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Masterchef Australia – This Week’s Odds

Paul has kindly done the odds this week, and even he admits it is confusing. Unfortunately one of our front runners Cleo was eliminated.

Over to Paul.

$7.00 Jay, Michael

$7.50 Alana

$8.00 Haydon

$10.00 Kate, Jimi

$12.00 Craig

$16.00 Adam

$21.00 Ellie, Arena

$26.00 Shannon, Peter

$41.00 Dani

$51.00 Kumar, Rachel

$61.00 Mat

$81.00 Sun

This season is just so much harder to assess as the challengers the contestants are being given aren’t really the types that enable skills to stand out. Its only really when you get to elimination challenges that you see what people are made of.

Michael and Alana are the real quiet achievers and seem to serve up consistently good plates. They both seem to be unflustered which is something that Haydon has as well. Kate slipped a bit in my book after the WA trip but maybe she just had a bad week as before that she was very good.

Another who is quietly rising up is Arena. She seems to be getting stronger as the competition goes on and her fruit and veg background could be very advantageous in certain challengers.

I thought it would be clearer by now but if anything I’m more confused !!!!!!!


1 xoxPrincessxox { 06.03.11 at 1:26 pm }

$10.00 Kate, Jimi<<<Is that supposed to be Kate and Billy?

I'd personally like to see Michael or Jay win
Alana did get flustered with the can+frozen food challenge the one Jay got to sit out

2 OL { 06.03.11 at 1:51 pm }

Unfortunately one of our front runners Cleo.


I feel like that sentence needs to be finished. And I don’t know about Jimi, but I reckon Billy deserves to be on this list 😛

3 Paul { 06.03.11 at 2:05 pm }

I don’t know why but I am always getting my Jimi’s and Billys’s mixed. You are right of course.

I think RR is referring to my last odds which had Cleo as favourite. :(

4 AnonyMousse { 06.03.11 at 2:45 pm }

Can’t say I buy these odds – I’ve seen a lot more of Billy’s dishes being praised than Michael, a guy whose name I’ve only started to remember recently due to his minimal camera time.

5 brain dead dave { 06.03.11 at 3:57 pm }

Where’s Danielle? It’s not like she’s easy to hide.

6 littlepetal { 06.03.11 at 4:20 pm }

Dani is there. Odds $41

7 brain dead dave { 06.03.11 at 4:59 pm }

That’s right,littlepetal but I’m talking about Danielle-the big rockabilly chick.

She should be around $26.

8 smauge { 06.03.11 at 5:36 pm }

The favourites are no surprise.

9 littlepetal { 06.03.11 at 5:41 pm }

BDD- Really confusing this season. Dani, Danielle . Danielle that looks like Shannon.

Yep. Danielle should be around $26.

Rachel is the dark horse. She may last till the Final 6.

10 dmc { 06.03.11 at 11:03 pm }

Is it just me, or are this season’s contestants a wee bit boring?

11 ss { 06.04.11 at 7:20 am }

think this season’s contestants are just not quite as impressive as previous years…

12 Crystal { 06.04.11 at 9:03 am }

I’d love to see Billy win but he’s not as commercial as Ellie or the older mum-type contestants. One of them will win (Rachel, Ellie, Kate).

13 Fiona { 06.04.11 at 10:39 am }

I agree that the contestants are rarely allowed to cook to show off their strengths. It seems the producers are so hellbent on making the challenges as difficult as possible for drama that the cooking suffers and they end up putting up some very average food. At the moment I think the Junior Masterchefs showed better skills than this bunch. Whilst I love to see them under some pressure, I would still like the opportunity to admire their cooking.

14 brain dead dave { 06.04.11 at 12:49 pm }

Sure the contestants are boring this year dmc but then Julie Goodwin didn’t exactly ooze charisma,I recall. A boring personality can still shift a few cookbooks and be immortalized as a Ma$terchef(even when you’re not or ever could be a real chef). Marion was boring to me last year and when she got booted out,people went ape droppings.

15 Reality Raver { 06.04.11 at 10:08 pm }

Interesting comments I think either Alana will win, or one of the guys. But then this view will change weekly.

16 AT { 06.06.11 at 9:50 pm }

just checked out who got eliminated. dammit paul not again :(! i think this is slowly becoming a prediction of who will be eliminated first what with cleo gone last week and jay gone tonight. both frontrunners (knock on wood for michael…). what the hell is going on masterchef? surely he’s annoying but his skills are much better than ellie (ok she’s good at reading recipes) and dani

17 AnonyMousse { 06.06.11 at 10:16 pm }

Do us all a favour and put Dani or Mat as the best odds – that way they’ll be eliminated next.