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The Renovators Cast Revealed And It Looks Good

Channel Ten’s new design show The Renovators looks good, with an interesting concept and cast. The show appears to be a mixture of The Block and Top Design, a US program from the BRAVO network.

The task is to  renovate ramshackle properties with the winner being the last remaining contestant responsible for the property that has increased most in value. Ok that sounds like The Block.

In addition to these renovations, the contestants will also be presented with regular design, decorating and construction challenges to win valuable assets and advantages for their own renovations. This will occur at “Renovation Central” the largest TV set in Australia. This is the Top Design part of the show.

The cast looks interesting, we have Brendan Moar as host, who has picked up a fanbase (mainly female I suspect) on his Lifestyle programs Home and Moar Gardening.

The other judges are Peter Ho the Design Director of PHOOEY Architects, Robyn Holt the editor of Vogue Living, and Barry Du Bois an experienced builder.

The contestants are from a diverse range of backgrounds and will have different skills sets.

No air date has been announced, but highly likely it will air after Masterchef Australia finishes.


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1 Ray Schutz { 05.13.11 at 8:03 pm }

Good to see they have got an actual builder on board , should bring a bit of originality to the show. Looks Great!!!