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The Amazing Race Australia Scrag Fight

Rumours are circulating The Amazing Race Australia is about to announce a second series because of the success of the current series which is on air on Seven.

 To celebrate the shows success, the first series cast were out celebrating on a boat cruise on Saturday night, and things may have gotten a little messy as these things normally do.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

While things were hunky-dory on the boat where these happy snaps were taken, things apparently got a bit messy when the contestants made their way to Ivy after the cruise.

But tension – which started brewing on the show between sisters Mel and Alana and entrepreneur-couple Richard and Joey – rose after angry emails were exchanged between the feuding pairs last week. Fellow contestant Mo told Confidential Joey was extremely upset by Mel’s email vitriol, saying things had gone too far after Joey started receiving hate mail from Race fans at her Sydney workplace.

Stress levels were high when the sisters joined the rest of the cast on the boozy cruise, with the contestants almost thrown off the boat for being too rowdy.

“We almost got kicked off the boat,” Mo revealed.

“Mel and Alana were enjoying themselves a bit too much on the free alcohol, and let’s just say nothing illegal happened but it could have been a considered a bit offensive for some cultural norms.”

Later at the Ivy the highly spirited reality stars tried to patch things up – with not much luck.

“We all thought this was going to turn into the holiday from hell after the cruise, and we thought there was definitely going to be some wine thrown on someone’s face,” Mo said.

And the girls weren’t the only ones feuding with Mo also revealing there was not-so subtle tension between quarrelsome couple Chris and Anastasia.

“That was a kind of burning question on the night,” Mo said.

I don’t blame Mel and Alana being peeved at Joey and Richard, if they had not helped them at the temple in Vietnam they would not have worked out the puzzle. Joey and Richard then rushed to the pitstop ahead of them. Bad form.

However someone needs to give Mo and Mos their own show. They are fabulous. Here is an article in the Herald Sun that Mo wrote about his time on the race.