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Dancing With The Stars – There Really Is Tension On That Judging Panel

This week I thought the Todd McKenney and Josh Horner feud was a media beat up. However after tonight’s episode of Dancing With The Stars I am now not too sure. They clearly irritate each other, with Todd making a few remarks about the time Josh takes to make comments. However at least he has more personality than Mark Wilson. Also considering this is his second week, he has a lot of confidence.

First up was Samantha Armytage who does not do sexy well at all. I don’t know if it is because she is conscious of her newsreader role. It doesn’t matter that she is not a stick figure, but with the saucier moves she looked quite self- conscious. She should take lessons from Kirstie Alley who managed to sizzle when required on the US version of the show.

Todd and Helen (who I love) both try to build up Samantha’s self esteem. They scored a total of 18.

Nick Bracks who is described as an underwear model, got his father’s looks, but maybe not his brains or ambition.

My eyebrows raised when I saw Nick running by the river topless, but felt immediately ashamed as I am old enough to be his mother. But Helen made me feel better when she made a lascivious comment which indicated she was having some Harold and Maude fantasy. They were given a total of 20 points.

Hayley Bracken is charisma free in her set to camera pieces, lucky for her she can actually dance. She has had previous dance training, and she did say she loved performing. They got a total score of 24.

However it would appear him and his wife are perfectly matched, as he is a bit dull as well. However he was not as good dancer, and was extremely stiff, but props to Nathan for the one great lift he did. They scored 18 points.

Mark Occhilupo’s performance could only improve this week, and I thought he showed some natural rhythm with his foxtrot. He does have an issue of sticking his tongue out when he is concentrating. He scored 15.

Manu should have just gotten extra points for dancing to Plastic Bertrand but then he should have had points detracted for that awful Danny Zuko hair style. He has rhythm and is a good performer. Not that it matters as he is just going to attract votes. They got a total of 21.

Jan Stephenson who has been off the radar for about two decades was pretty ordinary tonight, but at least she smiled all the way through her routine. She was very stiff. If the two boys they panned to at the end of the dance were her sons, one looked a little underwhelmed. I do think she has a high likeability factor. The judges were all over her and gave her a 22.

Lara Bingle said she found it hard to do the sexy in movement, apparently it is fine on modelling shoots. I thought she started out really strong and faded half way through it looked like she lost concentration. Todd told her she has to get outside her comfort zone. She scored 21.

Dan Ewing who is one of the favourites was a tad awkward, particularly with a really dreadful lift. But I can see why he has so many fans. Luda did not look real pleased at the end of the routine. Joshua thought the choreography wasn’t married with the music. Also Helen thought there was not much Foxtrot in the routine. They scored 16.

Brynne Edelsten looks so nervous and she is also very stiff. But maybe she was just uncomfortable because she was covering up too much flesh. Anyway I loved the routine the look on her face is priceless. We need to vote for her to keep her in. She is gold.

Joshua thought Arson made her look vulnerable on the dance floor. Also Joshua just did not shut up. I think the camera caught host Daniel Macpherson rolling his eyes. Todd McKenny cut in and had a crack at him about having a go at Arson.

Even Helen had a slap at Josh when he cut in on her and she said “There are three of us up here.” They scored her a 14. The producers must be hoping she stays on the show as she at leasts creates some frission with the judges and the audience.

Damien Leith had the bad luck of technical issues when the vocals could not be heard, so they did not know when to start the dance. However it was not really noticeable. I am surprised at his rhythm he is much better than I thought he would be. So should stick around for awhile. I am sure Damien’s wife his loving having him pressed up against a gorgeous girl when she is dealing with the new born baby at home. They scored a whopping 27.

The bottom two were Jan Stephenson (who looked quite upset) and Nathan Bracken. The person who was eliminated was Nathan as Todd McKenney predicted.



1 Gillian { 05.16.11 at 8:11 am }

I thought Josh was justified in what he was saying that Arsen did make Brynne feel vunerable at the start and it did look like a dance step out of The Three Amigos dance book.

I have never really liked Todd or Helen’s personalities and therefore never really watched this show. Helen’s cougar comments really make me feel uncomfortable. At least Josh is one judge who isn’t openly drooling over the young male talent.

My favourites to watch are Lara Bingle and Manu. I must be getting old because Nick and Dan just leave me cold. I have no idea why Nick let them film him running. That was just ridiculous.

And Dan makes me laugh when he refers to himself as an actor. He’s on Home & Away not on Broadway! Too much of an ego with that one me thinks but Nick has more sex appeal than Dan.

2 Wurstsemmel { 05.16.11 at 11:46 am }

I’m with Gillian, I don’t see what is special about Nick.

As a Manu-watcher (and the only reason I check in at all), his look did nothing for me last night. What was with that hair? Nope, whole thing a huge turn off and he looked a little more clumsy this week. I didn’t mind Plastic Bertrand but I much preferred last week.

3 Fiona { 05.16.11 at 12:58 pm }

Most men over the age of 22 can’t carry off the T-Birds look of jeans rolled up and converse sneakers. Poor Manu just looked a bit silly, they are really hard to dance in too. I look forward to next week.
Whilst I agreed with Josh’s comment about Brynne being out there on her own at the beginning of the dance (she looked like she wanted to throw up), he went on and on and on, obviously irritating everyone in his desire to get his point across. Is he really the only choice they had for a new judge, didn’t they screen test him first, he has no charm or charisma, even the nasty judge has to have some allure or obvious credentials. He did try to be a lot nicer to everyone I think, but he is just too bombastic in his delivery.

4 seepi { 05.16.11 at 1:07 pm }

Yep – new judge just kept on and on and on about Brynne being ‘vulnerable’ and kept saying the same thing about 25 times. Boooooring.

I have also been wondering why on Earth they picked him. Someone important must have seen him looking witty somewhere.

5 cuba tonic { 05.16.11 at 11:06 pm }

Definitely warming to Damien Leith with each dance. Didn’t know he could do it. Met his wife and she doesn’t seem to be the insecure type for good reason. Some guys, like me, like real women… no offense to his partner Mel (beautiful in her own way too).

6 Caz { 05.17.11 at 10:18 pm }

Where on earth did they find Josh? He’s trying to stand out too much and just makes a fool of himself. I know it’s early days but he has absolutely no charisma.