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Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice Viewers Are Actually Democrats


Graph from Atlantic Monthly
Donald Trump is creating significant waves both within the Democrats and the Republican parties with his will I or won’t I run for President media campaign.
However this week he did score a win, by making President Obama present his birth certificate to the nation in a press conference. In my opinion this just gave Donald Trump legitimacy as a candidate.
Now I don’t like The Donald’s politics, but I am hoping he will run, and with Sarah Palin as vice president. Both reality TV stars, what fun I will have.
Anyway one of the things that has been revealed in an Atlantic Monthly is his quest to be the “leader of the free world” may be alienating his viewers, who are liberal democrats.
The article states:
One reason Trump’s audience is abandoning him may be that, according to demographic research of primetime television viewers provided exclusively toΒ The Atlantic by National Media Inc., a firm that places political ads on television, the audience for “Celebrity Apprentice” is among the most liberal in primetime television (see graphic above). Rather than add viewers, Trump foolishly appears to be driving them away.
“I was surprised to find that the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ was so liberal, because the audience for [another reality show] ‘Survivor’ is fairly Republican,” said Will Feltus, the senior vice president for research at National Media, Inc. “It’s a weird show because it’s not a regular TV series. But based on MRI ratings, it is clearly a Democratic audience.”
I am not sure what I find more disturbing the reality that Trump could become the next President of the USA or that the Survivor audience are Republicans.


1 Sourkraut { 04.30.11 at 11:46 am }

I thought the democrats were supposed to be intelligent, but if the above chart of their tv viewing habits is any indication then its no wonder they’re in deep shit.
And I had such high hopes for Obama, I foolishly thought maybe America might end up with an even-handed foreign policy, and a fair medical system etc, but no, those running the country seem to have stopped that. Wonder where the next troop invasion is going to be, Libya? and I suppose Jules will drag us in as well. Wonderful!
Anyhoo, The US Republicans had ronny raygun as el presidente, so I suppose Trump will probably be the next one SIIIGGGHHH!

2 Sourkraut { 04.30.11 at 11:48 am }

The republicans viewing habits don’t exactly show them up as potential mensa members either!

3 brain dead dave { 04.30.11 at 12:04 pm }

The clincher is that to find out if Mr Trump is going to run or not,he’s making the big announcement during the final ep of his current series of Celebrity Apprentice.

4 TMC { 04.30.11 at 2:22 pm }

I wonder what Amazing Race viewers are

5 Reality Raver { 04.30.11 at 2:29 pm }

TMC – Democrats by the look of the graph. It looks like The Biggest Loser and Survivor viewers are the most conservative. I find it interesting that Wife Swap attracts the more liberal (democrat) voters.

6 TMC { 04.30.11 at 2:43 pm }

Don’t know how I missed it the first time I browsed through. Me Bloody eyes must be painted on

7 Kaylen { 04.30.11 at 2:59 pm }

TMC – don’t worry, it took me about five minutes for me to find “Celebrity Apprentice” on the chart.

Then I just felt stupid for not noticing the red circle, the big red arrow, and the picture of Trump there.

*blush* πŸ˜€

8 Reality Raver { 04.30.11 at 3:03 pm }

Sourkraut and BDD – I wonder how Masterchef Australia viewers vote?

9 Sourkraut { 04.30.11 at 3:13 pm }

Green (around the gills) or as a granny smith

10 SED { 04.30.11 at 6:31 pm }

This is possibly the most interesting artucle I have ever seen! I am truly struggling to find trends in this though, I mean it seems all over the place. More interesting – I wonder why Desperate Housewives is so equal? Better yet how can Mark Burnett’s projects be so contrasting?

11 brain dead dave { 04.30.11 at 7:00 pm }

Ma$terchef viewers – Shooters Party, Family First, Mad Hatters Tea Party(for Matt Preston)

Me too,RR. I would have thought Wife Swap would attract plenty of Greens and Nationals into the bargain. Certainly not No Pokies.

12 brain dead dave { 04.30.11 at 7:07 pm }

Biggest Loser Viewers….too fat to fit into polling booths.

13 Culinary Boner { 05.02.11 at 11:59 am }

As I can’t stand The Apprentice and Trump my take on this is that US Dems = Submission Masochists.
Surely in the US they have a Holy Roller Sex Toy Channel, otherwise how do you explain Jimmy Swaggart?