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Boston Rob Cashing His $1.1 million Cheque

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Jeff Prosbt tweeted this  photo of Boston Rob cashing his $1.1 million cheque. I am sure he must have also received an appearance fee as well to lure him back to go on Survivor.

Here is a brilliant interview with Boston Rob on Reality TV world. He covers a lot of topics including his strategy for the game. Also it was revealed that Julie the fire fighter is 35 years of age. I thought she was about fifty!

Also I bow down to Reality Blurred on this brilliant recap of the last episode and reunion.

I could not stop laughing at this part:

Matt was on Redemption Island for 29 days, winning 10 duels, but didn’t win the (second) one he really needed to win. His attitude changed from the time when he almost quit, though he still said that “God deserves all the glory and all the credit.” Great, now shut up. Forgetting the content of what he’s saying for a second, it’s obnoxious because he just keeps repeating the same thing over and over and over again.

By the way, while he was still on the island, Phillip referenced conversations with his great great grandfather, telling us, “I learned that it’s okay to tell the world that I have a relationship with someone who’s been dead since 1870.” Matt has a relationship with someone who’s been dead for 2,011 years, so I think he wins that duel.


Also Reality Blurred has a great article where crazy special agent Phillip talks about his alleged strategy.

Reality Blurred sums it up nicely about Phillips game plan:

“I decided to create this bigger-than-life character so that Rob would have someone to point the finger at. As long as he had someone to point at and as long as I took ownership of that role, he wasn’t going to eliminate me out of the game,” Phillip told TV Guide. “The more time went on, the more critical it was that there was someone who was going to do something that was over-the-top, bigger-than-life. I think I made a brilliant move in coming up with that idea for myself and playing this guy.”

Phillip said he did that because working around camp and being helpful “wasn’t getting me anywhere being the man that I normally am in my everyday life.” While Phillip said that Rob “understood me and stayed true to me,” he avoids answering a direct question about whether Rob knew that Phillip was faking.

Ultimately, this sounds like revisionist history. I think Phillip is probably a normal guy with some issues—and who doesn’t have issues—who was affected by the physical and emotional toll of the game. Because he’s not dumb, he eventually realized that this was working in his favor, and then maybe played it up a little bit, which is probably about the time we heard him saying that he’d surprise people. The consequence of that is obvious: He can conceal his less-than-desirable behavior in the cloak of a character. But I suspect most of his actions were genuine but atypical responses to an atypical situation.



1 Culinary Boner { 05.25.11 at 4:32 pm }

Gee I bet the Red Sox supporter’s store are salivating with the prospect of Rob buying a lifetime’s supply of Red Sox caps.

2 Sourkraut { 05.25.11 at 5:12 pm }

Straight into the mafia run banco d ambrosia. … ITs payback time