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Joshua Horner Is The New Judge For Dancing With The Stars

With Dancing With The Stars starting shortly, Channel Seven have announced Joshua Horner as the new judge to take over from Mark Wilson.

With going for Joshua, Channel Seven look like they are targeting a younger viewing demographic.

The Daily Telegraph reports Joshua Horner who is 31 years old has starred in Billy Elliot here and on Broadway and has worked as chief choreographer at Disneyland Anaheim. And girls I don’t know if he is gay or straight. You would have to think he is straight, that would make two of the judges gay. But then it probably does not matter when you have Manu Feildel as a contestant.

If you want to know more about Joshua go to his official website here.

And says he will bring something different to the panel. I think we will be the judge of that.

Speaking of Dancing With The Stars, I am excited about this season, and one of the stars Brynne Edelsten showed her star power, co-hosting The Morning Show.

She looked like a fashion icon in her leopard print dress which showcased her best assets, and each time Brynne and Larry did a segment standing up he had to stand very tall otherwise he was looking into her cleavage.

TV Tonight is not quite as glowing as me about her debut hosting gig, go to his site and see a quick segment of her autocue skills. I don’t care what you say that girl is a star.

The show will premiere on May 8 at 6.30pm.

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