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The Biggest Loser – Shannon and Lara On A Bed Together

Well the people who are whipping up the Shannon and Lara sexual tension plot line will like it that they ended up on a bed together, but the only bit of sizzle was the fat from the cheeseburger he was trying to get her to eat.

It was a good episode tonight with us getting to see where the eliminated contestants were up to and here are a few quick thoughts about the episode:

I was hoping Sarah-Jane after taking a mouthful of the creamy pasta would turn to Tiffany and say “this is delicious”;

When Kelli said at Subway “I’ve got to cut it in half and give them a six inch” for a moment there I thought she was impersonating Johnny Holmes;

The Challenor’s must be more cashed up than I thought, if they can afford that amount of raspberries and blueberries to put on their breakfast table;

Greg is clearly struggling a bit on the outside, yes he has lost 30 kgs, but that gut is still huge;

Damien’s has lost the weight of one human being, but he still has a fair way to go. One thing I did notice was that there has been no loss in his legs, it must be oedema;

I thought Jodie was lying about the freezer and fridge full of junk food, the kids did not look happy at all when it was thrown out;

And what was that bollocks about I would never thought I could lose 25 kgs. She did just that on The Biggest Loser meal replacement program two years ago. (see previous blog post here)

All the Westren’s were looking great, and I was hoping Sharlene would get back in. I have decided I wanted her to win as really she has been caring for a disabled daughter for 21 years. However it was Lara.

The others back in are Emma, Nathaniel, and Rebecca.  However one is up for elimination tomorrow night. My money is on Lara being eliminated, as she is already a good weight and doesn’t have much to lose. She and Leigh had a conjugal visit so both will be happy if she does leave.


1 davsimp { 04.20.11 at 11:32 pm }

all the wrong ones came back except for Nathanial. I hope he kicks some arse in there. I was sorry to see Meg’s bitchy twin return instead of her, and I was hoping for Sharlene as well. At least Jodie didnt make it thank god. FFS, was there any reason to chuck out all the kids chips. I hope they went through the bin when Commando (come and eat me now ) pissed off and got them back.

Charlene needed to be there more than Lara and it wouldn’t surprise me if the they fudged it to let Lara back in. Hopefully she will be eliminated toot sweet next week. PMSL, RR at the conjugal visit. Shannon’s plan is to probably drill them so hard they are too shagged to do anything and he will sneak down to the fridge at midnight and meet bingey Lara there.

At least the REAL remaining four have immunity next week so one of the blow in’s will be given the arse quick smart.

2 Reality Raver { 04.20.11 at 11:45 pm }

davisimp – Laughed very hard at one of your comments, but I will leave you to guess which one. Hint – it involved Commando.

3 Reality Raver { 04.20.11 at 11:46 pm }

Davisimp – I think I would have preferred Damien back in, at least he would have given Joe some stick. Nathaniel will just be blamange in the corner

4 davsimp { 04.20.11 at 11:55 pm }

I know what you mean, but surely at this late stage of the comp they will continue to up the ante in the challenges, and there is no way Damo could compete in most of them – arse through glass abseiling anyone? The only thing he did alright in was the wood sawing as his arms are like tree trunks. Hope Nathaniel has toughened up since he was last on there. I was killing myself laughing at the subway challenge. I’m starting to find Sarah very humorous and it’s great to see her come out of her shell. I hope she stays in for a bit longer.

5 smauge { 04.21.11 at 8:34 am }

My observations
– Is there any reason why all that junk food couldn’t go to one of those food recovery services to feed the homeless? Send Jodie out to give it to them and give her some perspective other than what she sees from her huge McMansion.
– Commando is even hotter when he smiles.

6 Mia { 04.21.11 at 8:47 am }

I’m eager to see Nathaniel give uncle Joe a taste of his own medicine.

7 Reality Raver { 04.21.11 at 8:50 am }

Davisimp and Mia – now I don’t want to go too hard on Nathaniel but I don’t see him being able to take on Joe. He appears the type to retreat and sulk. Not a lot of confidence or coping mechanisms there.

Smauge – agree commando has been a highlight of this season. He got lucky that everyone has been voting strategically to keep the Moons in. It will be ironic if one of them win.

8 Darryl { 04.21.11 at 9:07 am }

Had to laugh at smart arse Jarrod. He’s so far behind all the others in his family. If only he channeled his enrgy into training rather thabeing a smart arse, he would weigh less

9 librarygirl { 04.21.11 at 9:13 am }

Oh is there is Shannon/Lara UST discussion going on somewhere? I have thought myself S is a bully to Leigh, have never seen him do this before, and do think Shannon is proud of Lara in a” My Fair Lady” sort of scenario. She does look wonderful.
I think I would have abseiled down that building in Hobart if I had the Commando next to me. Silly Kellie not doing it.
I’ve also warmed to Sarah. But I don’t really care who wins ( I liked Meg, and her sweet husband who loves her regardless unlike Husky/Craig and his “upgraded wife” (poor Sharlene!)

10 PollyB { 04.21.11 at 11:00 am }

I was hoping Meg got back in. Am sooo over Lara. Why the need to be so whiney, still? Boring. Nathaniel needs to grow some. I know teenage years for boys can be difficult but I think he needs counselling. He is like the dog who was abused as a puppy. I’m glad Jodie didn’t get back in. Sarah has really changed recently which is good. For no particular reason I’d still like her to win.
And I loved Jodie’s kids hating Commando.

11 brain dead dave { 04.21.11 at 3:02 pm }

Shannan seems to be holding those pig-carrier arms wider and wider every episode. He’s hell bent on looking like a silverback strutting around dribbling mindless sporting cliches. It was working a treat on Lara. Lethargic Leigh can only dream about that.

Had the same first thought as smauge on the junk food at Jodie’s ,should be donated to the homeless.

Jarhead was a massive letdown,he was full of excuses-among other things.

12 littlepetal { 04.21.11 at 3:29 pm }

Sharlene has done very well so far. The producers know who they want back in the comp and challenges are designed to get that result. Unfortunately even if Sharlene got back in, she will be eliminated in the challenges.

From the TV guide and promo, one will go tonight (from the returned contestants) and another one will go on Mon but not through voting (maybe don’t suit the producers) but through 3 rounds of challenges.

13 Katrina { 04.25.11 at 6:57 am }

If I’d had to abseil with rope next to the Commando, that would have been the wrongest bit of wrong telly in the kingdom of Wrongdom.
Don’t forget I live in Germany, so have seen a lot of wrong TV.

14 Reality Raver { 04.25.11 at 1:44 pm }

Oh by the way the latest edition of Woman’s Day has a two page article about Lara and Leigh and how much they love each. That they have fallen in love all over again. Actually it was a cute article and believable. It will be interesting to see if they both want to spread their wings a bit once they get some attention from the opposite sex.