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My Kitchen Rules – Sammy And Bella Through To The Final

As predicted the NSW team of Sammy and Bella are through to the final, and seriously they are going to have to serve up cooked sashimi to lose on Wednesday night.

They were going head to head with Daniela and Stefania tonight in the semis, which was a pity as I would have liked to have seen both these teams in the final. The set up of the semi’s has been the big flaw in an otherwise good season of My Kitchen Rules. It should have been a challenge for four tonight, and the remaining three going head to head in the second semi on Tuesday night. If you are going to rip off Masterchef Australia, please do it properly.

By the way TV Tonight has an article about Gary Mehigan having a go at My Kitchen Rules for ripping off Masterchef Australia.

Tonight the challenge was to due a three course meal of their choosing.

Daniela and Stefania did a potato and ricotta ravioli with a mint and butter sauce, osso buco, and a zucotto with chocolate mascarpone. I was surprised by the good feedback their ossoc buco received. Personally I thought it was an easy dish to be cooking at this stage of the competition. I am sure Mel and James teeth was gnashing at the unfairness of it all.

Also I thought the meat they used did not look like veal, and was surprised they managed to get so much tenderness and flavour out of it in an hour and a half. Their ravioli did look delicious, but the dessert looked a bit amateur hour. However, the judges gave high marks to make us think the best teams had made it to the semis.

Bella and Sammy’s menu was far more intricate with schezuan soup, duck breast and duck sausage, and spiced creme caramel. Those girls know how to cook. I was surprised by the size of the sausage but maybe they come large in Poland.

The duck was cooked perfectly. Manu Feildel was having issues with the soup, and the pineapple that accompanied the creme caramel. Maybe he wanted Stefania and Daniela in the final, as it meant he has now lost his flirting partner in crime. Go Stefania.

The Polish girls scored 53 points to the WA ladies who scored 50. I would love to see Stefania and Daniela getting their own cooking show or segment, they had great chemistry between them.

Tomorrow night between Kane and Lee, and Ann-Marie and Nick looks like a dogs breakfast, with the “babes” being shot out in rapid succession.


1 anonymice { 04.12.11 at 12:03 am }

Not sure if I am going to be able to cope with another season of “cook-offs” and “off site challenges”…feels like we’ve gone from Masterchef…to Masterchef…(with a bit of iron chef in the middle).

2 Chris { 04.12.11 at 12:19 am }

That “Babe” thing is toooo much.
I think a Bella & Sammy and a Kane & Lee Final will happen, just hope Bella and Sammy win.

3 Kaylen { 04.12.11 at 12:39 am }

The thing I liked about the WA team, was their chemistry together, and the remarks they’d give about everything. It always made me laugh!

Best team did go to the finals, though. Unfortunately I feel that the worst team is still there – the married couple. If it was an elimination like suggested, they would have gone tonight. That’s the only flaw in a so far excellent season.

Still enjoyable, though!

4 akris { 04.12.11 at 1:20 am }

Worst team in the finale 4 is Kane and Lee… most annoying is the married couple..

I would have also liked THe polish sisters and the italian cousins to have been in the finale..

and it’s not a masterchef rip off it’s a top chef rip-off… every single challenge!! and masterchef is just as bad!

5 PollyB { 04.12.11 at 7:49 am }

Sammy & Bella killed it with skill and execution. Good job. I will miss Bette & Stefa. They were funny being themselves. Loved the bickering, like siblings, easy to relate!
Agree, would loved to have seen these 2 teams in the final, cos Ann-Maree is now as appealing as a tooth ache. Go Kane & Lee. Sammy & Bella to win by a mile.
I have really enjoyed this season, but would like to see something other than TC rip offs too. No suggestions though!

6 Littlepetal { 04.12.11 at 10:49 am }

Look like the final will be Sammy and Bella against Kane and Lee. Kane and Lee has slowly but surely get themselves to the final. I noticed that they tend to do well when they are in the cook-off as they know what they are going to do. In surprise challenges, they do get into some trouble.
May the best team win.

7 Littlepetal { 04.12.11 at 11:43 am }

I am back with my white apron theory again !!!! LOL. For the final on Wed, if they still wear white and black aprons, I will say the team that wear the black aprons will win. They have to show the winners wearing black aprons.

8 Culinary Boner { 04.12.11 at 12:14 pm }

The real pity last night was having to watch what should have been the Grand Final a couple of days early. That said, Bella and Sammi were deserved winners as they are superior cooks to Stef and Daniella. Should either pair decide take the plunge with a restaurant/cafe they’d be more than welcome in my area of inner-west Sydney which could do with something… anything other than Thai. In contrast I’m anticipating no culinary heights tonight, but hopefully instead some major melt-downs.

9 Culinary Boner { 04.12.11 at 12:17 pm }

Oh! Forgot to add that Karen Martini looked hot imo.

10 Culinary Boner { 04.12.11 at 12:57 pm }

As Chris and others have stated the SA team’s constant use of “Babe” appears too much. However being a cunning linguist I spent a couple of spare minutes mulling over this in more detail.
As a result I am thinking of a submission to the Macquarie Dictionary along the following lines:-

Babe. n. alt meaning colloq, South Australia only… used ironically to mean “dumb arse”, instead of the normal colloq meaning of “hot-stuff”. Appears there are rules though that apply locally with the frequency of usage for this slang term. Said more than 5 times, the meaning shifts to “fuck knuckle”. More than 10 times it becomes “listen here C#NT!!”.

11 Wurstsemmel { 04.12.11 at 1:40 pm }

I loved one of the comments under the Gary Mehigan snippet that compared George and Gary to teletubbies!

Best team won and I hope they take out the final. I hope Kane and Lee win tonight simply to see ‘Babe’ blown out of the water…and hoping for some fireworks. Previews suggest it but we know how they like to make it look exciting…..

Next series, please lose Toby Puttock.

12 PollyB { 04.12.11 at 2:36 pm }

Wurstsemmel, hear hear, re Toby.

13 Chris { 04.12.11 at 3:22 pm }

VERY WELL SAID…. Culinary Boner