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Dancing With The Stars – Brynne Sizzles The Samba

A quick post on Dancing With The Stars today. It is now official that Nick Bracks is the new spunk in town, he has managed to see Home and Away hottie Dan Ewing out of the competition.

Home and Away producers are concurrently tearing up one contract as they write up another.

Does anyone else think Nick’s cougar dance party has a little crush on him?

Again I can’t get the whole Hayley Bracken front runner in the competition, I find her dull, yes a competent dancer, but dull.

Damien Leith is showing why he is popular and makes sure he engages with his fans in he pre-dance pieces. I am sure his wife must be loving the touchy feel and slight flirtiness going on with his dance partner. NOT.

Brynne Edelesten again gave another entertaining Samba with her I Dream Of Jeannie. I could not stop laughing. Hopefully she will stay in for a few more weeks. Did anyone else think Dr Geoffry Edelesten looks like an older version of Kernicki from Grease. Also good to see she is getting more offers of work in the entertainment industry. NIDA graduates must be choking on their lattes as they read in that she is up for some film roles.

Lara Bingle managed to stay in character this week, maybe she related to the role of the gold digger.

Manu Feidel after stuffing up his Fox Trot a bit went in for the pash with his dance partner. Was he hoping this might get him a few more votes from the women? I think he tries to play up to his Lothario image, in real life he is probably shy as with the ladies.


1 littlepetal { 06.06.11 at 4:31 pm }

I really like Damien. He is such a joy to watch. I hope he could get to the final and dance against Manu.

Brynne and Samantha will be going soon unless the public keep voting for them. They can’t dance (but of course they could dance better than me)

2 seepi { 06.06.11 at 9:01 pm }

it was grant’s turn for the vile jacket tonight – what was with the shocking blue lapels.

and lara’s dress looked a bit worse for wear. white is a tricky colour, but it looked a bit grimy to me.

3 FoodieW { 06.07.11 at 10:58 am }

I was excited about DWTS this year mainly because of Manu Fieldel. A dancing chef! I was in the audience on opening night. Now I don’t think I’ll vote for him anymore. In the media he mentioned using “the kiss” to lure female voters instead of a ‘6 pack’ which he apparantly doesn’t have. I’m a bit over the whole saucy, Frenchman image. I sat-in on one of Manu’s Masterclasses at the Good Food and Wine Show (Melbourne) last Friday & would have loved to have gone up on stage to try his mussel pie and other delights. Problem was he only wanted SINGLE girls raising their hands to volunteer. If we have a spouse are we boring.. or unappealing.. or not his ideal demographic? We’re your baguette and butter Manu! And you should have seen the little introductory movie prior to him making his entrance. He appeared with some scantily clad can-can girls. Meh.. I no longer feel a connection. Haley and Damien are by far the better dancers anyway.

4 Wurstsemmel { 06.07.11 at 11:12 am }

I’m with Foodie. Manu is rapidly becoming meh…I’m really impressed with Damien in this show and would like to see him win now

5 JaniceG { 06.13.11 at 10:51 am }

I’m a pretty good dancer myself so I’ve avoided this show up until now but last night I was flicking through channels and spotted that Brynne was about to start so I thought I’d watch. OMG, she is *so* bad – stiff, no rhythm, fake smile plastered on except when she was visibly concentrating on which step came next. She reminds me of the characters Jennifer Coolidge often plays in Chris Guest movies (she was also Paulette in “Legally Blonde”).