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Masterchef Australia – Tom Is Eliminated

You know it is early in the competition when two contestants meekly and voluntarily put their heads on the chopping block.

Two members of the red team had to go head to head in a elimination cook off, and the team had to be the ones to pick who was going to be put forward. However robust debate and blame did not occur. Tom who was the team leader stuck his hand up, and then Kumar decided to as well taking responsibility for the failure of the ciabatta.

No one else was going to argue with them and looked relieved there was no ugly finger pointing was to be had, and they were spared being the first contestant to be eliminated.

The challenge was in “the round” where they cook within a circle, getting half each, and I thought the challenge was pretty tough. They had 90 minutes to cook three dishes without recipes, just using their food knowledge.

First up was Abla from Abla’s Lebanese Restaurant in Melbourne and her dish was baklava. Neither Tom or Kumar had cooked it before. After 15 minutes the clock was stopped and Shaun Presland came in with tempura flour. By this stage they were both looking like startled bunnies in headlights.

Then finally Matt Preston said he wanted them to cook roast corn and capsicum salsa, tomato salsa, guacamole, and chicken wings, all to show case his love of limes.

I was surprised they managed to plate it all up.

Abla  looked pretty underwhelmed by the look of Kumar’s baklava but thought the taste wasn’t bad. She thought Tom’s should not have had icing sugar, but she thought it was “noice”.

Shaun Presland judged the tempura. He thought Kumar’s had a bit of crunch and the batter was not too heavy. Tom’s prawns were barely cooked, but he had better presentation of his vegetables.

Matt judged his mexican tasting plate. He liked Kumar’s and thought if you had them with a ice cold beer, and a game of footy on the tellie you would be very happy.

He thought Tom’s was too charred outside, but said the chicken was succulent and juicy.

Kumar got Abla’s vote. Matt gave his vote to Tom, I think this was just to create tension, and Shaun voted for Kumar. This meant Tom was eliminated.

I am so glad Kumar is safe as he is so cute. However I am disappointed Tom went as he looked like he could actually cook. I am surprised he is only 29, he looks much older.

Tom has started an online home delivery service, Mr Perkins and Co (is this why he went on the show?), an internet based gourmet home delivery store.

“I’m basically selling meal boxes containing fresh local, seasonal produce that is precisely measured up and home delivered,” he says. “If a recipe calls for a relatively obscure ingredient, then you don’t need to buy bottles and bottles of ingredients that will sit in the pantry mostly unused for years, as I’m selling precise quantities that you only need for that recipe.”

Obviously he was unhappy he was the first person eliminated.

You can also follow Mr Perkins and Co on Twitter or Tom himself here.



1 Shelsta78 { 05.13.11 at 5:05 pm }

Geo is known as ‘MoooosarrrrKA’ amongst my friends because of the way he kept saying it, similar to his other delicious pronunciations.

I can’t watch MasterClass – too much of Gary cutting things just so you can see the Global Knives logo on the blade.

2 Injera { 05.13.11 at 5:08 pm }

Ha, Shelsta78, we do the “moosaKAAAA” as well, here!

I’m going to have to watch a bit of the Masterclass tonight, just to see Gary’s knife/promotion technique.

3 brain dead dave { 05.13.11 at 5:09 pm }

That brings back bad memories of George and his “salsify” fixation last year.

Be interested to know how these Masterclar$e eps do ratings wise.

4 PollyB { 05.13.11 at 5:32 pm }

I hope this link works, if your interested. Not a lot of insight.
Masterchef backstage tour, from Herald Sun website. With the ugly green giant. That is an insult to ugly green giants BTW.

5 Babyham { 05.13.11 at 6:48 pm }

2 things im noticing about this years series….

1 – Heaps of hugging going on. Have the contestants always hugged each other as much as this series?

2 – The interviews one on one to camera are more scripted than ever before. Its so uncomfortable to watch these amateur chefs parrot a producer every 45 seconds.

Apart from the above….I am hooked 😉

6 PollyB { 05.13.11 at 9:02 pm }

Point’s 1 & 2 – Hear, hear, babyham

7 brain dead dave { 05.13.11 at 9:21 pm }

Gary’s shameless Global knife technique is definitely happening as well as the vulgar display of the Moet bottle. Then the guest chef segment went overboard with the Scanian roasting tray logo…counted at least four shots of that. I know this happens in Hollywood blockbusters but this is a crapbusting cooking competition between the best 24 amata chefs in Australia ,right?
Ch 10 have served an appalling infommercial for kitchen utensils and champagne in lieu.

8 Stumont { 05.13.11 at 9:33 pm }

If I was in the beaten team – I would have said “We can’t make up our minds, you’ll have to put all of us in the elimination challenge”. Anyway good on Tom for showing real class in dying on his sword – at least he fought till the end – this show to me is all about people’s reactions to crazy challenges – yes the winner will be a good chef by the end of the series. In the meantime let’s have some good human drama – and these two guys have shown the best human responses so far – and didn’t say “I just must stay in the competition or I’ll die” as many love to say such-like.

9 auds { 05.13.11 at 10:16 pm }

what is the blog post RR sorry I am a relative newby :)

loving browsing the site :)

10 Reality Raver { 05.13.11 at 10:44 pm }

Auds – thanks for coming to the blog and commenting. A blog post is an article. I should right one on the five biggest injustices that have occurred on Masterchef in the past 3 seasons. Obviously the Tom and Kumar elimination would be one of them. As would Devon being eliminated first last year, and he had been front of house.

11 davsimp { 05.13.11 at 11:44 pm }

Yeh and TEAM CAPTAIN Aaron sitting on his hole smoking a fag whilst shoving the Jakester up to the firing line.

12 hestonrules { 05.14.11 at 12:21 am }

I agree that Tom’s elimination was unfortunate, and we have Gary to thank for that by nominating him as Team Captain.

The contestants seem a little bland this year but it is early days. I think the biggest star to emerge from the series so far is Alessandro from Ormeggio restaurant in Sydney. Apart from being hot-issimo, he’s a true mentor and puts the judges, who seem even more attention seeking this year, to shame. More Alessandro please!

13 auds { 05.14.11 at 12:27 pm }

RR yep thanks for clarification. I think that would be a good topic for discussion – lots of different views. I look forward to reading it.