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Dancing With The Star Judge Dumped

Dancing With The Stars is having a  makeover with judge Mark Wilson being dumped from the judging panel.

I must say he is being rather magnanimous  about it.

In the Herald Sun he states:

“I understand that TV shows have to evolve and I support the decision to recast the judging panel. It’s a great opportunity for the show.

He just about says I would have sacked me too.

The article says a younger female judge is on the cards, however no one has been announced.

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1 Culinary Boner { 04.11.11 at 4:57 pm }

I still don’t understand why this tedious, snail paced, 70s variety show yeti of the program rates so well. Sure I may want to shag Luda and that mantis-like, orange-skinned peroxide milf with them jet-black eyes, but that doesn’t stop my brain shutting down every time I see happen to accidently catch a microsecond of this show. Watch this for too long and you’ll feel like gnawing your elbow off. And now Manu will be hamming it up like the Matt the Fat Jnr ham-meister that his is. FFS, I predict he’ll even be bringing back the body shirt with a pair of flaired Bogarts. (Help me out here Sourkraut). Even Brynne’s Mae West Jumping Castle figure and dittsy girl act won’t make up for the other 90% turgidity the rest will deliver. What night’s this on again? Coz sorry but I’ll be shaving my ‘nads that night.
Someone tell that Mark Wilson fella he’s just got outta jail.