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Reality Tidbits – Good Friday Edition

Sophie Monk tanks as host at the Cleo Bachelor of the year awards. It continues to amaze me why she would get gigs like this when there are many females in Australia capable of doing a better job. One of my favourite finds of last year was Natalie Garonzi and she would have done a cracking job. Sorry Sophie you have a great voice but you are no comedian or rocket scientist. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Dan Ewing thinks his Dancing With The Stars partner Luda is hot but won’t be going there as she went out with one of his friends Luke Jacobz. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

JLo decided to take a judging position on American Idol rather than The X Factor. To be honest I thought she would be bad on the show, but I think she gives the most constructive advice of the three judges. (Source: Also there are rumours she is starting her own reality show. (Source: Metro)

Donald Trump to announce whether he will run for President after the final of Celebrity Apprentice. Ironically he is polling the highest approval rating out of the potential Republican contenders. (Source:

Speaking about Celebrity Apprentice this piece on Dlisted is hilarious about Jack Jason, Marlee Matlin’s sign language interpreter.

Bethenny Frankel has made $120 million through her reality show and her Skinny Girl Margarita. Very interesting article by The Hollywood Reporter.

Stefano Langone is the latest person eliminated from American Idol. (Source: People Mag)

American Idol is considering tweaking voting to try and make it fairer for female contestants. Personally I think this is bollocks, and don’t see how an equitable formula could be created. (Source: Reuters)

Curtis Stone is on fire in the USA, multiple shows and endorsements, and now he wants to open his own restaurant in LA. (Source: Yumsugar)

The top shows from product placement in the US are reality shows. With eight out of the top ten being from this genre. I presume the stats are similar in Australia by looking at Masterchef Australia, and The Block. (Source: Ad Age)

Jersey Shore star JWoww ex is saying she was physically abusive towards him. (Source: Reality TV World)


1 brain dead dave { 04.23.11 at 9:58 am }

If loose lips sink ships ,Sophie Monk could take out a whole fleet.

2 Injera { 04.23.11 at 5:01 pm }

Stefano lasted fairly well, given that 1. he was fairly mediocre and 2. was a “judges’ choice” inclusion in the top 13 in the first place. Not sorry to see him go…

Weren’t you kind, saying that Sophie Monk has a great voice!

3 Sourkraut { 04.24.11 at 4:34 pm }

Sophie monk… blonde eye candy. Better her than manu(re) or anal probe or the clown running amazing farce or even splat matt