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The Biggest Loser – Leigh Has Allegedly Been Cheating

The Biggest Loser love story scandal was an interesting but not unpredictable yarn, with A Current Affair running off the Woman’s Day story. Not a surprise as they are in the same media stable.

 The story Leigh apparently having turned into a hottie, is now wanting to explore this with allegations he may have cheated on Lara after he got out of the house.

 The article stated:

What happened? She [Lara] has told friends she believed Leigh may have “spent the night with another woman” since leaving the show, revelling in being “hot” for the first time in his life. Lara has also apparently kicked her DJ boyfriend out of the home they shared with her parents in the northern Sydney suburb of Turramurra.

When contacted by Woman’s Day, Leigh denied cheating or splitting with Lara, and maintains he hasn’t moved out of her house. But his mother, Sharlene Westren, confirmed the couple are now living separately. Leigh and Lara, who are believed to have sold their engagement story for a substantial fee, had previously spruiked their relationship on the back of The Biggest Loser.

The article also goes onto say:

There was an uneasy tension between the couple at the final weigh-in, and also he ignored Lara for extended periods during the finale celebrations.

“Lots of people noticed that he hardly spoke Lara,” one observer says. “He was too busy drinking the night away and having a ball with his mates.”

Also the following night he continued his celebrations, he left her [Lara] at home and visited the Macquarie Hotel in Sydney for a night out with friends to toast his newfound fame.

“Leigh just love it – it’s like he was born to be famous,” says one Biggest Loser insider. “His confidence is at an all-time high. He has been a big flirt since he lost the weight.”

He did not come home that night.

“He flirts with everyone he meets and is basically enjoying being hot for the first time ever,” says a close friend. “This time he may have taken it too far.”

This is not unsurprising what there relationship was based on may have now changed, you would think both Lara and Leigh would want to explore to ensure if they do stay together that they were meant to be  


1 Some random { 05.10.11 at 7:55 pm }

I’m really disappointed but we all knew this was going to happen, i was expecting lara to explore new horizons not leigh, but i guess he’s younger and more immature. Articles have been saying that he had a group of young females who waited outside the house of the biggest loser and he went out to see them and exchange numbers with them on many occasions, does anyone know if this is true? if so, did lara know, did he go out and see them while she was still in the house???? 😕

2 brain dead dave { 05.10.11 at 8:07 pm }

The “temptation ” was obviously too much for Lothario Leigh. His stocks must have hit the roof after appearing in the carnival of chubbies. Those chubby chasin’ chicks can’t tell celebrity from cellulite.

The guy’s got a face like a dropped pie, thanks to Sharlene and Craig’s DNA.

3 Being Randomly Random { 05.11.11 at 7:47 am }

I can not believe! Leigh and Lara were perfect for eachother!
I feel sorry for Sharlene. I mean she would be devostated
more then any one, she loved Lara with all her heart and she
thought they were both perfect for eachother just like me. Sharlene wanted everyone in the westerens family to get home and have healthy dinners with the family to get used to it and got out in new clothes. God bless her. She is a beautiful lady and somday she hoped to become a grandmother and she hoped the mum was Lara.

Any way Sarah Is always having fits. Just put up with things. You won’t be biggest loser with that attitude.

Back to Leigh and Lara it still was really wrong especially when they were ment to get married.

4 Gillian { 05.11.11 at 11:03 am }

I only watched the finale show but I thought this experience would bond them together. It’s better that he shows his true colours now which were obviously masked under those layers of fat. Not that it really matters but I thought she was the much hotter one anyway!

5 Picnic { 05.11.11 at 1:52 pm }

Lara is better off without him – it was her excellent work and attitude that set the Westren family up to do well, she was the one that won the early challenges. Leigh is hot but he looks a bit like a thunderbird

6 some random { 05.11.11 at 4:09 pm }

Just saying, everyone who has commented, imagine if you were lara and you were reading this right now, wouldn’t you already be heartbroken enough to sit here and read what people are saying about the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, especially to the commenters who are saying, leigh’s ugly, leighs a dropkick, blah, blah, blah. People do make mistakes, personally, i think everyone should be given a second chance, so by saying all this mean stuff you’re just rubbing salt into open wounds, i think we should all stop being mean to them, she’s probably already been hurt enough. Sure, maybe leigh cheated, but maybe he didn’t, a big rumour like this will just hurt the people who are involved even more, just saying. And you’re right, being randomly random, they were so perfect for each other, it makes me sad.

7 PollyB { 05.11.11 at 5:57 pm }

‘The guy’s got a face like a dropped pie, thanks to Sharlene and Craig’s DNA.’ – BDD you kill me.
Of course they were going to split. Christ, they are different people now. OK, they lost the ugly blubber, and perhaps Leigh is not treating Lara very well, but if they haven’t grown as individuals something is very wrong. I’m mean, what did they have in common besides the glaringly obvious? Neither of them were satisfied with each other, or their lives, or they wouldn’t have been trying to fill a gap with the filth, and the volume of filth, they ate every day.
And I don’t believe for a minute Sharlene luuuurved Lara. Sharlene is a control freak and over the years Lara has been manipulated to suit Sharlene’s vision. Don’t forget how much of a mummy’s boy Leigh is. Sharlene wouldn’t allow someone else to take her place.

8 davsimp { 05.11.11 at 6:51 pm }

I guess they just outgrew each other…..or should that be outshrunk each other?

9 littlepetal { 05.11.11 at 7:03 pm }

They may have make the story up to sell magazines. Next it will be they are back again! Next they are getting married! Next wedding plans fall apart-no wedding.

Someone who lives near the Westren (I think he post here sometimes) said he saw them 2 weeks ago and they are still lovey dovey.

10 some random { 05.11.11 at 9:20 pm }

Nobody’s answered my question, does anybody know if this thing with the group of female fans waiting outside the biggest loser house for leigh is true?

11 StaceyB 92 { 08.09.11 at 9:09 pm }

Leigh is my celebrity crush because he’s cute. The blindo who wrote ‘The guy’s got a face like a dropped pie” has obviously not seen the skinny hot version, or are just plain blind. If you can find someone hotter than Leigh, I’d like to see it.

12 C.J 2001 { 12.10.11 at 6:14 pm }

Omg, everyone on here is basically saying “It’s all Leigh’s fault” but it isn’t!!
You guys have to remember that perental influence plays a big part in everyone’s lives!! Who remembers when, Leigh’s mum cheated on Leigh’s dad? You know.. The episode when Leigh’s mum was like to Commando “Kiss me” and all that bullshit and at finale and when she won the emimiated contestents thing she started humping Shannan! It was right infront of Leigh’s dad too, so I think it was done on perpose to make him upset or someshit. I at first had 2 conclusions:
1. Leigh’s dad didn’t know the cheating was going on, or
2. He knew but was so desprate for a wife he didn’t care.
at first I thought it was no. 1, but now thinking, it’s actually no.2.

But this isn’t about Leigh’s perents, it’s about Leigh.
What I’m trying to say is, kids always copy what there perents do. This is a great example. So nobody blame Leigh, it was how he was raised.
Oh and StaceyB, I totes aggree with you. But sinse I’m a guy and I’m straight, I can’t crush on him 😛

13 Wham { 03.06.12 at 10:57 pm }

yeah ‘random’ is Leigh.. the end

14 Wham { 03.06.12 at 10:59 pm }

yeah ‘some random’ is Leigh.. the end

15 caroline { 10.02.12 at 4:10 am }

leigh was acting different, when she gone out and it was no surprise when she started to binge and gave up, him and his mum were all about them, lara is better off without him , he cheat again and again

16 Jess { 01.20.14 at 9:13 pm }

I think Lara will find someone again onday

17 Jess { 01.20.14 at 9:14 pm }

I love Lara lost