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The Amazing Race Australia – Chris and Anastasia Need Relationship Counselling

Can someone please interpret Chris speak from Team Greek “If you cannot have the womaness or the kindness for not realising where you went wrong and say look babe sorry for not listening then I don’t know.”

They had some other cracker lines  from this couple tonight as well.

These were:

“Maybe we should talk to each other” said Chris. “Maybe we both have to realise that  only one of us can use their heads, even though both of us have heads.” said Anastasia.

“I don’t know what that means” said Chris.

“I said wait and you did not listen to me” [Chris]

“The reason the tap didn’t work is because it was bad karma by you.” [Chris]

“Daddy never spanked you when he should have” [Chris]

“You should have say ‘sorry for pushing you over the edge’ and I am going to say ‘I am sorry for screaming’ that is the order.” [Chris]

“Apology will come when you understand where you went wrong.” [Chris]

“When I make a mistake it brings us together.” [Chris]

“If she had stayed behind me as I asked her she would not have fallen”. [Chris]

Oh and the classic he went and checked the quad bike before her after she had had her stack. Nice.

You would think she would leave him, but no see more of why they think their relationship is normal in a previous blog post title Chris and Anastasia As Dumb In Real Life As On The Show?

Anyway the farmers Matt and Tom, and the model’s Nathan and Tyler were the first to leave the pitstop at 11.09pm. They had to fly to Capetown and go to Dolphin Beach. All the teams caught up on the flight.

The first task was a Roadblock which was a tandem skydive.

I love the WA bikers ” I am going to do all the easy cool things and Kelly is going to do all the hard thinking stuff, works from me,” said Dave.

Mel is a complete scrag to her sister Alana, and is constantly putting her down. Mel had told her years ago that she loved her because she was her sister, but she did not particularly like her. I am hoping the story arc for this pair is that the power imbalance reverses and Mel is seeking her approval.

Mo and Mos continued to make basic mistakes. And they were not happy about the tandem skydive at all. What type of tasks did they think they would get on this show?

It cracked me up that Alana looked like she was about to vomit even after she had completed the jump,  and Mo was literally crapping his pants, having to go to the toilet before getting on the plane.

After the roadblock it was time for an Intersection, where teams must pair up and do all tasks with other teams until further notice.

Sam and Renae pulled the short straw on the intersection as they had to wait for Mo and Mos to arrive before they could deliver the presents to the orphanage.

However Sam and Renae wangled a police escort. Mo said “So that is why they don’t need maps….”

Great intersection – and really highlighted there is still a lot of poverty in South Africa, which most people would think is a first world country.

Then it was on to the detour – Guns or Rose.

Guns they had to shoot nine clay targets, and Rose was filling up a barrel with Rose.

The farmers did guns and it was right up their ally, but they were the second team out. The male models rocked at this task.

Chris lost it at Anastasia for opening the Rose valve when he said don’t open it. See all the bile at the top of the post.

She then refused to help on the task.

Mo and Mos were funny at the detour saying muslims and alcohol don’t really go, but then guns and muslims don’t go either. They went with the guns.

The teams then had to go to the sand dunes where there were 15 baskets with three having clues underneath them and the other 12 with hour glasses in them. The catch was  you had to wait for the hourglass to finish before you could move on.

Chris lost the keys to their car. They were having a shocker.

Mo and Mos had no luck they pulled a big timer and Chris found the keys. “When I make a mistake it brings us together.” he said. Talk about deluded.

Then Anastasia crashed her quad bike.

“If she had stayed behind me as I asked her she would not have fallen”. He checked the bike first before going to her.

Tyler and Nathan were team number one, with the farmers were number two, with Jeff and Luke coming in third. They won a $5000 home entertainment system from Bing Lee.

I have no idea why Sam and Renae helped Chris open the key, as wouldn’t you want Mo and Mos who are so weak to be in the race rather then a fitter team that Chris and Anastasia in it. Bad strategy girls.

Mo and Mos were eliminated but they did say they were amazed they lasted five legs into the race.


1 Doopliss { 06.13.11 at 11:54 pm }

Being a fan of the US version of the show, I was a bit sceptical about the AUS version however so far it has been quite amusing.

Although, I do feel bad for Anastasia. They kind of remind me of that ex-army dude and beauty pageant who were planning on getting married coming into the race and their relationship was utterly destroyed by the final leg.

2 Kaylen { 06.13.11 at 11:55 pm }

From my understanding, the quad bike had landed, if only partly, on Anastasia. So yes, it was wise that he check, and try to move it.

I have my own opinion of those two, that I think I’ll reserve. I don’t know them, so I can’t comment on who they are personally, only what is shown. What is shown, I don’t like. Other than that, I’ll reserve my opinion.

Sad to see Mo & Mos go. Knew they had to, but will miss their comments. :)

With the two sisters – damn. Glad I’m not in that family.

Two bikers – impatient, slightly rude, but likeable.

Farmers are good fun, and the models came undone this leg of the race. No opinion on the surfers.

Overall was a good episode. :)

3 Kaylen { 06.13.11 at 11:57 pm }

Oh, and I forgot the Father/son team. Shows how engaging they are. 😉

Though I think the Son should wear sleeveless every episode – yum. 😛

4 AnonyMousse { 06.14.11 at 12:01 am }

Sigh… there goes a lot of the fun, but I suppose they couldn’t dodge the elimination bullet forever (nice to see they finally fixed the will be/may be eliminated wording at the end – I thought it was a non-elimination round right up until Grant crushed that dream).

Hopefully the bikers (and maybe the cowboys) can step up and keep the humour injections going, because all the other teams wouldn’t know a joke if it sprayed them in the face with a seltzer bottle.

I hope for Chris’s sake that he’s in a family business, because any boss would have to hesitate before hiring him if he was trying to join any mixed-gender workplace.

Also, anyone else finding it a bit weird that some episodes are an hour, and some are 90 minutes? I could understand if the first few were 90 and it reduced to 60 minutes when the team numbers narrowed due to elimination, but the way the time length peaks and troughs is getting a bit unpredictable.

5 littlepetal { 06.14.11 at 12:14 pm }

Still love the bikers. They are a funny couple but can see the funny side of things. When the wife lost the map, he said we should just pull up and have a coffee. LOL

Models should not have helped Chris because he will not be grateful. Didn’t he said that he could still be in front of them if they drive and run faster?

6 AngelSN86 { 06.14.11 at 12:44 pm }

Chris checked the bike because it sounded like it was on top of her so he was trying to get it off.

I know that Chris has copped a lot of flak for his yelling etc and he does seem a bit aggro, but Anastasia seems just as bad in her own way. She is a bit of a princess and she winds him up. The argument they had last night over the wine was a perfect example. I got where she was coming from at the start, wanting to get it ready but at the same time, he did say hang on and lets work out how we’re going to do this. But then yes, he got very screamy and yelly but she also deliberately just sat there and refused to apologise or anything. Which was what he was saying when he said “If you cannot have the womaness or the kindness for not realising where you went wrong and say look babe sorry for not listening then I don’t know.” He is basically saying that she should’ve just apologised and admitted that she did something wrong by not listening to him and then he would admit he was wrong for yelling and it would all be over. But she just simpered and sat down on her butt doing nothing and refusing to apologise, so he just got more and more frustrated. They are both as bad as each other really. She is a spoiled brat and he’s got anger management issues.

7 Kacy { 06.14.11 at 5:24 pm }

Seriously I can not believe the way Mel speaks to/about Alana. She is a bushpig. She doesn’t deserve a sister. What a dog way to speak to your little sister. I cherish mine & she can be fustrating to say the least. Not cool Mel, grab a brain & start being a better human being. I would not want to be your sister if my life depended on it. Quite frankly-your an asshole.
Chris & Anastasia-hilarious. Can he even be serious. He is as thick as a brick & she laps it up. Morons.
Love love love the WA Bikers, although he did get a bit mouthy with Kell too. They do seem to be a much more evenly paired couple.
Loved Mos & Mo.
Sam & Renae I like much better than I thought I would. I want to dislike them but I can’t. They seem normal & natural.

8 RarelySeen { 06.14.11 at 5:58 pm }

The models value good looks, over a good heart, that seems to be the motivation as to why they helped out their own kind with Muscles & Bambi. The surfers are becoming more palatable.

9 Anonymous { 06.14.11 at 7:46 pm }

The models are the most annoying team. I’m so over them going on about how capable they are even though they are pretty … PESH!!! … Also shouldn’t they have got some kind of time penalty for jack knifing the trailer into there car and putting a big dent in it? (not so capable at reversing hmm?)

Bambi & Muscles are awful .. truely .. I hope they are ashamed of themselves when they watch themselves!!

I also thought it was going to be non-elimination due to the “might” be eliminated. Maybe they say this depending on who is last they might decide to keep them in?

10 Culinary Boner { 06.15.11 at 2:26 pm }

Chris and Anastasia Need …

…to do a cameo for “Fat Pizza” (one in which their antics enrage Bobo Gigliotti to the point where he gets out his chainsaw).

11 Guido Hatzis { 06.17.11 at 1:38 am }

Pleashe you shkippy poofs…. Chrish is a Greek Legend….. Mate, hish stupid girl should know – do not talk over your man. She needs a shwift kickbox to the head!

12 Polarwarp { 06.17.11 at 4:47 pm }

Glad someone else dislikes Mel treating her sister that way. Has there been an ad campaign focused on highlighting her behaviour or only on Chris’s? (not that I was impressed by his yelling). I feel sorry for the winemaker who started sprinting across to turn off the tap lol. I don’t think he’s the only one to blame for the situation though!! I want to know if they’re still together – I think you’re in trouble if you go on a reality show to either “get married or break up” lol.

How about the son always going on about how his dad is proving he can do anything – like he’s massively surprised his dad is getting through these challenges?!!

With the Big W ladies out.. and now Mos and Mo gone I may have to go for the biker couple cos they crack me up.

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