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Chelsea Denies Romance With Alex

Chelsea in is denying there was a romance with Alex in the Masterchef Australia household. (See previous blog post Alex and Chelsea Make A Masterchef Fireball).

The article states:

ELIMINATED MasterChef contestant Chelsea Fammartino has poured cold water on rumours she and fellow competitor Alex Glasson whipped up a love affair in the reality show kitchen.

Speculation was rife that Fammartino, 34, and Glasson, 27, had taken a fancy to each other during filming of the show. The rumour mill went into overdrive when Glasson announced he was moving to Fammartino’s home town of Melbourne.

Alas, no.

“Well they have to have one (love affair) every series don’t they, and I guess this year it was me,” Fammartino told

“Alex was one of my closest mates in the house. Us Melbournites and the Western Australians, Rachel and Alex, were all very close.

“We’re obviously the only single people in the house so they (the media) are going to say something, but what people perceive as relationship wasn’t.

However she has found love:

Although there was no romance with Glasson, fans will be pleased to find out that Fammartino has found love.

“I’ve definitely moved on since the show and I’ve found love,” Fammartino said. “It’s just basically someone I’ve known for 10 years and we bumped into each other and we hit it off, he loves food and I love to cook, so there you go, it’s a match made in heaven. He supports me through it all, I’m quite lucky.”

The former retail assistant has since been offered a job at one of her favourite Italian restaurants in Carlton, were she will make pasta in the morning and do service at night.

“It’s a little bit like a traineeship so I can learn more about how the restaurant is run and I can get as much experience as I can in case my father and I want to open up our own place.’

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1 brain dead dave { 05.24.11 at 7:57 pm }

Alex will keep an ear to the ground for you,Chels.