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Well I Don’t Need To Worry About Joe From The Biggest Loser Reading This Blog

In the last few weeks of The Biggest Loser, the publicists are still pumping out stories about the remaining contestants.

In the latest one about Joe he opens up about being illiterate. If this a ploy to make him a figure of sympathy and more likeable if he wins the season, it might just work.

In TV WEEK he reveals he is illiterate.

The article states:

“The hardest thing I’ve ever tried to accomplish is to read and write” the 40-year-old of two tells TV WEEK. “It’s just something that’s never come to me. I left school in Year Eight, because school and I never agreed. I was never a problem child, but I struggled all my life with reading and writing.”

Joe says he doesn’t believe he is dyslexic and reveals that he can now read better than he can write.

“I can read to a degree, but I’m slow,” he says. “My writing is worse, [and] my spelling is atrocious.”

And while he insists that he’s “managed” in spite of his problem, he does admit it’s had a negative impact on his life.

“It hasn’t stopped me achieving, but it has held me back,” he says. “Because of my illiteracy, my self-esteem was low growing up. I didn’t look at myself in a good way and nearly all my life I’ve been a loner.”

“We have to do blogs in the house and the Black Team help me out by writing mine for me,” he reveals. “I tell them what to say. I also praise God that my wife is the way she is, because it does affect things at home, too.”

“Loser has encouraged me to try and improve my reading and writing, as I know it would make a big difference to my marriage and also to my life as a dad,” the labourer smiles. “I’ve tried before – I’ve been to TAFE and even to a literacy school – but it’s hard to accomplish. English grammar is the hardest in the world”.

I hope he does beat his illiteracy as it must be extremely stressful and challenging at times. I would also like to know more about the dynamics of The Challenor family there appears to be a lot of stuff going on there. They alluded to they had a difficult childhood, but also there seems to be all sorts of tensions in their relationships with each other.


1 brain dead dave { 04.20.11 at 6:07 pm }

Cue the violins…

Just when I thought I’d heard every excuse for being fat.

2 smauge { 04.21.11 at 3:42 pm }

In all fairness, I didn’t read anything there that indicates he’s using it as an excuse to be fat BDD.

3 Meg { 04.23.11 at 9:08 pm }

Not being able to read what’s written about you could actually be an asset when you’re on a reality TV show. Joe, however, seems to be very popular on the forums. Far from being the show’s villain, he’s become the anti-hero – misunderstood, much maligned, but persevering against the odds to emerge redeemed and triumphant at the end.