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The Amazing Race Australia Romance

After news of Chelsea and Alex hitting it off on the set of Masterchef, Sydney Confidential are now reporting Tyler Atkins (part of the male model’s team) has hooked up with one of the females from the model team Sam Schoer from Western Australia.

The article states they may have hooked on the race a couple of times. I wonder where they got the energy from as the race is pretty intense.

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1 Jane Cairns { 06.24.11 at 12:33 am }

Well those boys are so cute and they seem like good guys, and those girls are amazing strong, nice girls. So good luck to them. I also liked the reunited sisters and the lovely Big W ladies. You have to have the baddies but I didn’t like the “yellow shirts” and the chauvanist, but I know we’re not supposed to like them. Well done Amazing Race Aussies because the show is even better than the US versions. It still works even though they don’t have all the people you love to hate but lots of people that you like.