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Altiyan Childs Was Living In House Prior To Firearms and Drugs Found

The Altiyan Child’s story finally hit the main stream media today with the Sunday Telegraph covering the split from his “personal” manager Steve Gold.

I have to say I do love it when I beat the Telegraph to a yarn by two days, and hopefully the authors of that article won’t have the Altourage or the Altiyan “family” going off at them or impersonating them on Facebook. See previous blog post here, with many comments and shenanigans it elicited.

I had to laugh at the Sunday Telegraph calling the story an “exclusive” the story has been covered by the St George Leader albeit without Altiyan’s name in the article, oh and also this blog…

However props to the Sunday Telegraph it does reveal more details then I had, one being Altiyan was living in the house just prior to the raid where firearms and drugs were found.

The article states:

Childs had been living at the Ramsgate duplex with Gold and seven other people for the past six months, but moved out the day before the April 1 police raid, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

Gold, 27, whose real name is Steven Yankuloff, faced Bankstown Local Court on Monday after being charged with eight illegal weapon offences following the raid.

Childs has not been charged. He has left his personal effects, including a television set and clothes, in his old bedroom.

Police kicked in the front door of the property at 7.15am and seized two rifles, a taser gun, knuckledusters, a semi-automatic pellet gun, a police fact sheet tendered to the court stated.

They also confiscated 500g of cannabis and allegedly found “a large amount of chemical equipment” in a backyard shed that was used to manufacture “large quantities of prohibited drugs”, the fact sheet stated.

No charges have been laid in relation to the drugs, but the court heard police may lay further charges against Gold following forensic testing.

The relationship between Gold and Childs, whose real name is Altiyan Juric, soured recently when a fight allegedly broke out over money.

Lucky for The X Factor winner that he had moved just before the raid, which makes me wonder who tipped off the police regarding the illegal objects in the house.

Altiyan Child’s has been on the record previously that he does not do drugs .

He said at the time to the TV WEEK:

“I’m glad someone has finally asked me about drugs because I’ve been accused of taking them ever since I hit the stage,” he says. “I am the cleanest rocker I know. I have never been on stage under any influence and I am very clean and straight in my private life, too. I don’t do drugs – I didn’t even have my first drink until I was 19. I’m anti-drugs; I’m anti- anything that is addictive and brings you down.”

That said, Altiyan 35, admits he finds the constant chatter that he is on drugs “flattering”.

“Most people take drugs to lose their inhibitions, whereas I don’t need them to do that,” he explains. “I have something naturally that most people look for in drugs and I am so grateful that God gave me this electrifying feeling when songs come on and make me comfortable in myself.

During his time on The X Factor winner who is 35 also revealed he had been celibate for seven years, but this may have changed if advertisments for tomorrow show of Today Tonight are anything to go by, where he reveals he has a 19 year old girlfriend.

He appears to be now embracing the rock and roll lifestyle including the trashing of a hotel room in Tasmania.

Hopefully Today Tonight will have also asked him about the Steve Gold aka Yankuloff situation.


Thanks to Joan – she braved the Altiyan fan page and found this written by Altiyan’s father (unless it was someone masquerading as him):

Well, my beautiful people, here we go again, just to tell you this,It is not Altiyan home,he was there for 3 months he wend from that home in complete normal way with my daughter pick him up, there was not his stuff left there except what did not can fit in her car.I send police to that morons house,I, Jadran, this Reporter moron with… name Moran only try desperately to implicate my son by putting his name on top of this story, as , who ever read this story this morning can see that this man Moran put Title Up site down to make story bigger, beacose without my Son name there is not story. there we go,this is the truth and just watch, what this people try to bring my son down, as you can see, it has nothing with my son expect he live there 3 months, I send police there,now, you can see integrity of news paper with name under. Yukky,yukky.

The police must have acted on information supplied by the father about illegal substances/objects in the house. Which could mean Altiyan must have known they were there. Last time I looked NSW Police did not activate search warrants because someone is an arsehole.




1 joan { 04.11.11 at 10:10 am }

Golly I am evil copy and pasting from an open facebook page, if you want comments to be private on the internet don’t post them in a public forum, it was to clear up who imformed the police, I thought that would clear your dear Altiyan, not sure he can get around the fact that he lived at the address for 3 months, or the fact that he is hanging out with teenagers, way to ruin a career Altiyan. I just hope he doesn’t do something stupid the Cultirage may do anything!

2 Culinary Boner { 04.11.11 at 10:26 am }

Good to see BDD takin’ it up to Altitan’s Morlocks over the weekend.
For the young ‘uns out there who haven’t read the classics – HG Wells, illiterates – this is a Morlock –

Note the classic rock pose.

Not certain whether these cave-dwelling cultsters were ever reported as having a meth lab, though. But they certainly knew how to look after young virgins. Ones that sorta look like they’ve walked off a Pure Blonde ad.

Fortunately for our hero – in this case brain dead dave – Morlocks are also scared shitless by fire and light, two things bdd’s been administering over the last 48 hours.

I cracked up when I read the Sunday Terror’s ‘super-pooper scoop’ on The Family’s culthouse.

RR, the Manson family similarities in terms of this lots’ childish defence of their Cult Master is spot on.

I also liked the novel legal argument wheeled out by the lawyer for Yankitoff (btw, is he related to Ivana Humpalot?) that because 15 acolytes were in and out of the house ya can’t pin no meth lab on anyone, your honour. I can just hear the interviews with the coppers now: “No that’s not mine. I thought it was for the home brew. Our Altiyan loves a spot of real ale. Especially when were all lying around watching tapes of the X-factor and taking turns to massage oil into his feet.”

3 joan { 04.11.11 at 10:58 am }
4 brain dead dave { 04.11.11 at 11:33 am }

I’m lovin’ the Facebook profile of the illiterate piss tank/cult member that authored that “press release”.

5 brain dead dave { 04.11.11 at 11:49 am }

Then again poor Alistair may have had one of Yankitoff’s guns pointed as his head when he wrote that florid tribute.

6 jasmine { 04.11.11 at 12:22 pm }

Hold on everyone, I didn’t talk about Altiyan, I didn’t even do the interview. Please don’t jump down my throat for something I didn’t do.
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Melaine Crick OMG, whats the wacko muso done now? What did i miss?
13 minutes ago · Like · 2 people

Jaci Smith whats every one saying kochie??
dont worry bout em let em think wat they think is right
13 minutes ago · Like · 2 people

Deb Brunotte I wuldnt wanna interview him either…
12 minutes ago · Like · 1 person

Helynne Barwick However you are in a position to make sure the truth comes out. Please do so.
11 minutes ago · Like

Mary Ann Smilovitis Whats going on what did i miss???
10 minutes ago · Like

Lisa Beckwith Don’t you always do things without realising it Kochie, come on people
8 minutes ago · Like

Michelle Teasdale its a no win situation kochie……. Ah to hell with em all….. Who cares..
8 minutes ago · Like · 3 people

Maree Clements Palmer I used to like him, until I heard all the s**t about him. He’is weird. Don’t pick on Kochie.
8 minutes ago · Like · 2 people

Helynne Barwick It had to be presented to someone, please don’t see it as a personal attack.
8 minutes ago · Like

Rachel Mackenzie he didnt thou, it was the angels i really cant stand kylie any how
7 minutes ago · Like

Chloe ter Pelle Ummmm not guilty Koshie!!! Not even sure who that person is. You seem like an OK bloke to me, just don’t get me started on child care centers and their ‘naughty corner’ lol.
7 minutes ago · Like

Jackie Hanna If Altiyan can be assumed guilty by association, so can you David. It is your show and he was shown on it this morning. Your co-reporter even said “and he has a 15 year old girlfriend” – which the reporter corrected as she is 19………
6 minutes ago · Like

Chloe ter Pelle Koshie, you’re a good Journo, don’t lose any sleep about negative peeps!!
5 minutes ago · Like · 1 person

Kochie The interview with Altiyan airs on TT tonight. Hopefully the facts will all be straightened out there
5 minutes ago · Like

Rachel Mackenzie there was two a 15yr old girl and a 19 yr old!!!!
4 minutes ago · Like · 2 people

Renee Robertson at least Kochie will tell us how he is feeling about something rather than Mel who sits there and never comments. Keep Nat with Kochie, they are the best duo.
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Luke Watters stick it up em Kochie!!
4 minutes ago · Like

Melaine Crick Oh, I just caught up. I really dont care for those reality show kids, but man…this one really did get under my skin. I dont know why but he just did. Kind soul, big heart, a little strange around the gills, yeah okay but…some people are…
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Helynne Barwick Edit edit edit.
3 minutes ago · Like

Jaci Smith who cares altiyan is a freak anyways.. kochie like i lernt u say wat u want who cares if its bad its how u feel i dnt no wat was said or done… just dont stress bout every one giving ya shit i love ur show i wish i could come on it :) heheh
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Lisa Beckwith you do a great job Kochie, how was the choc. People need to get over themselves, its the old shoot the messager
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Hope Lovekin you people need a life its kinda there job to report on things if you dont like it dont watch it not every one is ment to agree on every thing
2 minutes ago · Like · 1 person
Jasmine Bickering Holy moly! Koshie dont worry about it.. These people go around everywhere attacking people that dont obsess over the idiot… I saw it on sunrise myself… Koshie has done no wrong!! So go back to your lil fan page before persecuting someone for something that isn’t their doing!
2 minutes ago · Like · 2 people

Lynne Roberts Kochie, I do not think that people are attacking you personally, it is really the media itself. The reporting to date has not presented the real truth behind the arrest and charging of his ex personal Manager Steven Yankuloff, but instead have inferred that Altiyan had to be part of this person’s shonky dealings etc. I believe what most would like is for someone of your caliber and integrity to meet with Altiyan and present the true details of events of the last 3 months. Regards, Lynne.
about a minute ago · Like

Jackie Hanna You got it in one melaine. Kochie has been attacked because the show he is associated with incorrectly reported about Altiyan. Altiyan has been used as a human headline because he was briefly associated with some low lifes who are dragging his name through the mud. Do you see how it HAS to be wrong on both counts – not just for Kochie?????
about a minute ago · Like

Sue Botha Ignore them Kochie
about a minute ago · Like

The freaks attack koshie for a news headline that pops up on sunrise…. PSYCHOS! LET GO! IT’S OVER RED ROVER!

7 Sourkraut { 04.11.11 at 1:30 pm }

What a bunch of hyperbowls

8 Culinary Boner { 04.11.11 at 2:32 pm }

Jagger and Bowie to throw Altiyan and little Stevie Gold a life-line:……..NOT!
“The Rolling Stones legend has based the plot around rock’n’roll managers…”

9 Loose Lips Sink Ships { 04.11.11 at 4:02 pm }

Everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten that Altiyan had a National tour for the past 3 months. How the hell can he have a clue what is going on at someone’s house when he is never there?

As for anything else… I will wait for answers from Altiyan himself… starting with Today Tonight. Anything from secondary sources has been supplied by a thief, gold digger and opportunist who will stop at nothing to discredit a dear friend of mine.

What if it was a friend of yours being personally attacked? Well how could you possibly have any friends with characters like that!

How would you feel if you were the subject of all this CRAP which had absolutely nothing to do with you? That’s right… NOTHING!

You are all heartless, gutless and the most pathetic sorry excuse for a human being.

10 brain dead dave { 04.11.11 at 4:17 pm }

Altiyan said he was anti drugs and it turns out he’s living/ boarding in a house with half a kilo of weed and a wizz lab in it.

National Tour is a bit rich for describing an over rated wanker in a pub.

As for personal attacks, RR was attacked here by culty Kezza and the fake nail drones. You get back to mixing up the Kool Aid,you’ll all be needing it after tonight.

11 Chels { 04.11.11 at 4:45 pm }

Lose Lips Sink Ships – Today Tonight isn’t exactly reputable reporting. I think TT would have to be the most opportunistic program out there.

12 scruffnkelsmum { 04.11.11 at 4:52 pm }

“…Today Tonight isn’t exactly reputable reporting. I think TT would have to be the most opportunistic program out there….”

Oh my lordy lord….if that’s what you think, then what on earth must you have to say about ACA????? :)

13 Culinary Boner { 04.11.11 at 5:00 pm }

Tabloid music and musos deserve tabloid TV…they’re made for each other

14 Chunks { 04.11.11 at 5:25 pm }

“Loose”, is that you again Kerrie? The spray of abusive adjectives is looking mighty familiar.

15 brain dead dave { 04.11.11 at 5:48 pm }

It’s perfect that the said disreputable program will attempt to deconstruct the Juric/Yankitoff axis of evil.

16 Wurstsemmel { 04.11.11 at 6:11 pm }

Slippy – “Beloved Overlord Editor” I am so starting a cult now….

OK sign me up. No secret handshake stuff though. Has to be the secret eyebrow.

But if you start spouting on about sperm, I’m out of here.

17 Reality Raver { 04.11.11 at 6:29 pm }

BDD – Holy crap I nearly forgot to tape it.

Wursts – Love the secret eyebrow idea. LOL

18 Reality Raver { 04.11.11 at 6:46 pm }

The saga continues here is a press release from the Tassie promoter:

Will report on the Today Tonight stuff shortly, but is he really $400,000 in debt.I didn’t realise there was a Fanny Mae’s in Australia.

19 joan { 04.11.11 at 7:20 pm }

That was uncomfortable to watch he is CREEPY leaning all over the 15 yr old and they have matching rings eeeeeew

20 davsimp { 04.11.11 at 7:27 pm }

ROFLMAO x 1000.
Here is a new band (brought to us by Brain Dead Dave) for weird Steve Yankitoff to manage now that Alti has given him the arse:
“culty Kezza and the fake nail drones” BDD you can expect the royalties to come piling through any day now.

21 brain dead dave { 04.11.11 at 7:30 pm }

110% Nutter. The Devil is stopping his new album of originals coming out. Thank Christ for that. I’ve some Sympathy For The Devil on that one.

Who makes someone they’ve known for two months executor of one’s will and lets some slimy creep maul the 16 yr old daughter?
At least make him have a shower first.

He looks like he’s a member of Black Sabbath but sounds like the Wiggles trying to rock out.

I don’t believe he ‘s $400,000 down the gurgler for one minute.

22 joan { 04.11.11 at 7:33 pm }

The 15 yr old looked so uncomfortable when he was leaning all over her, the Mum has to be not the full quid to encourage a friendship with her daughter and a 35 yr old obviously troubled man, just weird. So who is going to the wedding?

23 brain dead dave { 04.11.11 at 7:52 pm }

One shouldn’t go into a marriage $400,000 in debt. Dr Phil calls stuff like that a “dealbreaker” and invariably predicts “toxic consequences”.

New Idea will be there..

24 scruffnkelsmum { 04.11.11 at 8:14 pm }

& there was no interview with the GF/fiancee’s parents? hmmm

Just the mum and the 15/16 yr old, who I agree with the person above- looked very uncomfortable……

totally bizarre interview and man…… (IMO)

25 Reality Raver { 04.11.11 at 8:34 pm }

I thought the 15 yr old mum wanted to shag him.
There is now a new blog post up about the Today Tonight interview

26 Jackie { 04.13.11 at 11:18 pm }

Heartbreaker you questions are easy to answer – but it clear that most of you aren’t really interested in the truth unfortunately. If Altiyan was so useless, I find it amusing that so many of you are taking SO much time blogging, posting, discussing him.

27 Lindsay Hampton { 05.03.11 at 11:50 am }

He’s the biggest METH head i know… he scored ICE every 2nd night.. .and smoked a hell of a lot of weed so dont tell me he’s drug-free… what a liar!!!!!

28 Masterchef Tragic { 05.30.11 at 8:16 pm }

Altiyan’s a weirdo. He was stoned all throughout X Factor, you could tell. There is no way he wasn’t on drugs. I am sure he would have smoked a whole lot of weed when he disappeared into that cave. And another thing, I would not be letting my 15 year old daughter have any sort of friendship with a 35 year old man.

He has since admitted he was completely taken for a ride and trusted the wrong people when he won X Factor. Apparently he is rebuilding his career.

29 Sammi Jean { 09.05.11 at 8:36 pm }

Creepy creepy creepy, manipulative self serving narcissist, always the victim with a dirty taste for very young girls..ewwww!

30 danni { 10.23.11 at 11:43 pm }


31 sue { 10.24.11 at 7:10 am }

LET IT GO- & the caps lock button is on the bottom left side of your keyboard.

P.S.- last sentence is a double negative, therefore you are saying we actually all do have talent…..

32 Jackie { 10.24.11 at 8:14 am }

Great to see this thread is alive and well and interesting to see all the “Sony will drop him” comments. Clearly that didn’t happen and his new single is currently number 4 in the Australian Aria charts.
His appearance on Xfactor last week was amazing. AND he has two Aria nominations with potential of it being 3 with the best live act option. So – Altiyan stuck at it and rode the wave of nastiness and has more than proved he is here to stay xxx

33 danni { 10.24.11 at 2:05 pm }

sony will never drop him they are giving Altiyan a second chance not like any of you and also been nominated for 2 Arias and release of his new single and a new album to follow soon and you have no talent if you are being like this who is your favourite singer i dont think they would like to be treated in the way your treating altiyan and his family and he desrved to win this so if you dont like him dont comment dont be abusive and Fuck off

34 danni { 10.24.11 at 2:07 pm }

And for the record i hope you never succeed any where in life they way you are now go on have a go at X factor so we can do the same to you and see how you like being treated like SHIT

35 Jackie { 10.24.11 at 2:18 pm }

Danni if you call yourself a fan then you need to re-think your behaviour. IF you are a fan you would know that Altiyan has always said to kill people with kindness. He has never spoken a nasty word against or to anyone – no matter how bad things got and how much lies was told. Your posts on this topic thread are worse than any of the ‘haters’ who have posted. I suggest you deleted them because if I wasn’t a fan I would tell you what I really think – you are just making things harder for Altiyan and his fans by being an abusive person. Everyone has an opinion – and you don’t need to use disgusting langauge or behaviour to make your point.

36 Georgie { 10.24.11 at 2:21 pm }

Number 4 on the Australian Aria charts – is that good?

Danni – you must have hyperventilated saying all that without a pause or a break. Breath in – breath out – breath in…

37 brain dead dave { 10.24.11 at 2:38 pm }

Two nominations for an Aria award. He could be bigger than The Beatles.

38 danni { 10.24.11 at 4:50 pm }

whatever i dont care what any of you think get a life

39 tash { 01.18.12 at 6:48 pm }

um, didnt his dad die? wasnt the whole part of him going on x factor for his late father???????

40 Jackie { 01.18.12 at 7:20 pm }

Tash his father was the one that pushed him to enter Xfactor. He is not a well man – but as far as we know, his father is still doing ok.

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