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What Really Is In The Masterchef Pantry.

I presume to fit with last night’s challenge of the pantry full of canned and frozen food, TV Week have an article which outlines what really is in the Masterchef pantry.

They say the pantry holds 1000 different dry goods, 80 different spices, 454 fresh produce items, such as herbs, and 1 dozen different flours alone.

The interview with the show’s food producer, Glenn Flood is quite interesting.

Here it is:

How often is the pantry restocked?

It depend on the challenges, but in an average week, we’d have one pantry shoot. So it’s geared up for the day and then the next day it’s stripped apart and the food goes to other places. We also keep an element of that food for testing, and whatever isn’t required goes to the [food rescue charity] OzHarvest.

What’s been the stranges pantry item?

[George Calombaris answers] The century egg in season one. I’d never tasted anything like it! Poh (Ling Yeow) made a delicious dish with it, but it was unusual.

What’s the most popular ingredient?

There’s a sliced jamon (dry-cured Spanish ham) that’s getting hammered all the time. It’s very versatile.

Fess up: have you ever done a home shop here?

[George answers] Oh, yes definitely! Things like vinegar and olive oil… No doubt about it!

Are the same ingredients available all the time?

It’s tailor-made, depending on what’s in season. If the challenge is Asian-specific, there’ll be more choy sum, gai lan and lemongrass. And usually we’ll have protein in there from seafood through to meat.

How do you help the contestants?

I’m more than happy to source specialty ingredients for them if it’s OK with the producers. And how the items are placed on the shelves is how they pair up – so on the one shelf, three or four different dishes jump straight out at you. It helps them in the creative process because they’re only in there for a few minutes each session, so it’s fast and furious.


1 littlepetal { 06.02.11 at 9:19 pm }

Oh No…… the dreaded word, Protein. Hubby doesn’t want protein for dinner. He said that is what I have for breakfast (referring to my Protein Shake !)

2 Izobel2 { 06.03.11 at 11:03 am }

I have been wondering what happens to say Flour, milk, carrots etc when they open a new tin/jar/bag and use like 1 teaspoon and then where does it go????