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Masterchef Australia – Sun Claims The Win

Well if you had stumbled across the Masterchef Australia official website today you would not have needed to watch the episode tonight. As someone had loaded onto the website four future episodes of the show, including tonight and tomorrow night’s elimination episode.

After a few minutes of internal conflict and after pressing on the elimination episode to watch, I rang Channel Ten to inform them of this monumental cock up. But I have to say I thought it was hilarious.

Needless to say tonight’s episode for me lacked a bit of tension as I knew which team had lost, however it was the first team challenge and the question was would the blue team continue to be cursed.

It is now mandatory each season for the judges to go into the house in the “middle of the night” to wake the contestants. And when this occurs it is usually George Calombaris leading the charge.

What is he hoping to see girls in a state of semi undress? Out of all the Masterchef judges to come into your bedroom he would be the one you would least want to see.

Anyway they were taken to Sonoma bakery and had to produce different bread for high end restaurants. The prize for the winning team is lunch at Jonah’s at Palm Beach, and the losers would face elimination.

The red team was captained by Tom a General Manager, and the Blue team was captained by Sun.

The bread they had to make was white dough into country loaf, white batard, and olive baguettes. Soy and Linseed into rolls and batard, and a Miche loaf. The miche is apparently difficult to make due to moistness of the dough.

And of course Masterchef had to make it more dramatic and add in a late order, because of course restaurants ring in orders at 3.00am. Buon Ricordo wanted ciabatta.

Sun said she was going to be precise, but this was not the case. At one stage they had the bread upside down in the rising bowls. In fact if I were the red team I would have thought it was unfair they were told of their mistake by the Sonoma Bakery owner.

The other nearly fatal mistake they made, was thinking pre-fermented dough was actually left over dough, and when it was going pear shaped stumbled over the ‘real’ dough whilst looking for flour.

One think I liked about Sun was she was not scared to make decisions. She made a decision on the dough (yes it was wrong), but also gave precise orders and made a decision to bring some of the loafs out early.

Obviously she claimed all this in her too camera pieces, and I am not sure whether she would have taken all that responsibility if her team had lost. But it is like The Apprentice, when you win as team leader you claim all the glory, but when you lose you shaft the blame onto your other team mates. Who am I kidding it occurs in real life.

Tom conversely on the losing team said his style was just “traffic management” ie keeping things moving along.

I love Jay who was on the blue team for trash talking. He said “We’ll bring you guys back a doggie bag from Jonah’s, but only eleven as one of you will be eliminated.” At least recognises it is a competition.

Ironically at the time it was his team who were stuffing up the ciabatta mix.

Rachael on the red team confirmed her dippiness by gasping ” the bread is hot” insert surprise inflection just as it was pulled from the oven. Chelsea is getting a lot of air time, clearly she has been identified as one of the hotties, as has Hayden. But Hayden just sounds like he is not real bright.

The loafs were then delivered to the restaurants, where Matt Preston sat down with the head chefs to judge them. Luckily for customers the bread wasn’t actually going to be used by them.

The blue team won by three points to two. The red team were all a bit teary at thier loss. Tomorrow night is the first elimination challenge and someone will suffer the ignomy of being the first person sent home. To be forgotten forever. Who was the first person sent home last year?

Also whoever is writing George’s lines can they be sacked? Two offending ones were “Will the red team rise to the occasion” and “Boom Boom bake the room”.




1 littlepetal { 05.11.11 at 10:55 pm }

Did not like the way they have to pick 2 for the elimination challenge. Just not fair. I have a feeling Kumar will put his hand up (because of the ciabatta) and maybe Tom as he is the team captain.

I also think those that were not seen tonight will be safe-like Arena, Alana and a few more.

I wish I have seen the videos but looking at the promo for the Masterchef S3 will also give an indication as to who will not be eliminated tomorrow night.

2 Oshada { 05.11.11 at 10:55 pm }

Was the ciabatta switched? The red team made the thin, long ones didn’t they? And the blue team was shown working the dough and making them rather rectangular? When the bread was taken to the restaurant – voila, the rectangular ones were proclaimed overworked, and the thin, long ones were proclaimed near authentic. Did I miss something or am I just too upset over Kumar being a near certainty to be in elimination?

3 Shelsta78 { 05.11.11 at 10:58 pm }

Please welcome to season 3:
Emotion Drums – that’s right folks first overt use during the suspense filled post fireball announcement of which team won. I have missed them.

Ch10 web content managers should be in a disciplinary meeting ASAP.

Sun’s win will cement her position as most disliked for a good few weeks I should imagine.

I agree RR – if the bread wasn’t being eaten by customers of Sonoma Bakery then there was no reason for them to tell the blue team about their mistake.

I’m getting to that point like last year where I said ‘it’s all too hard’ I’m coming back when there’s only 12.

4 JaniceG { 05.11.11 at 11:25 pm }

Have to agree about the baker stepping in regarding the baskets perhaps making the difference, although it didn’t strike me at the time.

Both my husband and I broke into disbelieving laughter when Rachel exclaimed about the bread being hot when she’d just seen it come out of the oven. As my husband said, “Next clue: water is wet.”

@littlepetal: Much as I love Kumar, I think that it’s ultimately only fair that he put his hand up due to the ciabatta. The restaurant owner made it clear that it was not as good because the dough was overworked and that was down to Kumar’s method for it.

Which brings me to a larger issue: there always seems to be a gap between the things that the contestants obviously have to be shown by the experts (e.g., razoring the tops of the bread) vs things that you’d think they’d ask (e.g., what’s the best way to knead ciabatta). Does anyone have a clue about how much advice they’re allowed to get/ask for?

5 AnonyMousse { 05.12.11 at 12:54 am }

First things first – Red won most of the time last season, not all of the time. You haven’t broken any wonderous curse by winning once with that colour, Sun. Do it five times, then we’ll start talking about halting hoodoos.

I’d say Sun’s in for a rough time from the internet masses as time goes by. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt (I didn’t have strong reactions to Claire or Jono, and Aaron amused me most of the time), but there’s something about her that’s irking me. It’s like I feel she has an invisible smirk on or something, even when she’s wearing a straight face.

Editing plus common sense made it obvious that blue had won before they played the ad break before they announced the final vote – adding in blue’s faux cynacism (you’re not half the actor Alex was when he was ‘shocked’ at Matt’s appearance at his home, Sun) about losing and add in Kumar’s slightly gloomy acceptance of the blame for the bread and you knew they were goners.

So, there’s a chance Kumar’s gone (haven’t seen the incorrectly uploaded episodes, but surely he’ll be one of the two fighting for elimination). That would be a true shame this early in the competition, as he’s one of the more likeable contestants we’ve seen in this season.

6 SaintsDeano { 05.12.11 at 6:13 am }

Devon the builder was first eliminated in season 2. Bit harsh but someone has to go first. Devon got to make a comeback though.
Team captain should always be up for elimination. Why only 2? Should be 3 into the elimination.

7 PollyB { 05.12.11 at 7:23 am }

Mood music when Gary started to talk about bread at the bakery. Mood music for bread baking ffs. Matt said they were running the bakery for the evening. So what time were they really there? How many times does the viewer need to hear, ‘time to vote, red or blue’. At every f*cking restaurant it seems.
And if Sun had a flatter turned-up nose and green skin she would be the dead ringer of a certain princess who resides in a swamp.

8 Emma { 05.12.11 at 8:07 am }

Oh god some of George’s lines make me cringe.

I love Kumar! He’s lovely, I hope he’s not eliminated but I have a horrible feeling he will be. *gloomy*

I also wish they would show some of the other contestants – why are only some people being given air play? I can’t remember if they did that in previous years, I suppose they did ..

9 littlepetal { 05.12.11 at 8:35 am }

Common everyone, let channel some positive energy to Kumar so he won’t be eliminated. I am sure we can do it. Go Kumar

10 wallah { 05.12.11 at 8:35 am }

Boom boom bake the room hahaha. Sounds like something you hear at at a stoners house. I had a faint suspicion that the blue team would win after they screwed up their dough and put the loaves in upside down, it was kind of predictable. I really hope Kumar ain’t going anywhere, he’s a likeable chap who would have a lot to offer apart from risotto. Oh well, let’s see.
Aso, did Mr. Preston’s make-up not agree with the heat in the bakery or was it my TV?

11 Paul { 05.12.11 at 8:36 am }

Really interested in this show as I did a bread baking course a few months ago.

Some of the things were a little bit exaggerated.

For example, if your local Bakers Delight can churn out a whole shop front with just 3 bakers (and usually one is an apprentice) from 2am onwards, then I don’t quite understand how there was possibly enough to do for 24 people from midnight onwards – especially the relatively small amount of bread churned out.

What was everyone else doing for example when the dough was being mixed?

12 AnnyB { 05.12.11 at 8:52 am }

Thanks for these recaps, RR and Injera. I learn all I need to from them without the tedium of having to watch.

One question….if the bread wasn’t to be used by the restaurants where did it go? After Matt Moran’s ‘tanty’ about waste, I hope that OzHarvest benefitted or some other charity.

13 littlepetal { 05.12.11 at 8:56 am }

Don’t you laugh when both team said they have to use the GPS on their phones to locate the restaurants!!!! Sonoma has being delivering breads to these restaurants and the drivers will know where to go!!!! Just another ad for Telstra

14 littlepetal { 05.12.11 at 9:01 am }

Paul-they were just standing around chatting. You are right. At if Sonoma only supplies bread to these 5 restaurants. If they have been there from midnight till 8am, what about the supplies to all the other outlets?

15 Shelsta78 { 05.12.11 at 9:03 am }

@littlepetal – that Telstra gps thing was what had our house yelling – it’s kind of worse than the T-Hub placement within a challenge last year.

My favorite product placement is from Gazza – on Masterclass, if he’s ever slicing anything carefully, he does the last slice super slow and tilts the knife just so the glare gets off it; and you can see the knife brand on camera – skillful.

16 sourkraut { 05.12.11 at 9:26 am }

Would have preferred to see them bake a decent pumpernickel loaf , but cant have that as its not …….blah blah blah!(said it all b4)
Got sick and tired of fat mat trying unsubtley to influence the judges into voting for the red team (Check it out, it was quite obvious from my 5 port glasses full point of view)

Still no villain SIGGHHH! Come back Chris B. Gotta give the clods someone to bitch about, or better yet bring back 4th chance impohster to give this clod (me) someone to bitch about, or finally, even CJ’s bestie… Claire (or was it eclair? dunno doncare)

17 Pollywaffle { 05.12.11 at 11:02 am }

RR you could have followed Injera’s lead and use a pun on a song title as your header for last night’s episode.
Try Googling “Sun” within Elton John’s repertoire ….very apt for the blue-red struggle theme, but then again …

18 Injera { 05.12.11 at 11:02 am }

Sourkraut – I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who perceived a Matt/Blue bias! And I hadn’t had *anything* to drink. Well, except for some performance-enhancing popcorn tea.

If George is going to bust out dumb references like “boom, boom bake the room” can’t he let go of his inner bogan for a minute and remember that “boom” rhymes with “room” in this instance? He’s obviously a Chk Chk BOOM kind of guy.

Who wants to start a book on the most ridiculous segue to product placement during the series? The GPS was stupid but I think they can do EVEN WORSE. Think of a product that has absolutely NO relevance to cooking… and then a way they might introduce it for $$$.

As to who goes… there are probably even some contestants (cannon fodder) in this team who we haven’t seen yet!

19 Chunks { 05.12.11 at 11:07 am }

I’m with you sour, hoping a decent villain will emerge soon. Or at least a crazy of some kind to make it interesting.

20 Pollywaffle { 05.12.11 at 11:08 am }

BTW shouldnt you be able to pronounce ‘ciabatta’ to get on Masterchef?

21 Pollywaffle { 05.12.11 at 11:19 am }

Is it time to throw in some Big Brother moves to make it more interesting?

1. Invite Pamela Anderson into the house
2. Get Joanne back from 2010
3. Pit someone against their long lost twin who happens to be a ‘3 hat’ chef but they are not informed
4. Tell the cast they are not in the top 24 but in the top 48 as there is another MC house in Surfers
5. Bring Kyle on the judging panel

22 davsimp { 05.12.11 at 11:42 am }

Pollywaffle, I like number 4, but the tortuous notion of watching them get wittled down to the top 24 AGAIN would be too much for me to bear. And how brilliant would it have been if the blue team had have lost after Jay shooting his mouth off. Smart arse.

Injera, I’m sure George only says Boom instead of Booom because he knows it drives everyone mental, it’s part of his schtick.

I want to see some tantrums tonight from the people who get shoved up for elimination. If anyone goes up gracefully then they don’t deserve to be there. Chuck a mental, slam an object down, tell the camera the rest of ’em are a bunch of pricks, do something to make us want you in there!!


23 Emma { 05.12.11 at 11:52 am }

by davsimp
“I want to see some tantrums tonight from the people who get shoved up for elimination. If anyone goes up gracefully then they don’t deserve to be there. Chuck a mental, slam an object down, tell the camera the rest of ‘em are a bunch of pricks, do something to make us want you in there!!”

This ^. Definitely.

Yes, they are being rather well behaved this year. I call shenanigans.

24 sourkraut { 05.12.11 at 1:44 pm }

Trouble is there have been NO shenanigans to call… say there’s an idea… why don’t we invite dear little Eric Cartman onto the contestants list?
Anyhoo, agree with Davsimp… in keeping with matt moran’s spray and and the subtlety of hells kitchen, lets hear a coupla f…ins by the boned candida..te tonight.AND IT BETTER F…IN WELL NOT BE KUMAR OR YOU”LL HEAR SOME F…INS COMING OUT OF MY LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prefer options 1 and 2 but only if dressed in wet t-shirt aprons.. gotta have something there for C Boner unless his recent intellectual traits have now ceased this line of wood????
For the weirdest most ridiculous segue to product promotion, how about the old classic “Sourkrauts bullmoose turd stew” with a jingle along the lines of ” fresh from the alaskan tundra and lovingly cooked and parcelled by masterfarce and endorsed by matt Cures throbbing piles, cancer and inability to crack wood.”
( and it duz two… would I lie to you?)

25 Oshada { 05.12.11 at 2:54 pm }

Sourkraut’s bullmoose turd stew… it’s a winner! I mean, curing cancer AND piles?

26 Heléna { 05.12.11 at 10:10 pm }

does anyone now how the two teams were selected/seperated? I seem to have missed that :/