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Cassi Van Den Dungen Pregnant – Are You Surprised?

In the most unsurprising news of 2011, controversial Australia’s Next Top Model contestant, Cassi Van Den Dungen is pregnant with her fiance Brad Saul’s child.

Fabulous fashion blog Frockwriter writes Cassi sold the story to OK Mag photos and all.

Frockwriter writes:

One face that we won’t be seeing at next week’s Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is 18 year-old Cassi van den Dungen. That’s because van den Dungen is four months pregnant and is taking a year off from modelling. Although suspicions first arose that something was up several days ago, yesterday’s publication of an interview with van den Dungen and her fiancé Brad Saul in the Australian edition ofOK magazine, announcing the pregnancy, appears to have completely flown under the radar – no doubt due to the Royal wedding media frenzy. Van den Dungen managed to keep her pregnancy a secret at last month’s Melbourne Fashion Festival, where these photos (photos on Frockwriter) were taken. No mean feat, considering how body-hugging some of the garments were.

You really didn’t need to be a psychic to know this was how this sad story was going to play out. Cassi who was 16 years old when she was a contestant on Australia’s Next Top Model, created headlines with her live in boyfriend Brad Saul who is eight years older than her.
In a previous blog post here I write I hope we won’t see Cassi in an interview with Woman’s Day in four years time with two kids talking about lost opportunities. At this stage that yarn is looking right on target.
Let us hope I am wrong and that the model with so much potential keeps it together after the birth of her first child.


1 Heléna { 04.30.11 at 9:57 pm }

wonder if she’s given up smoking?

2 bella vita { 05.01.11 at 1:45 am }

Cassi was always a train wreck waiting to happen. A silly naive spoilt brat

3 Gillian { 05.01.11 at 9:43 am }

On one hand, I’ve always got the impression her fiancé was threatened by her career and wasn’t very supportive but on the other hand, who are we to determine what her future will be? Feminism is about the right to choose and she can always go back to modelling if that is what she wants.

4 Sourkraut { 05.01.11 at 3:16 pm }


5 Sonia { 05.01.11 at 7:23 pm }

I can just imagine Charlotte Dawsons reaction. Glad she didnt end up winning ANTM

6 anonymice { 05.02.11 at 12:19 am }

The best part of today’s episode was in the intro, where “the mother of all mystery boxes” is about to land:

JAY: “I have no idea what’s in this giant box”
TANJA: “Someone thought it might be Donna Hay!”
NICK: “We thought there is a live cow in there somewhere.”

I’ll leave this to the imagination…all I can say is …BRILLIANT EDITING (or lack of)

7 anonymice { 05.02.11 at 12:31 am }

Whoops – was supposed to post under Masterchef!

8 Martinishot { 05.14.11 at 10:18 am }

This article is trying to suggest that Cassi has done nothing scince cycle 5 when in fact her resume is second only to Alice.She is not the first model to pause for a baby.Other than hand outs from show sponsors Tahnee has done little.She destroyed credibility gained by Alice and cycle 6 girls had to hop around in silly TV show instead of see agents.

9 none { 09.23.11 at 5:45 pm }

Funny how the public thinks they own this young girl. Everyone else is allowed to make their own decisions, but apparently not Cassi. I would just like to say good luck to the young lady, and congrats on the baby! You will make a great mum, and when you are ready, you will continue to move forward with your career. I personally think you are much more sensible in telling the ‘industry’ to back off and let you make your own decisions, rather than giving in and becoming their puppet.