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Mystery Of The Missing Top 50 Masterchef Contestant?

Who is this guy who has appeared in the advertisements for Masterchef Australia but has not been seen on the show? Or have I just not seen him.

At first I thought it was Billy Law, one of the Foodblogger contestants, but he is sporting facial hair.

Can anyone shed any light on this mystery?

UPDATE: As surmised he was an extra.


Davisimp put a link up in a previous post saying on the Vogue Forums there was a girl called Alice brought into the top 50 after someone dropped out. Does this solve that mystery?


1 Injera { 05.04.11 at 10:56 am }

I definitely haven’t seen him in the top 50. I know there are people who haven’t had a great deal of screen time, but that face is not familiar at all. How mysterious…

2 davsimp { 05.04.11 at 11:06 am }

Okay, Alice30 was the username of the poster on the vogue forums and the other gals seem to think she is Sun. Anyone remember seeing Sun in the promo at all?

3 ToniTones { 05.04.11 at 11:06 am }

This is the link from his blog and it’s the same pic from the MC top 50 contestents webpage

4 davsimp { 05.04.11 at 11:23 am }

Had a check through the promo again and couldn’t see her. I think Sun was the late entry who took the place of mystery guy in the top 50 when he pulled out for some reason.

5 Miss Piggy (MelbaToast) { 05.04.11 at 11:27 am }

I reckon I saw Sun in the promo as I remember thinking “oi, she looks like Di from A Country Practice”…you know Terrances’s girlfriend.

6 EH { 05.04.11 at 12:04 pm }

Alice30 wrote on Vogue forum that her audition dish is a dessert and her audition was in Brisbane. The latest issue of Masterchef magazine has printed Sun’s audition dish which is tofu and bean curry with parathas. She also mentioned it’s a girl who dropped out.

7 littlepetal { 05.04.11 at 12:56 pm }

He is definitely not in the Top 50 now. Have a look at the OS and he is not there.

8 seepi { 05.04.11 at 1:59 pm }

i actually thought i saw sour mel’s hubby james from mkr in the group as they panned down a table, but must’ve been someoe else. haven’t been able to spot them tho.

we haven’t seen much of loads of them keep seeing grinning indian guy, who is yet to speak. just there to look exotic maybe?

9 smauge { 05.04.11 at 2:27 pm }

You mean the older bloke? I’ve seen him coz I said he might be Jimmys dad LOL

10 brain dead dave { 05.04.11 at 2:33 pm }

Looks a bit thin but could be the same paedophile that was quietly jettisoned from The Biggest Loser last year. It’s a headache for the folks in editing.

11 davsimp { 05.04.11 at 2:38 pm }

Looks like my theory has been blown out of the water. Sorry RR, I got nuthin else.

LMAO @ Jimmy’s dad. Kumar could be a quiet achiever. I thought it was really sweet how his face lit up when Maggie Beer walked in the room. Nothing over the top or dramatic, (cue Rachel molesting poor Zumbo with her eyes) just a subtle smile of acknowledgement. I like him already.

12 Lee Lin { 05.04.11 at 3:33 pm }

Seepi, my thoughts exactly too. But then there was a close-up screening of him and this guy looks older. Think he is Rod, the farmer from Vic

13 Reality Raver { 05.04.11 at 4:21 pm }

Maybe he was just an actor for the ad?

14 Ben { 05.04.11 at 5:46 pm }

I’m not sure who he is but if you notice, when they do a close up on his face:
1) he is not wearing an apron, while the other recognisable contestants are
2) he is observing the action from a window while the rest of the recognisable contestants are running somewhere

So maybe he’s just a hired extra? If you try extra careful to focus on all the people sitting down at the table at the end of promo, you’ll realise that there are more unfamiliar faces than just his.

15 EH { 05.04.11 at 6:25 pm }

RR, I reckon you got it right, they are all extras instead of real contestants. Check this out:

Scandalicious much?

16 Carthage { 05.04.11 at 10:43 pm }

Aren’t the people seated at the table the strangers who gather together to get cooked for by the contestants? I don’t think any of the people seated are the Top 50. What you do see is Hayden running with spuds and Alana with capsicums or something, and that lanky-haired young bloke with bread and Craig and Danielle crossing the road with supplies. And I think Cleo is in the shot of the table cloth. So the chefs are doing the cooking – and the table is filled with the people who followed their noses. That guy is one of them.

17 brain dead dave { 05.04.11 at 10:53 pm }

There’ll be a mole this year. It’s him.

Fremantle Media are keepng it a “secret”.

18 Kathy { 05.05.11 at 3:51 pm }

This guy’s name is Khanh Trieu, he is an actor so I have no idea why he is on masterchef!

19 Pete { 05.05.11 at 4:16 pm }

If he is a missing contestant then so are all the other people sat at the table (with the exception of the judges). The top 50 are not sat at the table, only bringing food for the folk to eat.

20 littlepetal { 05.05.11 at 4:16 pm }

Kathy-Good info!!