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Dancing With The Stars – Brynne Edelsten Finally Getting Some Promotional Love

I love the way TV stations are promoting their reality shows in their news programs. I am not condoning it but it does show just how popular the reality TV genre is. Channel Seven is no exception and they devoted over two minutes showcasing the contestants on the show. (see footage below)

It looks like a great cast this year, and one of my favourites before she has even done a two-step is “socialite” Brynne Edelsten. You just know she is going to give great reality TV. She is finally getting some media coverage, with a great article complete with video of her home and interview in

Manu Feildel is going to prove very popular when he sizzles it up with the samba, but I have to say I found the below advertisement with him dancing solo a little off putting. Not sure why as regular readers will know I am a big fan. What do you guys think?

No news of a start date yet, but rumours have been circulating it will be Sunday 8 May, and if it is like last year it will be a 6.30pm start time.

Before the show starts I will put up my form guide, rating the contestants chances.



1 MolksTVTalk { 04.22.11 at 9:07 pm }

All but guaranteed it will be 7:30pm up against MasterChef (Sunday Night owns 6:30pm Sunday now).

2 brain dead dave { 04.22.11 at 11:02 pm }

Manu Fail-del.

3 Mia { 04.23.11 at 8:54 am }

I think Brynne is going to be fascinating to watch. Her brazen honesty will definitely polarise viewers. Personally, I think she will be a breath of fresh air in the midst of the Bingle, Bracks and Brachens. I may even be tempted to throw a couple of votes her way

Manu’s solo dancing does look pretty awkward in that promo, but the fact he’s prepared to make a bit of a dag of himself only endears him all the more to me. Go Manu!

Between Brynne’s sassiness and the perve-worth of Manu and Arsen Kishishian, this should be a great series.

4 Injera { 04.23.11 at 5:07 pm }

Okay, that was a passion killer…

And does Seven really need to append an AD to a promo? Jeez. Stayfree, Manu!

5 Wurstsemmel { 04.23.11 at 7:50 pm }

Sacre bleu, it’s enough to put you off your fine dining experience.

6 Reality Raver { 04.23.11 at 9:48 pm }

MolksTVTalk – if that is the case they will have a tough time ratings wise.

BDD – LOL as usual

Mia – Agree I think Brynne is going to stick in there for sometime.

Injera – very uncomfortable to watch

Wursts – Agree

7 Shelsta78 { 04.24.11 at 5:44 pm }

I still CANNOT stop laughing at his promo ad – I don’t think I’ve laughed at anything as much on TV for a very long time. Please Australia vote to keep him in to keep the humour alive.