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The Amazing Race – Karma Is A Bitch

Out of all the mantras Joey and Richard had they did not follow “Do Unto Others”, and they found out that karma is indeed a bitch. However ironically even after what happened to them they still didn’t seem to get it.

Joey and Richard were the first to leave the pitstop in Macau, and head to Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Joey and Richard flew from Macau to Bangkok the rest of the teams went back to Hong Kong and got a direct flight to Johannesburg, however everyone was on the same flight to Port Elizabeth.

My race favourites, Mo and Mos were lamenting they would like to race better so they could be treated like other teams at the pit stop. “Get on and get off”. They had attracted a four hour time penalty in the previous leg for not completing the roadblock, but lucky for them they caught up at the airport. Something they were shocked about.

Teams then drove 300kms to Camdeboo National Park, to get to the Valley of Desolation. The cars were a manual. Which is always good value on this show. Alana and Mel were the team struggling. No wonder there was a rift between the sisters, the way Alana speaks to Mel is not good. Also why berate her for not being able to push the car into third gear, when you are the one actually driving it.

On the way to the detour Joey and Richard got bogged, and all the other teams laughed and did nothing to help them, and they ended up being the last to arrive at the detour.

Detour was either  Smash or Bash. In Smash they must throw an African tool to smash plates, and Bash was build a giraffe feeder using only the tools provided. Chris who is an engineer whipped through it as did the father and son team.

Mo and Mos again had difficulty as did Alana and Mel. Joey and Richard started fighting, but were fairly efficient.

The farmers were first to finish detour and then it was to the inevitable bungee jump roadblock that is obligatory in most series of The Amazing Race. They lost their lead when they were pulled over by the police heading to the next stage of the race.

There was a U-Turn and Tyler and Nathan used it against Joey and Richard, this meant they had to go and do the other detour as well. God they are delusional, Richard didn’t think anyone would U-Turn them,  then they took it as a compliment that they were U-turned as they thought it showed they were thought to be competitive.

They didn’t think they were u-turned because they were not liked. To be fair on them they were a strong team and nearly caught up with the others.

The teams then had to go and take a goat to a witch doctor and then it was off to the  pit stop which was Addo elephant park. The Farmers were the first to arrive just pipping out Tyler and Nathan.

Joey and Richard were last to arrive and were eliminated. I was surprised how well they took it. I will say one positive thing about that team, is they really do appear to be well suited.

I am sure most vilified couple will now be replaced by Chris and Anastasia, as he is foul. I hope she looks over footage of this race and realises that she needs to get rid of him fast.

And finally Mos and Mo said even with everyone helping them they were still struggling on the race. Again they finished second last on the mat, I doubt they will be in for many more weeks.


1 littlepetal { 06.07.11 at 7:26 am }

My best night ever. I didn’t expect the baldies to be eliminated which made it being more joy.

I thought Mos and Mo mentioned all the other teams helped them but not baldies.

Still love the attitudes of the bikers. They seemed to take the challenges as they come and they are nice to each another.

I don’t care who wins now and I can’t just enjoy watching the show without having to listen to the baldies.

2 AnonyMousse { 06.07.11 at 7:30 am }

The unadulterated joy of the bikies when they found out team 105 had been u-turned pretty much sums it up. (Also, as someone with 2 civil engineers in the family, I’d have to say they’d be my first pick if I had to build a bridge or a road, but probably not the first ones I’d ask for help on building a wooden frame like the giraffe feeder – the skillsets really aren’t that close at all.)

I was actually just about ready to say ‘Wow, Chris has cooled down this episode’, until we hit the 9:15pm mark and he went off his head… again.

3 PollyB { 06.07.11 at 7:38 am }

Loving them all, except bimbo & himbo. I’m just waiting for him to smack her, he is so explosive.

4 Chunks { 06.07.11 at 10:52 am }

Never has karma played out so perfectly. But I have to say I’m sorry to see Richard and Joey go as now the bad guys have been eliminated and there’s no one to hate on. It’ll all just be Aussies being nice to each other. Well, apart from Alanah and Chris and Anastasia but they aren’t in the same league sad to say. Can’t see anything but incredibly good luck keeping Mo and Mos in past the next elimination.

5 Bruiser Brody { 06.07.11 at 10:58 am }

Ala MChef Jay – couldn’t believe the younger sister (Alanah?) was older than 17 and married!
You get the feeling Mel’s (?) tough exterior was forged by years of $1 coins being hurled at her by disgruntled patrons at the Kings Cross Strip Club when she left home as an “independent teenager” to follow her dreams of being the next Elizabeth Berkley, without the acting roles…

6 Reality Raver { 06.07.11 at 11:43 am }

Bruiser Brody – I think you may have summed up Mel’s career path nicely.
She may have missed out on getting on Channel Nine’s Ladette to Lady.

Chunks – Mo and Mos just don’t have the competitive spirit to last much longer. Pity they are giving the best lines. Do you think they are the most eligible bachelors in Australia at the moment?

PollyB – He is foul, and she just puts up with it. Hopefully she will look back on this relationship and think WTF was I thinking.

Anonymousse – Wouldn’t an engineer have a better idea then say a desk jockey? Thank christ for Chris – I wonder if the producers new he was going to be so OTT when they signed them on.

Little Petal – Love the bikers also. Actually a lot of the teams I like. I am surprised that I like both the model teams.

7 dree { 06.07.11 at 3:59 pm }
8 Heidi { 06.07.11 at 4:52 pm }

Joey and Richard are scum! They even parked in a handicap spot at one stage.

9 Chunks { 06.07.11 at 4:54 pm }

Although I think he’s a nasty angry bully, she’s also incredibly annoying and doesn’t listen, does what she wants no matter how stupid it might be and argues for the sake of it knowing full well it pushes all his buttons. They kind of deserve each other.

10 PollyB { 06.07.11 at 5:14 pm }

Agree Chunks, they deserve each other. Everybody deserves whatever their lot is. However, what interests me is, is this innate or learned behaviour.

11 TMC { 06.07.11 at 8:09 pm }

Mrs TMC stated re Joey and Richard that if Richard ever cheated on Joey that it would be with another man. It took a while and thought about it and yes I could see that happening

12 RarelySeen { 06.08.11 at 9:57 am }

I love villains in TV Land, ponder ‘Big Love’s’ Nikki character. Sadly Joey & Richard were sensational villains. They fulfilled the pantomime relationship between audience and reality tv star as in “Look out he’s behind you!”
Mo & Mos need their own ‘getaway’ styled travel show after this. Ratings $ gold. Anyone for the Mo & Mos burgers?

13 KatInEurope { 06.09.11 at 4:45 am }
Just in case you miss them… the text is comedy gold.

Am only just catching up on this show, me and my Aussie expat man have been cackling no end – no cultural cringe, quite the opposite, it has made us want to organise another Aussie meet-up because we miss the banter!