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Survivor Redemption Island – Both Tribal Councils Had No Suspense

The episode started off with crazy Phillip snuggling up to Boston Rob under the shelter to keep warm. Boston Rob asks “Have you got your undies on?” and Phillip responded jokingly “That does not stop me brother,”.Boston Rob was saying that Phillip slept with his leg in his back he was lucky it was only that. Seriously if you were lying beside Phillip you would be worried as those hideous pink things he wears are so loose and baggy.

But first it was the Redemption Island challenge with Matt versus Christina, but Matt won again. I would not be surprised if he is the one propelled back in as that would be a huge thorn in Boston Rob’s side.

While Boston Rob was off watching the duel. Phillip was working on Andrea to try and make an alliance, and it worked I think. But then she might have been turned off by the crazy talk. He said he is used to “throwing people under a bus”.

On the other tribe everyone was getting a bit too comfortable and relaxed now Russell had been voted out.

The immunity challenge involved blindfolds and puzzles and Boston Rob knocked one of his pieces off the table, but he must have realised at some point of the challenge and he won it for his tribe. Again the legend of Rob continues.

Stephanie who had been leading the challenge was blamed when they lost. Everyone was saying David should have done it. It always pisses me off when people say after the event that they wanted something else to occur and they said nothing at the time. Yes Steve I am looking at you.

The targets were on Krista and Stephanie. Serita and David dislike each other so they might be the weak links in their alliance.

In an uneventful tribal council Krista was eliminated.

I am unclear why they got rid of Krista ahead of Stephanie. Stephanie is a schemer and smart, I would be wanting to get rid of her.

The next episode started off with Steve having an episode at Stephanie for casting a vote for him in tribal.

On the other tribe the tribe was getting peeved at Natalie and Ashley for doing nothing.Phillip thought it would be unfair if he went before them. Well Phillip Survivor is unfair.

Stephanie was trying to work on her team mates and tried to make Sarita collateral damage.

Zapatera lost the challenge again, they now regret throwing the challenge to get rid of Russell. Any long time Survivor watcher can tell you that if you throw a challenge it usually goes pear-shaped after that. David was desperately trying to say to his alliance to vote out Sarita, and turned on her in tribal council.

However if Sarita wasn’t voted out David was going to have a huge target on his back as she will be out to get him.

Stephanie was voted off to Redemption Island. I hope she beats Matt and gets back into the game as I thought she was an interesting player. I would love to see a Survivor series where they gave the contestants who should have gone further another shot at the title of sole survivor.

Here is a link to Jeff Probst’s blog for episode five and six.


1 Yvonne { 04.06.11 at 1:13 pm }

I still havent worked out how is Matt going to get off Redemption Island. Anyone know?

2 sourkraut { 04.06.11 at 1:24 pm }

Are you seriously still watching this tosh?
The fact that snot blob rob has not yet been voted off indicates that the combined IQ of the remaining members of his tribe would make two short planks look like an IBM computer!

3 reality raver { 04.06.11 at 1:43 pm }

Yvonne – at some point the producers decides the person who is on Redemption Island will be able to re-enter the game. A bit like Survivor roulette.
Sourkraut – Yes I am and Boston Rob is giving all of his tribe members a masterclass in how to play the game. Also crazy special agent Phillip is hilarious.

4 sourkraut { 04.07.11 at 1:26 pm }