed on for Survivor seasons 23 and 24. Phew. (Reality Blurred)

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1 Wurstsemmel { 03.14.11 at 1:13 pm }

Does Jeff do anything else?