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The Block Episode 2 – Polly and Waz V Toby and Chrissie

Well Polly and Waz from NSW are currently my favourite team. They combined intelligence, with a good sense of humour, as well as some bold design style.

Tonight they went up against Chrissy and Toby from Surfers Paradise in the warehouse and they were to be judged on design, functionality and execution.

But before I get onto the recap there was an interesting article by Amity Dry, a former The Block contestants, who outlines the high and low lights of being a reality star.

I found it interesting at the warehouse how they made it appear that all the rooms were available to use. Did they quickly make the two rooms that had been refurbished neutral again. Or were they told these are the two rooms you will be using. Funny how the rooms they pick were opposite each other.

The piece of furniture they had to use this episode was a silver plastic chair. I thought it was interesting as some people would like it but others would not.

Polly and Waz’s wanted to do something fun and the concept of a child space ship room was a clever idea.

Whereas Chrissie and Toby were being far more safe with a guest/office. I noted when Chrissie was in Mitre 10 she was going with grey as she read it was “the new black”. But I thought being on this show was to be pushing some new ideas not just following the current trends?

“I was extremely rattled by the morning session with him” said Chrissie about hubbie Toby, as she went out shopping. However that was nothing when she hit IKEA. She had what happens to a lot of us, where you spend hours deciding what you want and then hit the warehouse section and the frigging piece is out of stock or unavailable or not in your colour. Also the mirror she bought was broken.

I felt her pain when Toby said you bought two stools and a wardrobe and you have been gone eight hours. Clearly he has never had a physical, emotional, and spiritual breakdown in IKEA. She was right you do need a stiff drink after all that.

I thought neither of the rooms looked particularly finished, however the kids room certainly had a lot more visual impact.

Chrissie and Toby who had had to turn the desk around as one of the drawers of the desk broke was caught out. John McGrath sat down and the height of the desk was mismatched with the chair. This may also have been the case even if the desk had been the right way around.

The judges loved the wooden shelves on the walls in the Polly and Waz’s room and they were good. Even the yellow which could have gone hideously wrong worked. They were criticised by Neale Whittaker for not having a desk, however Scott Cam rationalised it by saying the kid might be a tradie….

It was no surprise that Polly and Waz won with their room, however it is a pity Chrissie did not get in as I think she might have been a polarising personality to give the show some frisson a reality show always needs.


1 Callie { 06.21.11 at 8:32 pm }

I had to laugh when Chrissie called the tram in the street as train!! I’m happy with the couple who won – thought they were more ‘on the ball’ so to speak. Have given up Masterchef to watch this and am not sorry. Was getting very bored with it and sick to death of George ‘bouncing’ while he talks…

2 PollyB { 06.22.11 at 7:30 am }

I watched both eps last night and so far all the contestants seem quite down to earth. I wanted Chrissie to stay in too I think she would have been good value. Both rooms did look un-finished.

3 AngelSN86 { 06.22.11 at 10:12 am }

I didn’t think this episode’s rooms looked as good as the last episode. Couldn’t believe the guy hired a tradie, just to help out with a few flat packs! Especially considering they didn’t really do much else. There was painting and that was pretty much it. I also found it interesting that both teams did different rooms to the night before, ie guest bedroom/study and kids bedroom rather than lounge and bedroom. I wonder if they had to do that or they just chose to. I wouldn’t call the kids room gender-neutral though, looked like a boys room to me.

I was worried that Chrissie would go through as she is good entertainment. But she annoyed the hell out of me, what was with the childish stunts of putting up the windscreen wipers? Surely it cost her more time to go over to their car and do it than the time it would cost them to take them down. It was just juvenile.

4 Mia { 06.22.11 at 11:26 am }

Have to agree about Chrissie – she would have been a nugget of reality TV gold. Disappointed she won’t be going further..

5 Culinary Boner { 06.22.11 at 12:49 pm }

Waza won one?…Bing bang, walla walla, bing bang.
Don’t watch this shite, mainly ’cause Nine can’t do reality TV. This is just renovation rescue in a pseudo reality competition format so they’d have something to put Boof (aka Scott Cam) on. Ya can tell it’s a Nine production when waz, gaz, spaz haff to take on tobs, pol and other footy show like nicknames. Arise Sir Boof, defender of all ’em ocker chippies out there.

6 Lea { 06.23.11 at 9:59 am }

lol at Culinary Boner’s comment 😉 Tonight’s episode was weak, the competitors were weak, the rooms were weak ( and that child’s room was NOT gender neutral!! It was a frippin’boy’s room .. ). If either of them had been up against the previous night’s competitors, they would have both gone home pronto.

Chrissy was a PITA – i’m glad I don’t know the type of feebles that think putting up windscreen wipers is clever??? Um, yeah.

And i’m sorry, but who can go to IKEA for 8hrs and come home with only 3items? Impossible.

7 Maz { 06.24.11 at 10:02 am }

Feel sorry for Monday night’s eliminated couple for as the week progressed the competitors got weaker. Last night, neither pair should have proceeded to ‘the block.’ Casting must have been taking the piss when they selected the twins.

And Scott Cam’s excuse for the travesty presented by the sisters that go through-“they’re from the bush”. God help us all.

If I were IKEA, wouldn’t be happy with the love shown. No-one seems to have assembled the flatpacks successfully.

8 theadder { 06.28.11 at 7:26 pm }

Polly looks like a bloke.