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The Amazing Race Australia – A Promising Start

Even before the teams had left the Melbourne Cricket Ground I had taken a dislike to NSW married entrepeneurs Richard And Joey.  This couple are very intense and use  slogans like “Focus, Believe, Achieve”, “Crush It!”,”Bring it” and “Step up”. You just know they have been to an Anthony Robbins seminar or three.

The first episode of The Amazing Race Australia was entertaining, and having a 90 minute one to start the series meant we got to see a fair bit of the eleven teams. Also the challenges particularly the detour and the counting of the rupiah allowed for the teams to catch up and overtake. I always find it frustrating/boring in the US version when the challenges are too easy and the first team that gets there is the first to leave.

Most teams were likeable. In fact I really liked Renae and Sam the models from WA. They were savvy, and worked well as a team together. However take a point off from them for saying to the Balinese cab driver “you have two Australian princesses in cab” – that was cringeworthy.

Tracey and Anne-Marie the ladies from Big W were also a hoot just determined to have fun with this fabulous opportunity that has landed in their laps.

Mo and Mos were fabulous as well particularly after abseiling down the MCG towers, they said “I am surprised they didn’t call the police, an arab climbing around the MCG – should we be concerned?” Their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks.

The great thing about reality TV is they showcase different cultures, backgrounds, and genders. And to have two ordinary Australian muslims on the show goes a long way to break the stereotypes that a lot of people hold against them.

By the way I am surprised there is no gay team in the Australian version this is obligatory each season in the US version.

Conversely I think Mel from reunited sisters team is going to irritate me, as is Chris from the dating couple Chris and Anastasia. They think if The Amazing Race will be a good test for their relationship, and if it goes well they will consider getting married. Something Anastasia who is only 21 is particularly keen on.

The show’s host Grant Bowler greeted the eleven teams at the MCG, and announced the prize money is $250,000 which is a quarter of the prize money of the US version. But this was no surprise.

Grant seems very serious, and even at the pitstop does not have Phil Keoghan’s cheekiness, nor the eyebrow lift, but maybe a personality will emerge during the series.

They started off with a Roadblock straight away, and it was to abseil down the MCG light towers. No one baulked, but Dave from the married biker team was afraid of heights but he still got through it fairly efficiently. It was then a race to the airport. Nathan and Tyler the two models arrived their first and got on the first flight out and were the first to arrive in Bali.

The first leg was to Lombok Indonesia, which had previously been reported on this blog as the teams had been spotted at Melbourne Airport flying to Denpesar.

Unfortunately for Nathan and Tyler once they had signed on to be on the first boat to Lombok the other teams were able to catch up to them as they overnighted at the boat office.

Nathan and Tyler look like they are going to be a strong team. They seem like nice enough guys, but model material? Really? Also the same goes for model’s Sam and Renae, they are pretty girls but models? Maybe that is just a fancy name for promotion girls.

Team male models continued to take the lead for most of the leg.

Once they arrived at the fishing village they had to find the clue, this was tricky and all the teams then caught up.

I thought the hiding of the clues on fishing boats was a bit tough. Regular viewers of the show would know the clues are normally kept in a clue box.

The teams then had to travel to Pura Lingsa Temple by taxi and walk through rice cake throwing ceremony to get their next clue.

At this stage did Chris call the balinese pussies once his girlfriend Anastasia fell over on getting pelted with rice cakes? If so that is outrageous.

Another contestant who was inappropriate was Richard. On finding the clue in the fishing village turned and gave the villagers  a slight bow, with hands pressed together. I always thought that was more a Thai tradition. However I do hope Team entrepreneurs stay in awhile as they will make good TV.

The clue at the temple was for a detour. It was either cash or carry.

Cash – the teams had to sell  15 bowls of Bakso (soup) for 5000 rupiahs. The Carry detour was having to balance a basket of vegetables on their heads and walk to another market stall to deliver them.

Nathan and Tyler were in the lead at this point but after picking the carry detour lost ground as they had to abandon it. They were particularly demoralised when the WA models went zipping past them.

Joey from the married entrepreneurs stuffed up when she found out she was collecting the incorrect amount of money. Props to them as a couple that they did not start fighting, but just got on with the job of completing the task.

After the tour it was off to Malimbu beach to catch a boat to Gili Trewangan and snorkel to find a brief case and count out cash. But anyone who has been to Indonesia will know that this is no easy task.

The WA models showed their smarts by picking the boat with the most powerful motor and extended their lead.

The cases were pretty deep in the ocean and the Big W ladies Tracy and Anne-Marie really struggled to get theirs. As did Mo and Mos.

However the task of counting was a good challenge as it allowed the teams that were behind to catch up.

I did laugh when Nathan and Tyler said they found counting of the money mentally draining.

Matt and Tom the nice farmers lost 2000 rupiahs under their hut and did not realise and they owed Dave a favour for seeing it and handing it to them.

The only teams that got it on first go were Ryot and Liberty, as Ryot is a poker player, maths was this challenge was great for them, I also think the Big W ladies also got it in their first attempt.

The models Sam and Renae counted it first and made it to the pit stop first and won $10,000 and the express pass.

Dave and Kelly came in second, Ryot and Liberty were third. In order of arrival after that was Jeff and Luke, Matt and Tom, Nathan and Tyler, Chris and Anastasia, Anne-Marie and Tracey, Alana and Mel, and Joey and Richard.

Mo and Mos were the last team to arrive but lucky for them it was a non-elimination round.

What did you think of the first episode? And which teams to you like and dislike at this stage?


1 littlepetal { 05.17.11 at 7:31 am }

Same here, RR. Can’t stand the ‘married entrepreneurs’ What is married entrepreneur? I think they are just personal trainers.

2 aneets { 05.17.11 at 7:34 am }

Loved the first ep- my fave teams are Mo & Moss and the Big W ladies. They are both pretty hilarious. Was very glad there was no elimination this round.
Thought the money counting task was a great idea as it helped even the playing field.

3 Buzz { 05.17.11 at 7:37 am }

I’ve been a bit of a reality show ho, RR, only checking in at the beginning and end of MC, DWTS & now AR … and mainly to check out Grant Bowler, who I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for. And I can add chef Alessandro from MC to that list now :)
Love the big W ladies, and the mos – the inspirational slogan couple are already doing my head in.

4 AnonyMousse { 05.17.11 at 8:03 am }

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the show. Production values were high quality (something I was definitely scared of), and the host was good, if a bit stiff (hopefully he’ll loosen up as the show goes on – especially in the way he drones out their placement numbers at the pitstop). The only real disappointment with the show was something I found out when I was web-surfing afterwards, and that was that the money-counting challenge was cut-and-pasted from an Amazing Race Asia show, down to the buggy ride at the end (we have the same producers as the Asian version). I suppose I can shrug that off as the Asian version never aired here (to my knowledge), but it would be far better (for its overseas reputation if nothing else) if the show’s challenges were original.

Yes, Chris did call the pelters pussies – hope the production staff apologised to that group of volunteers on his behalf. The producers do seem to have a knack (or have been taught the knack from their American counterparts) for picking a dating couple team with an easily rilable boyfriend. It’s early days yet, and I’m completely guessing here, but I’ll go out on a limb and congratulate the Amazing Race for being responsible for yet another couple breaking up, with regards to Chris/Anastasia.

Speaking of which, I thought Anastasia was far better looking than the model girls, so it was a bit strange how they boasted about their looks. It was good to see they picked a couple of jokesters for their Muslim duo – that should hopefully ram home to watchers just how entrenched a lot of us have become in our thinking towards an entire set of people. The BigW girls are great for the way they’re laughing through everything, although we all know they haven’t got Hades chance of winning the thing. The power think/believe/achieve couple are clearly set to be the villains of the season – I did see one of those ads highlighting couples which highlighted them, which did spoil that they’d be around for more than 1 episode, but I didn’t mind so much because it showed that they’re going to be quickly hated by a lot of the other teams (favourite quote from the ad: perky question from power couple girl to another team’s guy: “Want to team up?” Response, a gruff: “Nope”.)

Oh, and I liked the non-elimination penalty better than the American version of giving them a silly little task to perform – it should help motivate the losing racers to try and beat everyone in the next episode, which will hopefully make for better viewing.

5 AnonyMousse { 05.17.11 at 8:12 am }

Oops, didn’t edit in time. Just to expand on the cut-and-paste comment, it wasn’t just the money counting – apparently the briefacse diving, searching for clues in boats, and being pelted with stuff by villagers as well as one half of the detour in carrying a basket on your head were all lifted from Season 4, episode 9 of the Asian version. It doesn’t affect mainstream viewing of the espisode, as most of us haven’t seen the Asian version, but it’s a real shame the producers couldn’t show more originality.

Speaking of other versions of the show, the girls were actually incorrect about being the first Australians to be first on a mat in the Amazing Race. In another version (China version, which is seperate to the Asia version), there was a competing Australian team that did come first at least once.

6 sourkraut { 05.17.11 at 8:42 am }

The UGLY Australians abroard

7 librarygirl { 05.17.11 at 8:46 am }

oh sourkraut, I agree. I turned it off after about 30 minutes – could not stop cringeing. Most of those contestants were so awful I couldn’t watch them. The Big W ladies seemed the nicest, and the Egyptian brothers. But I’ll be relying on your updates RR because I found it embarrassing and probably won’t watch again.

8 sourkraut { 05.17.11 at 9:03 am }

Why must we always try and behave like loud mouthed Americans when O/S? Such a shame.
Thought for a while I could “take to” the blonde sandgropers, but about 10 minutes of perving were overcome by the moment they opened their mouths.( Not like my Darling Natalie from Survivor) (just for Ravers benefit!)
Agree the Big W ladies at least had a fun attitude and I would love to see them win but the physical nature of the contests will make it v difficult. I thought their patience in diving to get the suitcase was admirable as I would not have been able to do it ,

9 EH { 05.17.11 at 9:09 am }

I agreed with you RR, a promising start! Love the 1st episode. Many lol moments. Hope Mo & Mos and the Big W ladies will stay on for more episodes. Love their attitudes and fun they bring to the show.

10 AngelSN86 { 05.17.11 at 9:13 am }

I found the brother/sister team to be really irritating actually. Not sure why, they just annoyed me. I like the farmers, they were funny, ‘Where’s me bullbar’. I don’t really like any of the couples so far, except maybe the bikers. The estranged sisters just seem to be heading for a huge fight, as do most of the couples.

I didn’t think that the Australians were that much more embarrassing than the Americans. Its probably just harder to watch because they’re more familiar to us.

11 Suzanne { 05.17.11 at 10:29 am }

I thought it was a great episode.
Interesting points for me were:
All the teams passing on the information regarding the clues in the boats – I was hoping for some Chinese whisper style stuff ups, but alas.
Chris seemed to be very scary – Jonathan style. Extreme over-reaction.
Like others, I loved the Big W ladies and Mo & Mos. Can’t see them staying the distance but will enjoy their good natured company while it lasts.
Agree also with the brother/ sister – something a bit off.
Why did one of the farmers not say anything? and finally:
Why are none of them carrying a bottle of water!

12 Culinary Boner { 05.17.11 at 11:29 am }

“However take a point off from them for saying to the Balinese cab driver “you have two Australian princesses in cab” – that was cringeworthy.”

Hey Raver, aren’t you yet onto the fact that this represents the Government’s only really effective policy for detering illegal arrivals – and reducing migration demand overall so Bob Brown and Dick Smith can sleep at night.

Afterall, who wants to live in place where loud bleached blonde bimbos are “princesses” or where (as you point out) “just nail it” is the height of intellectual conversation amongst this nation’s non-Bogan, real-estate obssessed yuppydom.

Surely Chris Bowen must consider it in the national interest to have this show beamed into homes across the poorer parts SE Asia, Afganistan, Iraq and Sr Lanka, whatever (in fact all places without future mining engineer citizens).

I humbly suggest that Bowen also include an introductory cameo of Sir Les Patterson as Immigration Minister, Matt Preston as Minister for Sport, Gary as Minister for Women with George as his Parliamentary Secretary, Matt Moran as Minister for Butchers, Larry Emdur as Minister for Comedy and Julie Goodwin as Miss Australia, the nation’s face (and ass) de beaute.
That’ll turn back the boats.

13 saffronlie { 05.17.11 at 11:47 am }

Loved it. Thought it was everything that Amazing Race Australia should be! Really excited for how the show will progress. Grant Bowler does a good impression of Phil. The best thing about Aussies is that we do not take ourselves so seriously. I loved the enthusiasm and self-deprecation from most teams, the “entrepeneurs” and Chris being a big exception.

14 par3182 { 05.17.11 at 12:32 pm }

I hope they realise soon they’re in a raaaacceee! Why were they telling each other where the hidden clues were? Why did the biker give the farmers their missing note when he hadn’t even finished counting his own cash?

The most cringe worthy moment of the episode was the fake accents Team Believe/Achieve busted out for the selling task.

Maybe Chris suffers from roid rage? My prediction – he’ll treat Anastasia like crap for the entire race, then ask her to marry him at the end and she’ll say yes.

15 littlepetal { 05.17.11 at 12:51 pm }

I am also wondering why can’t this show be different. I don’t watch the Amazing Race very often but I could pick that Grant Bowler is trying to be Phil. To me even his looks and the way he speak just remind me of Phil.

@Suzanne. You just reminded me about the clues in the boats. The power couple was not as friendly as you think. Didn’t she say something like I hide other clues so that they are more difficult to find. They also mentioned that they are no there to make friends but to win.

I find the bikie quite funny.

Also laugh when the power couldn’t sell their soup-got the wrong money and took a long time to get 75000 rupiahs. They are suppose to be the marketing gurus!!!

16 Chunks { 05.17.11 at 1:35 pm }

Pretty good start. I’m rooting for the Big W ladies, but they won’t get too far I suspect, so I’ll cheer for the bikers too. I always think the hosts are the biggest let downs in these Aussie versions. We don’t have any Phils, or Jeff Probsts. Still at least they didn’t give it to Grant Denyer or Tom Williams…

17 sourkraut { 05.17.11 at 1:59 pm }

They should re-name the show “Bogans pride goes abroard” bit like that new British comedy show about “morons abroard” or wotever its called. If this is true to the spirit of our foopballers there will be a task (roadblock) to urinate on the Eiffel tower and crap on the pyramids (but into a hand bag first). Next series I want to see a team of Rodney Rude and Belinda Neal..Dy no mite!

18 brain dead dave { 05.17.11 at 2:30 pm }

The Amazing Disgrace

Cru$h it,babe.

19 Culinary Boner { 05.17.11 at 2:42 pm }

Sourkraut, very much like the idea of Belinda Neal appearing in a reality TV show. Perfect fit as she’s made for controversy. And public scorn, rather than public service. Why wasn’t she given a gig on Dancing with the “Stars”?

20 brain dead dave { 05.17.11 at 3:19 pm }

The bikers should have an advantage at urinating and defecating on stuff. They’d probably know how to get a boogie board through Denpasar to finance their tilt with to boot.

21 brain dead dave { 05.17.11 at 3:42 pm }

Belinda Neal would make a good “mule”, come to think of it.

22 Peter A { 05.17.11 at 4:09 pm }

Did anyone notice that the money was a different amount? I think they must have had a range between 3.9M and 4.0M rupiah and “yes” was given to those that got into the range.

23 AnonyMousse { 05.17.11 at 4:31 pm }

Oh come on people, this isn’t 30 years ago – we’re all supposed to be over the Cultural Cringe by now. If you’re cringing over the mild acts of the people in the first episode (except maybe for that ‘pussies’ thing by Chris, which was pretty sad) then you really need to grow a thicker skin or remind yourself that Australians are already seen as a bunch of drunken boofheads when they’re overseas – this show ain’t going to make us look worse than we already do.

24 Chunks { 05.17.11 at 4:38 pm }

Peter, they said at the outset that the cases all had different amounts. Makes sense so none of them could ride on anyone else’s coat tails or accounting skills.

Those calling for Belinda Neal to get a spot on Dancing with the Stars should probably write to Seven. I’m sure they just haven’t thought of it yet.

25 Kaylen { 05.17.11 at 5:53 pm }

I like Chris.

Okay, I lie. I just like looking at him. Yum. 😉

Could do with an attitude adjustment, though. :\

Enjoyed the show! Yay!

26 Jane { 05.17.11 at 6:37 pm }

Yep, there were some cringe-worthy moments, especially the fake accents and the patronising way some contestants spoke to the locals (I swear I heard one female say “you likey likey soupee?”).
But nobody should be embarrassed by this behaviour other than the contestants involved. It doesn’t reflect at all on “normal” aussies.

I see no reason why my favs, the Big W Ladies, can’t win it. If the challenges require skill. brains and bravery rather than just fitness and speed, they will do okay.

Can’t find a good thing to say about the “entrepenuers”. They are sad and pathetic but maybe we can hope that this experience teaches them that there is more to life than motivational seminars.

Mo and Mos are lovely, as are the farmers and the bikers.

Overall, apart from the “E” couple, I was proud to see aussies who seemed friendly with each other and the locals, and had a natural insitict to help each other that overcame the need to compete.

27 Wurstsemmel { 05.17.11 at 11:08 pm }

I was quite underwhelmed. I like Grant Bowler usually but here he felt like a poor man’s Phil. Seemed he was trying his hardest to channel Phil from his hair, clothing but he exuded all the personality of brown paper bag.
Very few couples stood out. Love the K-Mart ladies but fear they won’t last long. Love the Egyptian pair too. Loathe the motivational pair….so little time, so many cliches. My money is on them to be self styled life coaches.

All in all, I thought it was a bit bleurgh. I hope it improves.

28 sourkraut { 05.18.11 at 8:37 am }

Anony etc
Your last statement is true and very SAD. thats why exploitative $hows like this annoy me but appeal to such as a mass audience
refer to anony’s last statement

29 TMC { 05.18.11 at 9:01 am }

A question

Do Australians have more issues with Overseas Australians than the rest of the world have with overseas Australians

Do other countries Self loath as much as Australians do?

30 Culinary Boner { 05.18.11 at 10:36 am }

“Do Australians have more issues with Overseas Australians than the rest of the world have with overseas Australians”

Good question. I love Bali for wonderful relaxing holidays and a key reason is the friendly Balinese and the fantastic Indonesian food, plus the fact that you can quality versions of other cuisines. But I have to admit that I stay in hotels and areas that avoid the most obnoxious varieties of dumb-arsed bogan Aussies who see the island as one big beer-swilling trough to wallow in. You can see ’em wondering around guzzling from Bintang 66omL longnecks at 10.ooam. FFS, haven’t they heard of ‘beer o’clock’? Guess however the same applies with Poms in the usual-suspect parts of Spain and, from direct experience Germans on the Croatian coastline (who’d drive vans piled full of home-bought Pils down – wouldn’t want to touch the foreign stuff – to the coast to spend their holidays drinking themselves into shitfaced oblivion in a Euro-trash version of camping.) So I suspect that as with “racism” being a common international trait across cultures, loathing of one own citizens who misbehave when visiting other countries is also, I suspect, common.

31 Shelsta78 { 05.18.11 at 10:56 am }

Just managed to watch this online.

Mo & Mos are my favourite so far.

Glad that the production values seem to be pretty equal to US version.

32 Culinary Boner { 05.18.11 at 10:58 am }

If only there had been an Australian version of ‘Cheaters’ for Belinda and Della to appear on. *Sigh* That particularly episode would have made Jerry Springer look like The Circle.

33 sourkraut { 05.18.11 at 2:04 pm }

having drunk the Croation beer I wouln’t touch it either. True that the poms in Spain and portugal and Greece and germans in Croatia and all other Europeans everywhere ( I can still remember camping in Denmark and boatloads of Swedes and Norwegians came in and drank themselves into a stupor for the duration of their “holiday” because the beer was cheaper) have yobbos that drink themselves “shit-faced” (as you quaintly put it) but that does not excuse Australians from doing the same. Difference is we cant even behave like human beens in our own country…. just look at the tv any night with stories of arrests and resisited arrests of drunks at Kings Cross, Taylor square, and George st. (dunno whether Melbourne is perfect) That’s probably why old farts such as I cringe when I see the antics of Aussies abroard and at home. BTW I was young 100 years or more (it seems) ago and unfortunately at the time i was no angel either.

34 Culinary Boner { 05.18.11 at 3:08 pm }

Sourkraut, you are spot on re-the Croat beer. Have to admit that I spent most of my time in Croatia drinking Czech Pilsner Urquel, rather than the local stuff. However, in my defence, and as a counterpoint to yobs who exclusively drink and eat what theys always drinks and eats back home – I did try the local brews. Agree also the central and northern euros, whilst they can often drink themselves into a mumbling stupor, don’t seem to go the biff, riot and generally trash the place they are in. Perhaps Aussie pisshead culture is just a variant on a Brit-Irish phenomenon. Richard Milhouse Nixon, the old racist shonkster infamously said: ” Virtually every Irish I’ve known gets mean when he drinks.” You could apply that to an awful lot of Aussie lads and ladettes. Melbourne’s drinking and street violence is apparently equivalent or perhaps even worse than Sydney’s from what I’ve been told.

35 quistini { 05.18.11 at 4:55 pm }

I loved Grant Bowler on The Mole, and I generally watch anything he is on. I’m an Amazing Race fan too, and have watched every series that has aired in Australia, but now we’ve got our own series. Like we have to copy everything that the Americans do…

First it was strange hearing Grant’s voice instead of Phil’s. Go figure. He was really serious in this episode and I don’t think he was even this serious while hosting The Mole – or even doing the voiceovers for Border Security…

Currently supporting the Egyptian brothers. As a Melburnian, and also for the fact they seem like one of the more likeable teams. Agree on the Big W ladies being likeable too but unfortunately I don’t think they’ll last too long. Also like the bikies too. And the farmers were hilarious trying to drive out of Melbourne, and at the airport “How do I buy a ticket?” “Are you serious?”
Could have sworn one of the farmers (Matt I think) was previously on The Farmer Wants A Wife!

Did not like the entrepreneurs. I was reminded of Jonathan and Victoria instantly. I agree on the brother/sister too – after watching the female trying to sell soup by screaming “I GIVE YOU KISSES!!” to the Indonesian men. I wanted to throw up. And then she threw up. Ack!

36 Izobel2 { 05.18.11 at 5:23 pm }

I agree with you Quistini…. I kept thinking I was watching the US version and then Grant would do a voiceover that just lacked any excitement whatsoever and he was just so depressing! Yes he’s more excited in Border Security!! Hope he happy’s up a bit… Especially at the pitstops! I like the Bikies.

37 J { 05.18.11 at 9:44 pm }


38 Joey { 05.18.11 at 9:45 pm }

I thought the two models were much hotter, than her. She looks like a horse

39 Denice { 05.21.11 at 1:55 am }

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. Sit back, relax and don’t take it so seriously. It is just a bit of fun on the box.

I really do not think that 11 teams x 2 Aussies competing in a few tasks is going to change how Aussies are perceived O/S. I think what will come out of this first Australian Series will be really benefiicial – ie how we view and understand the Egyptian lads and their religion. There is so much that can be learnt by watching the different team relationships and how they react to stress, tiredness and the many challenges that come their way.

I thought that most of the competitors were very polite and respectful of the locals. Much better than yet another competitive cooking show with all the bs contained therein.

I cannot wait for the next episode.

40 ToniTones { 05.21.11 at 5:38 pm }

Agree with everyone else re: the Big W ladies, the Egyptian Brothers, the Entrepreneurs, Chris and the ‘pussies’ comment, fake accents and offerings of kisses for soup.

But I’m still a little perplexed as to why the Farmers needed subtitles during the show. Is this series going to be shown in other countries?

41 Koalla { 05.23.11 at 10:46 am }

If anyone knows chris in real life then you aint seen nothin yet !
Not sure if that comment was pussies or pusties (which in greek stands for poofs). He did tell his girl to goto hell in greek but most people would not have understood that comment.

42 littlepetal { 05.23.11 at 11:42 am }

I am expecting to see some fire tonight.

43 revolted { 05.23.11 at 9:05 pm }

Nothing like an aggressive, manipulative, abusive man on television. Anastasia’s family need to stage an intervention when she gets home. Ugly men revolt me

44 Ya Boi { 05.23.11 at 9:05 pm }

I agree with the model stuff you were saying. The two girls are very attractive and hot but I wouldn’t classify them as models. I think they are a bit pretensious so they classify themselves as models from there one or two photoshoots and there big promogirl work. That being said, Anastasia could be a model she makes both model girls put together look like nothing compared to her.

45 littlepetal { 05.23.11 at 9:28 pm }

Focus, Believe, Achieve. I am going mad. Om, Om, Om….

46 brain dead dave { 05.23.11 at 10:50 pm }

Yeh, St Kilda ran out through their cheer squad banner on the weekend and it had “Believe” and “Achieve” emblazoned across it.
They won ,incidentally.

47 Peter { 05.26.11 at 4:38 am }

Also cringing from the other side of the world… where’s an aboriginal team?

48 Ya Boi { 05.31.11 at 8:03 pm }

@Peter, why need another team ontop of the many good teams they have now??