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Joe Eliminated From The Biggest Loser

Has Joe Challenor gone from being evil to trying to redeem himself by throwing himself under a bus so his nephew Nathaniel could stay in the competition? I have no idea what do you guys thing?

Also who is going to win the series now he has gone? Leigh?


1 Jacqui { 04.24.11 at 9:13 pm }

He hasn’t been eliminated yet has he?

2 Sonia { 04.24.11 at 9:19 pm }

Yeh I didnt think he had been eliminated yet although it looks likely. I wondered if it was a miscalculation by him. A bit of water loading perhaps that went wrong? For me it is actually a pity to see him go. I’m lking one of the moons to take it out or possibl Emma. I dont think it will be Leigh

3 Reality Raver { 04.24.11 at 9:20 pm }

Jacqui and Sonia so it wasn’t shown on the episode that he was eliminated? On the press release it said he was.

4 littlepetal { 04.24.11 at 9:46 pm }

No it has not been shown yet but we can all worked out that Joe is gone !!! It was in the preview for tomorrow episode. The guys at Channel 10 don’t want to work on Tue as it is still a public holiday so might as well release it out tonight !!!!!

Can’t see any of the Moons girls winning as they are too far behind in the total percentage weight loss. Sarah has to lose another 16.8kg to catch up to Emma. Leigh is close but he really can’t lose much more. He needs to be under 70kg to win. I think Emma will be the lightly winner. Grr !!!! Tiffiny will be screaming Ninja, Warrior etc etc……

5 Sonia { 04.24.11 at 9:46 pm }

No it ended with them neck and neck in he rowing race. To be continued tomorrow night. Oops

6 brain dead dave { 04.24.11 at 10:07 pm }

My first thought was that Joe’s water loaded and stuffed up.

RR has let the fat out of the bag.

7 littlepetal { 04.24.11 at 10:15 pm }

He did stuff up on the water-loading but I can’t see how he could have lost in the challenge. The rowing technique of Nath is horrible especially towards the end and Joe still rowing properly.

8 brain dead dave { 04.24.11 at 10:26 pm }

Maybe Joe does win the rowing component,making it one all since Nathan won the medicine ball component?

Funny how so many of these contests are “right down to the wire”!

I’m guessing this may have happened then Nath wins the third part,whatever that is.

9 seepi { 04.24.11 at 10:47 pm }


10 littlepetal { 04.24.11 at 10:59 pm }

seepi-are you referring to the fat out of the bag???

11 davsimp { 04.24.11 at 11:02 pm }

I’m not sure but it did look as though Wanker Joe was letting Nathanial win. Like Leigh said, he is one of the toughest and most competitive in the competition. I don’t know, is this a shot at redemption maybe? Who knows with Wanker Joe. I was disappointed to see him not “smash” the rowing machine, which I believe he could have. Shit, so he is out is he? I don’t want the white ninja to win. The only Moon I want to see take it out is Sarah, but she will be gone soon, as her weight loss each week is minimal and I don’t think she has as much determination as some of the others.

I would like to see Leigh win, but he is so light now, how much more weight could he possibly lose? Who’s left? I don’t think Nathanial can handle the pressure. The basketball incident was embarrassing. And don’t get me started on Lara, OMFG!!!
I don’t know who will win now. I had my money on wanker Joe, but now that’s gone out the window. Maybe he was a bit backed up at the weigh in.

12 littlepetal { 04.24.11 at 11:09 pm }

Could you trust the weigh-in??? The winner is chosen by the producers not by weight loss (sometimes it doesn’t work out that way)

Usually the returned contestants are chosen through a challenge and then through elimination. This year they did say from the beginning that it will be through challenges. Maybe trying to give Lara a chance to get back in as she usually smash the challenges. They didn’t foresee the breakdown.

13 davsimp { 04.24.11 at 11:40 pm }

I think it’s bullshit at this late stage of the comp to be stuffing around with this below the yellow line stuff. It’s only going to work for the large ones like Sarah and the other Moons. Leigh is already at his goal weight and cannot lose anymore. Also, muscle gain is a gain on the scales as well. Leigh will continue to do well in the challenges and take out the all the moons and probably that white ninja as well, but as it is all about “below the yellow line” for weight loss, then he hasn’t got a chance. Still can’t believe Joe has gone. Something dodgy going on there.

14 Katrina { 04.25.11 at 5:57 am } someone is posting making out they are Leigh, you might wanna check this out, possible fake, but not yet deleted!

15 Katrina { 04.25.11 at 5:58 am }
16 Katrina { 04.25.11 at 6:13 am }

Sorry, took too long, hence 3 comments – Joe isn’t the guy that the producers wanted to win, now on the stats, the Westrens should win the family and Emma should win outright, giving Lara the marketing opportunities, likewise with Tiffani (sp?) and they have an ex-model to shill their stuff. It has been geared up for a female win, Sarah should get second or third and be this year’s Sharif (the person folk remember and liked, although Bob was fab too).

17 Anonymous { 04.25.11 at 8:25 am }

So Reality Raver you don’t actually watch the show but just post what the network puts out in the press release? Isn’t that going to be pretty biased?

18 smauge { 04.25.11 at 11:01 am }

Oops! Ya might want to remove that spoiler tweet jus in case someone hasn’t seen it already…
Kinda wishing I hadn’t.

19 Politenessman { 04.25.11 at 12:00 pm }

Wow. An apology would be nice, if you’re too disinterested to remove the spoiler after being alerted over twelve hours ago it was A SPOILER. Thanks for ruining my viewing pleasure.

20 littlepetal { 04.25.11 at 1:22 pm }
21 Reality Raver { 04.25.11 at 1:34 pm }

Smauge – the courier mail also busted it and in their article they get a quote from Joe that he did throw the challenge.

Anonymous – I sometimes miss biggest loser as I forget to tape it due to the 6.30pm start time. Later in the evening I saw the press release and thought this is kind of big, as I thought Joe was a favourite to win and put it up. So sorry if it is not a “proper recap”

Katrina – thanks for facebook links

Davisimp – I tend to agree as makes it difficult for Leigh to win without going beyond what is normal weight loss.

22 Reality Raver { 04.25.11 at 1:41 pm }

Politenessman – Good point. I did consider removing it. However two reasons why I didn’t. Was it was in the the mainstream media – see Courier Mail link
And the consensus was it was obvious who was going.
I am a bit schizophrenic about spoilers on this site. I removed the alleged winners of the upcoming Amazing Race Australia, but other spoilers l do keep sometimes. However is some cases spoilers can be wrong. In this case it is not.

23 smauge { 04.25.11 at 8:43 pm }

In the end – it’s just TV people. Politenessman might want to live up to your name.

24 smauge { 04.25.11 at 8:46 pm }

LOL! Courier mail article says he wants to build bridges with Nathaniel. Not sure revealing that Nathaniel really didn’t win the comp is going to do that. It would have been a boring Biggest Loser this year without Joe.

25 littlepetal { 04.25.11 at 8:51 pm }

No, we have Sarah !!!! She is not boring :)

26 brain dead dave { 04.25.11 at 9:10 pm }

I was loving the Commando with his arse on a couch ,using the remote…just like us.

The Doctor and the Professor schtick again. All the letters after their names. If the medical profession’s current stance on wieght loss warn against regimes that go outside the one kilo a week loss, why would they appear on a reality television show that reveres the pulling of “big numbers”? They’re as desperate as the contestants….perhaps even more so to stand there with a clipboard and blow smoke up the contestants and the show.

Now Joe can remind poor Nathaniel every Christmas that he let him win the rowing “competition”.

27 smauge { 04.25.11 at 9:38 pm }

mmm…littlepetal – I fear we won’t have her after the next show. Then it’ll be bland bland bland…

28 davsimp { 04.25.11 at 11:44 pm }

If Sarah loses the tug of war against the short chubby Moon cousin I will not be watching the end of this series. She’s as strong as an ox so I hope she gives it her all.

29 Politenessman { 04.25.11 at 11:49 pm }

Hey smauge! thanks for the free life-tips. I shoulda wrote my comment like yours (no 18) all cute. My bad! I should change my name (by the way it’s an ironic reference to a cult comic I used to read in the 80s). I should not be upset when I’m upset.

But hey! it’s only a tv show, and who kinda cares? you kinda did.

30 smauge { 04.26.11 at 9:31 am }

Here’s a life tip PolitenessMAAAAAN – get a life.

31 Anonymous { 04.26.11 at 11:08 am }

Talking to yourself again.

32 brain dead dave { 04.26.11 at 8:20 pm }

Shannan’s lame Elvis sideburns aren’t making it either. One of them is easily 1cm longer than the other. He’d be too consumed with admiring his tatts and pecs in the mirror to notice but the people in make up have let him down.

33 PollyB { 04.28.11 at 2:41 pm }

Talk about the cheapest TV, repeating previous bits, dragging their ‘fat’ through the sand, the favourite bloody outfit. For Christ’s sake we’ve seen them all gussied up, once is enough. Can they drag this tripe out any longer, the winner is announced on Monday night ep at 10:00pm, after a 1.5 hour ep prior to that. WTF have they got to fill 3.5 hrs of TV before the announcement?
The highlight – that gorgeous Commando man almost in tears when Sarah was checking herself in the mirror. Sexy, intelligent and a great big heart, hmm mmm :-)

34 davsimp { 04.28.11 at 3:56 pm }

PollyB Is the final on monday? I thought it was tomorrow. Thank God sarah won last night but fortunately watching it online had its advantages and I didn’t have to suffer through them dragging their backpacked lard through the desert. BORING. True, we had already seen them a short time ago after their makeovers , don’t know what the point was in last night’s costume change at all.

35 PollyB { 04.28.11 at 4:23 pm }

Hey Davsimp. I IQ most TV, and ffwd this crap, but I ffwd more than I watched last night. And, have you been in a coma! Real reality tomorrow night – THE wedding!!! A whole family constantly staged managed for the public, LOL.
RR, are you covering the reality of the royal wedding? Yes, I’m being facetious. For the record, I will check out the dress.

36 brain dead dave { 04.28.11 at 5:16 pm }

It’s no surprise that the producers call themselves “Shine” after the mindless turd polishing that went into last night’s episode.

The backpacking whales over the dunes schtick has been done to death. What a waste of an hour. I saw a much better doco on migrating whales later on the ABC.

The Royal Wed-dung shoot be a hoot.

37 brain dead dave { 04.28.11 at 5:25 pm }

Sorry,that last line should read “should be a hoot”

38 smauge { 04.29.11 at 7:40 am }

No, I was happy with Shoot.
PollyB – I Tivo all my shows and it’s gotton that way for me too. I’m missing whole episodes to no consequence. I can’t see myself sitting through the finale. It might be just time to give this show the flick.
And then give Commando his own show! WHo’s with me??

39 PollyB { 04.29.11 at 8:55 am }

Shannon is a big sooky la la – Ooh my hands are shaking Lee worked me so hard – boo hoo. Can do without screaming Tif and Michele Bridges too. Sooo, that leaves, Commando having his own show, Smauge. Gotta love Sarah last night – get your top off!

40 Reality Raver { 04.29.11 at 9:11 am }

Polly B and Smauge well if Commando has Sarah wanting a bit of male action he definitely has the charisma for his own show. I am happy to watch Commando but with a few caveats – must be in a state of semi undress for at least 50% of show, and not to talk too much.

41 smauge { 04.29.11 at 10:47 am }

The last person you’d expect to be screaming at the Commando for nudity. Maybe all the straight girls were too speechless.

42 Reality Raver { 04.29.11 at 10:49 am }

LMAO smauge you are probably right.

43 davsimp { 04.29.11 at 12:09 pm }

I wait in eager anticipation for the Commando Doll to be released. Think of a cross between GI Joe and the Energizer Bunny. Press the button on his left hand for 1000 pushs up in quick succession. Press the button on his right hand for those memorable quotes:

They’d sell like hot cakes I reckon.

44 smauge { 05.01.11 at 7:59 am }

I’d buy one Davsimp! I only got around to watching (FFing) this yesterday. That running around in circles thing was a pisser! Commando saying he got up and ran as straight as he could before running completely sideways.
Tiff needs a night on the piss. She might see that treating your body like a nightclub every now and then ain’t that bad!