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The Block – Is This A Contestant?

The Block is filming in Melbourne in Cameron St, Richmond see previous blog post here. By the look of the houses it still appears to be a way to go before the renovation is completed.

However I wonder who the lucky or unlucky contestants who will be competing on the show.

After trolling through Katrina Chambers tweets who I follow on Twitter I wondered if she is one of the contestants on the show. I hope so as it will be great to see a fellow blogger on the show. Clearly bloggers are the new black for reality show contestants.

Her blog here states she wants to get on TV and also on twitter she has said:

@Annieb25 yep pre stuff but it’s so amazing and so cool! All design stuff. You’ll see me on tv heaps anyway. Love it!
@LorraineKreuzer @annieb25 Thanks! We’ve done the best we can do! We will be on the show lots anyway so you’ll have to watch :)
Did anyone just hear what Richard said on #thetodayshow about a big tv series coming out of Melbourne?
@mobjones hi! Not officially. Just the promotional stuff. Should be in a few weeks
Off on a little adventure tomoz. Heart is racing…
@Annieb25 yes I am :) I missed you. I have been ‘filming’. Tomorrow I have the day off. Saturday I will know my final fate :)

If she is on The Block I would guess she is doing it with her sister.  However, I could be completely wrong and it might have been a Top Design audition (that other Channel nine show) .