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The Amazing Race – Episode 3 – Off To Japan

Well it was good bye to the Australian leg to the race, but was it was it a first that the pitstop was a form of transport –  train ride from Broken Hill to Sydney?

However at Central Station they kicked off the leg, and it was off to Japan, and Zev and Justin were first to leave. Now if you are not barracking for Team Rainman perhaps DListed can convince you on why we should be. These guys are the best.

Actually there are a lot of teams to like on this all-stars series.

At the airport there was the classic Amazing Race quandry, take the stopover flight and maybe get a 15 minute head start in Tokyo but risk the delay, or fly direct. It was split 50/50, and the luck was with the direct flight, as the other one landed an hour after it.

But this didn’t really have an impact on what happened to the teams once they hit the chaos that is Tokyo, mixing it with having to actually drive in that city. The teams had my sympathy.

Ron and Christina actually made it to the Roadblock first but Ron could not concentrate enough to get the sequence of moves done. Also I found out that Christine is engaged to another Amazing Race contestant Azaria.

It was interesting with the detour that most of the team bar two did the find the frog in the mud one. As that seemed much more random, than the more zen detour the harlem globe trotters, and Ron and Christina did.

However Ron and Christina were not feeling so zen at the end of it all when they noticed their fanny pack (american term) had gone missing. I don’t blame them for being pissed as that has passports and money in it. What happened one of the harlem globetrotters I think accidentally took it and left it in the mens dressing sheds. This got them a 30 minute penalty – not that it mattered as they were still safe. It will be interesting to see what they have to say about this penalty on next weeks episode.

Anyway Zev and Justin managed to rock through both challenges and give some zippy one liners and also come first into the pit stop again.  Helloooo trip to Costa Rica.

The cowboys who are meant to be strong contenders manage to do the challenges fast, but are like stoners when comes from getting from location to location.

The globe trotters, and Keisha and Jen are looking strong, but at the other end of the spectrum the cheerleaders are looking pretty shaky, but boy did they have a rainbow struck up their proverbial in this episode. They were running last, however because the mud detour was so cold Mike and Mel had to stop and be treated for hypothermia and in the end they were eliminated.

A special shout out needs to go to Kent who has seemed to have made it his mission to rub up against any on the younger males in the show. On Shelly Beach it was the young surfie, here in Japan it was the guy who handed them the clue after the mud detour.

Now for all The Amazing Race savants that want to know who arrived when and where during the episode I just found this amazing graph fromThe Amazing Race Analyser (I am in awe of this chart).

Finally do we need to start a petition to get Phil to do an eyebrow raise this season. It is episode three and we still don’t have one.

Also here his an exit interview with Mel who explains what happened at the detour.