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My Kitchen Rules – As Predicted This Was A B Grade Semi

This is controversial but who fries custard? Custard dipped in breadcrumbs, however apparently people cook it.

The other outrage was the standard of cooking in this semi-final where Kane and Lee were competing against Ann-Marie and Nick.

Both desserts looked pretty ordinary in my opinion. Ann-Marie and Nick’s was fried custard with raspberries, and the Victorian teams was a dry looking orange and hazelnut cake.

The producers need to rethink the semi-format as it is a travesty that the second best menu presented over the two nights is not in the finals.

Also while the producers are tweaking the show can they flick Tobie Puttock who seems like a nice guy but he is dull, or as @sixinchheels on twitter says “lacklustre”. How about putting a critic in like Simon Thomsen on the panel, as he acquitted himself well on Iron Chef Australia.

Ann-Marie and Nick had their usual babe rapid fire going, and I had to laugh at a comment by regular commenter Culinary Boner giving his interpretation of how the word babe is used.

He wrote:

I am thinking of a submission to the Macquarie Dictionary along the following lines:-

Babe. n. alt meaning colloq, South Australia only… used ironically to mean “dumb arse”, instead of the normal colloq meaning of “hot-stuff”. Appears there are rules though that apply locally with the frequency of usage for this slang term. Said more than 5 times, the meaning shifts to “fuck knuckle”. More than 10 times it becomes “listen here C#NT!!”

Ann-Marie and Nick cooked rolled up whiting, most of the time Nick spent skinning the fish for a garnish, which elicited quite a few babes from his wife. For main it was veal and dessert was the fried custard, which looked particularly unattractive on the plate.

Kane and Lee’s crab larb looked great, but I thought the ribs were a bit simple but Karen Martini did gush over them. The mandarin garnish on their dessert should have resulted in instant elimination at this stage of the competition.

But then Kane and Lee have managed to stumble and bumble their way into the grand final. They got through two eliminations, and just when you thought they would be going, Kel and Ash had to withdraw from the show.

I still don’t think they can beat Sammy and Bella, but then on the previews tonight it looked like Bella implodes.


1 PollyB { 04.12.11 at 10:17 pm }

I agree with all your comments RR. CB’s interpretation is spot on and I think BDD is being given a run for his money! These two should be in cahoots creating their own blog page. Or cult, even.

2 scruffnkelsmum { 04.12.11 at 10:23 pm }

yeah, it’s a bit sad that the “winner” tonight was not a patch on last night’s runner-up.

still wanted Stefania & Daniela in the grand final with Bella & Sammy….sigh

3 AT { 04.12.11 at 10:38 pm }

should have mentioned this earlier but i think one of the titles for mkr blog posts should have “babe” in it given how overused it was on mkr by SA couple…like “a babe-grade semi”…something like that

4 Liberty { 04.12.11 at 10:43 pm }

Anyone know why they’re still serving up 9 portions of each when only 3 hit the judges table and 1 or 2 to Sammy and Bella? Surely they’re preparation and cooking time could have been more efficient if they’d cooked less. We certainly didn’t see them choosing the “best looking” dishes for the judges etc.

Would love to see Stefania and Daniela with their own show! They annoyed the cr@p out of me but they were funny! Don’t care who wins. Bring on Masterchef.

5 Chris { 04.12.11 at 10:44 pm }

It seems so unfair!!! They weren’t nearly as good as Stephanie and Daniella last night. This was definately B Grade cooking, last night was really good…. Not Happy!!!!!!
Go Sam and Bella….

6 Jasmin { 04.12.11 at 10:55 pm }

RR I agree, the semi-final format is bad with even Kane saying that their score didn’t beat last night’s runner up team.

I know it’s the editing, but the judges didn’t say a bad word about Ann-Marie and Nick’s dishes, until the scoring section where they doled out sixes and sevens. I thought Kane and Lee’s lack-of-crunch soft shell crab and manky mandarins were going to cost them the final.
Ann-Marie and Nick’s entree and main definitely looked more professional.
Still wish that the dishes were scored in stages (entree, main, dessert) instead of one overall score.

7 Tenina { 04.12.11 at 11:59 pm }

As I watched the bumbling idiots tonight, I thought that all four semi finalist pairs should have waited for scoring at once. Top two go through, no matter that they have cooked against each other already…bring it on, bigger better finals. Then the Italian girls could have been there cheering on the sidelines as well. Apparently there is hell to pay in the final anyway, so why not have the best of the best, not the best and the doubtful best!

8 jord { 04.13.11 at 12:37 am }

I was really enjoying MKR in the early stages of the show, (especially the home restaurants) but have found it more and more difficult to get excited about, to the point that I haven’t really watched any of the final stages. I’ve been keeping up with whats been happening on here.

9 DeeLee { 04.13.11 at 8:16 am }

how do you have a team into a final, when they scored less points then the team in the night befores semi???
Just is not right.

10 PollyB { 04.13.11 at 8:49 am }
11 AngelSG86 { 04.13.11 at 9:44 am }

I missed the part shown in the preview where Anne-Marie was claiming something was a ‘2-minute job’ and Nick said it wasn’t. Which particular job was that actually referring to?

I thought Anne-Marie and Nick would get it, but somehow Kane and Lee slipped through again. The finale has to be an inevitable Sammy and Bella win. The previews are trying to lead us away from that by showing Bella crying but I still think they should win and will win. Maybe its only a quick cry and she gets straight back into it, sort of the insect drama in NT. She was crying then and still got straight back into the cooking.

EDIT: Just read an article in the Daily Tele online, saying that the tears are because they changed their menu 5 minutes before starting and so she just walked out and had a melt-down as soon as they started filming. No explanation as to why they changed their menu so last-minute.

12 seepi { 04.13.11 at 10:42 am }

I thought the cake dessert looked super lame. Most small kids can cook a cake. And cutting it into 3 bits didn’t improve it for mine.

The ribs looked delish, but the little pile of rice with it was fairly dull.

I thought the fried custard looked amazing, but then I love custard, fried dessert and raspberries, so it would be a win win win for me! Much harder than a bit of cake too.

I thought the whole squash was risky – I’ve never seen them cooked whole.

And I thought the 9 plates was 5 for the judges and 4 for the other contestants.

I’d have liked to see them replicate their home restaurants for the final – showing how they have improved with all their practice.

I could do without Toby Puttofk too, but the dark haired judge is very good value.

13 PollyB { 04.13.11 at 10:48 am }

Seepi, I like the idea of going back to their homes. We should see them in their homes more than once.
I was wondering about all those plates too. Only 3 go to judges table and 1 to Sammy & Bella I think (to share). So what happens to the other 5?

14 Anonymous { 04.13.11 at 11:39 am }

PollyB (and others), thanks for the appreciation. I can’t speak for BDD (or even Soukraut), but I kinda like the idea of heading up a cult and having countless acolytes to massage my feet with oil and fetch me beer from the fridge. Unlike Altiyan, though, I’ll draw the line at teenaged girls (and their sex-starved mums). Sorry to disappoint you young ‘uns, but shouldn’t you be throwing themselves at Justin Beiber instead of lousy old blokes? I also kinda like the idea of a cult uniform as this seems to encourage the blind obedience I’d be expecting. Reckon the Orange People are a good starting point. I spent most the early 80s in awe of how an ageing ‘sex guru’ who’d been severely beaten by the ugly stick, in this case the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, could convince younger, much better looking people to so freely give their time, money and genitalia. What ever happened to them? Did the sect have to close down due to a lice plague?

15 Culinary Boner { 04.13.11 at 11:40 am }

Oops, that was me posting above.

16 PollyB { 04.13.11 at 1:00 pm }

LOL re the Bhagwan. Was wondering only last week where he got to!
CB, although I find your wit and intelligence, and BDD’s (and Sour’s, on a sweet day!), highly attractive, the blog fits best with me. Temptations of the flesh, and all that. Although, do you have a spare 1/2 mill? That could be tempting. :-)

17 Culinary Boner { 04.13.11 at 1:27 pm }

No PollyB ‘fraid not on the spare 1/2mill. Seems you’re getting the Cultmaster role mixed up with that of the followers. Aint I the one who gets the money so I can continue to the ‘spread the good word’ or whatever it is us Cultmasters do in lieu of having a job. I’ll make it easier for you and other potential cult members who appear to be setting their standards too high anyway. The only “non-optional” duty is getting my beer from the fridge (oh, and paying a daily tribute of a case each). Any woman of reasonable looks over the age of 35, with necessary high tolerance for heavy rock, can join. Bring your own lice.

18 Clover { 04.13.11 at 1:58 pm }

It’s irrelevant where the other plates go – if last night’s two semi-final teams didn’t have to plate up the same number as the previous semi’s teams they’d have an unfair advantage.

19 brain dead dave { 04.13.11 at 2:00 pm }

I’ve fantasized occasionally about having a blog page but then I think about types like Culty Kezza dropping in and stinkin’the place up.Thanks Polly B.

Speaking of cults ,there’s going to be some Masterchef preambles with Gary and George on the 7PM project and hopefully a gawk at this year’s cannon fodder.

20 brain dead dave { 04.13.11 at 2:06 pm }

In fact I could use a cult leader right now to decide for me what to watch tonight. MKR or Biggest Loser?

It’s not every day you get to see a whale abseiling down a Tasmanian skyscraper.

21 davsimp { 04.13.11 at 2:47 pm }

Angelsg86, the “two minute job” was supposed to be Nick scraping the rest of the whiting off the skin so the skin could then go into the oven, crisp up, and be used as a garnish. He had already told her the prep of the fish was going to take him a while but I guess he couldn’t be heard over the cacophony of slamming pot lids and her whispery sweet voice crooning “babe”

Brain Dead Dave, watch the final of MKR then watch Biggest Loser online. Please note, this is just a suggestion and not me putting my hand up for esteemed position of cult leader.

22 davsimp { 04.13.11 at 2:59 pm }

And if you really want to be spoilt for choice, there is the masterchef online launch as well:

23 brain dead dave { 04.13.11 at 3:07 pm }

I’d love to do that Davsimp, but my computer moves slower than Damien Challenor.

Was that a glorified Stanley knife Nick was using to fillet those whiting? Why not cook the fish with the skin on it ,then it should peel of a lot easier? Or is that declassee?

Anyone see the poor Sushi Bar owner that Ramasay tore to shreds on Kitchen Nightmares last night? Storing mayonnaise at room temperature after being a chef for a couple of decades. Hilarious.

24 PollyB { 04.13.11 at 5:22 pm }

CB – As Cultmaster Alt Manson easily dispersed 1/2 mill, mused you may be so inclined! BTW, I qualify re a little heavy rock OK, and definitely fit the age, alas for you there would be no wench duties fulfilled.
BDD – I saw Ramsay last night. Yeh, chef had lost his soul, I felt sorry for him as in no small way that wife was a mix of Mel and Ann-Maree!

25 Reality Raver { 04.13.11 at 5:39 pm }

Oh people getting flirty on my blog – I am the Emma Woodhouse of blogging!

26 Culinary Boner { 04.14.11 at 2:02 pm }

PollyB, thanks for clarifying policy on my cult’s entry requirements. Pity, as wenching duties are requisite. You see I’m keen to emulate the following –
(Gotta love this lurid contribution to book covers, which very aptly sums up the ideal cult from this bloke’s sadly delusional perspective – “The cult was a sex lure which netted big money…They had it made in more ways than one.”)
Just like Alts and Mr Gold, I will purposefully shoot for stars with bum planted firmly in the gutter.