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Jeff Conaway From Celebrity Rehab And Grease Dies

Jeff Conaway who managed to star in two seasons of Celebrity Rehab and also Grease has died of an alleged drug overdose. I can neither confirm nor deny that it was not until I was 20 that I realised there was a pregnancy situation happening between Rizzo and Kenickie in Grease…

Anyway Showbiz Spy reports:

The actor — who was famed for his role of Kenickie in the 1978 filmGrease, which also starred John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John — passed away at a Los Angeles hospital today as doctors failed to revive him after he fell into a coma two weeks ago following a reported drug overdose.

His family are understood to have decided to turn off his life support machine yesterday although ex-girlfriend Vikki Lizzi — who claims she has power of attorney over Jeff — tried to block the move.

Jeff — who is also known for appearing in Taxi — was taken to a Los Angeles hospital after reportedly laying unconscious for 10 hours and was found to be suffering from pneumonia and sepsis, a potentially lethal blood infection.

This is not the first death of a cast member on the show. Mike Starr from Alice In Chains died of an overdose in March.  (NY Mag).

Which is interesting as the question has to be asked does Celebrity Rehab really help people with their addictions or are they just exploited for the TV show? Probably a bit of both. Most of the people that have “starred” on the show have been at pretty low ebbs so to be able to access rehab may have been a positive thing. And no rehab has a 100% success rate, however here is a very interesting article in NY Mag about how the show is filmed.

Dr Drew has said it was not a drug overdose that put him in a coma, but this New York Daily article says it may have been too many pain killers.

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awww sad to see Kenicke go :(