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Dancing With The Stars – Occy Eliminated

Well the over forty surfie chicks and Track Magazine fans could not keep surfer Mark Occhilupo (Ochy) on the show any longer. It was his time to go, but boy did Samantha Armytage dodge a bullet her and Channel 7 staffers must be hitting the phone lines. Her performances have been mediocre at best.

We can see by Brynne Edelsten’s dancing she was never a Las Vegas showgirl, as she does dance like her legs are filled with lead. Who cares vote for her she is fabulous and likeable. However, I thought it was a bit strange that Brynne’s mum did not sit next to her son-in-law Dr Geoffry. She scored 16.

Again Lara Bingle, Manu Feildel and Brynne danced in the last three spots to ensure everyone kept watching until the end of the show.

Dan Ewing and Luda kicked of the show, and Dan said he was having the “most fun I have ever had with this beautiful lady”. That  is not going to kill those romance rumours. In yesterday’s paper she denied romances with both Manu Feildel, and Dan. Go for it I say.

How much longer can Samantha Armytage stay in? Her Rhumba was the most unsexy every. She needs to find her inner flirt. Contrary to newspaper reports her partner did lift her.  The Sunday Telegraph wrote he was refusing to do lifts as her as he had a dance competition in a few weeks. Which was code she was too big to lift and he was scared of pulling a hamstring. I think she looks fine, but he body shape is one that would make some of the higher lifts awkward. Not every one is 45 kilos like Luda, I am sure I have carried backpacks heavier then that.

Joshua said about Sam  “he felt he was getting the same mediocre performance each week”.

Todd’s score said it all he gave her a two.

Damien Leith’s  quick step was fantastic he really does have some rhythm, and the Fred Astaire type routine suited his gawky style. They scored a high 27 points.

Nick Bracks certainly knows that he has to beat Dan Ewing in the hunky young things stakes. And this time he took his shirt off. He definitely shows he got his father Steve Brack’s hotness gene. I find it ironic his chosen charity is Beyond Blue the depression organisation is the one former Liberal Premier of Victoria started. They scored 21.

Occhy’s quick step was very average but hell not as bad as Sam Armytage’s Rhumba, clearly channel 7 staff had been told to hit the phones to keep her in.  He scored a 15. He looked like he knew he was walking the plank.

Hayley Bracken is breaking to of the golden rules of Dancing With The Stars. One you cannot have had too much dance training and you have to be celebrity. For those reasons I feel she should not be in the competition. She did amp up the sex appeal this week and scored a high 28 which will keep her in for another week.

Manu Feildel is the best performer,  in the competition, and he looks at ease in that environment. It was not the best routine of the night as he did look like he was doing a disco routine at one stage when it was meant to be a quickstep.

I didn’t think Lara Bingle’s routine was that bad, Todd thought it was messy and that the choreography was thrown together. I was hoping her wig would fall off in the lift. She scored a 17.

Bottom two were Luda and Dan, and Occy and Jade. And no surprise Occy was eliminated.


1 Courgette { 05.30.11 at 3:04 pm }

I am loving the fact Todd McEcstacy told Lara Bungle in no undercertain terms “Everyone is busy. Either decide you want to be on the show or go”. Gold.

2 littlepetal { 05.30.11 at 3:24 pm }

I am not a fan of Brynne Edelsten and yes she can’t dance but I am slowing warming to her (which is strange) I can’t stand her voice but I like her honesty when she just said she can’t dance and she will do her best. Also love her for saying there is not many strength to work on when one of the judges told her partner to work on her strength.

In term of popularity, I don’t think Hayley Bracken can beat Manu or even Damien.

3 Buzz { 05.30.11 at 4:13 pm }

And with a swing of her head, Sonya’s earrings wiped out a small village …

4 Buzz { 05.30.11 at 4:14 pm }

Missed the first part of the show. Lara always seems a little fragile, a little needy … not working with the judges tonight! I agree with helen re the lack of chemistry between her & caramello. I also agree with the comments on Sam “moving her arse” – I really think she has it in her, and I’m not sure what’s holding her back. Actually thought Manu & Alotta Patience were really good, just goes to show what I know. Although I would have knocked off points for the green vest. Crime against dancemanity.
Bryn has that way about her that makes people feel very protective. I think she’s sweet, but considered reporting her to the RSPCA for dressing up her little doggy last week.

5 brain dead dave { 05.30.11 at 4:15 pm }

The Jessica Mauboy/ Stan Walker duet was embarrassingly bland.

6 par3182 { 05.30.11 at 4:28 pm }

Highlight was Caramello thrusting Lara back into position at the end of their dance just by using his hips. Mmmm, Caramello…

7 Fiona { 05.30.11 at 4:40 pm }

I think the judges definitely picked a couple to blast this week as they have run out of patience with them. Samantha was woeful, I’m very tired of her apathy towards the dancing. If it was that painful for her, why sign up for it? Her poor partner was doing his best and she hardly looked at him and just walked around (without straight legs or hip thing despite talking about it in practice) like she was at the supermarket.
Lara’s act of “Oh I find it so hard to act sexy” is getting very old. What is she trying to prove? That her god-given physical gifts are a real burden and not the real her at all? I don’t get it and the little girl thing is boring, I saw her on Dancing on Ice and she was a lot more game in that, she did some daring stuff. If Carmelo can’t drag it out of her then no one can.
Damien and Manu will end up winning, definitely. Damien is so springy and enthusiastic. Haley is way too intense, although I did appreciate her covering up her chest this week. I even quite like Joshua now, I agreed with everything he said, how weird is that?!

8 seepi { 05.30.11 at 5:17 pm }

Manu’s vest was vile. ARe they hoping we won’t vote for him to even up the field or something.

Samantha struggled in week one with feeling that dancing too close to her partner was too sexy, and still seems to be feeling like that.

Brynne needs to relax, dress up to the nines and grin like she means it. She is not a natural, but she isn’t that bad – she can do high kicks etc. She would be a lot bette if she looked like she was throwing herself into it, instead of enduring it and counting the steps.

I didn’t htink Lara’s was that bad either.

9 SED { 05.30.11 at 7:17 pm }

I am a big fan of Samantha Armytage as a newsreader and before the competition expected her ot be the next big newsreader for seven (if she isnt already). But her lack of enthusiasm is actually giving me a not so positive impression – completely the reverse of Gilles and Bath. Her woeful dance partner (who seems to want to be more of a companion rather than a dance teacher) needs to put her in line and seriously grow a pair because he does not seem interested in making her succeed. Sam should just leave the competition. As for lara, well Ive never been a fan – shes just vaseline on toast.

10 Mia { 05.31.11 at 11:20 am }

Sam literally walked through her routine. I know she has a bad case of bronchitis. Maybe she was high on meds?

Todd telling Lara off was perfectly justifiable. She only turned up for one day of rehearsals last week. Apparently Csarmello hates her (and if she’s too busy swanning around doing… what is it she does again?… to train, who could blame him?). I just hope she doesn’t get any sympathy votes because of the judges blasting.
The Daily Telegraph is reporting that there are three couples “blueing” behind the scene, and Lara seems to be the cause of it (didn’t name names, sadly, but I’m guessing it’s Lara and Carmello/Lara and Haley and ???).

Manu was great, as always. That vest was a bit of an eyesore though.

Great to see Brynne improving. Okay, she’s no Ginger Rogers, but she’s entertaining.

I’ve really taken to Haley. She’ll never win, but deserves to at least make the final 3.

11 davsimp { 05.31.11 at 12:43 pm }

At least Occy didn’t throw his frock up and start braying about Australia not getting behind him. I though the big fella exited the competition with grace and esteem. He was a pleasure to watch.