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Project Runway Australia Episode 3 – The Cocktail Dress Challenge

Seriously if Anthony was freaked out by getting yellow fabric on a challenge where they got to show what their design aesthetic is how would he cope in a challenge where he had to sew with food products or other materials he was not familiar with. He would be in a corner curled up in the foetal position. It was not a hard challenge.

However as Alex Perry said the first challenge is probably the hardest they are dealing with time pressures, TV cameras and an unfamiliar work environment.

They had to make a cocktail dress that showed their design style, using the fabric and colour that was given to them.

Anyway the good news is Project Runway Australia is back for a third season after a one year hiatus, and it has had a make over. Personally I didn’t have a problem with the old version but it is good to keep things fresh.

Megan Gale is the new host, replacing Kirsty Hinze. The contestants mentor Henry Roth, who I had loved, is out replaced with fashion designer and Australia’s Next Top Model judge Alex Perry.

The two new judges are fashion designer Kirrily Johnston and fashion industry guru Jarrod Clark. Each week there will be a guest judge. We didn’t see that much of Jarrod this episode, as Kirrily and guest judge Camilla Franks got most of the airtime in the judging sequence. Alex looked very relaxed in the role and look forward to seeing what type of advice he gives over the next few episodes.

Megan Gale looked fabulous, but did appear little  be nervous at the beginning, understandably. It is hard filling Kirsty Hinze and conversely Heidi Klums shoes.

Looking over the contestants there does seem to be a good mix of young raw talent like Nerida, Rachael, Dylan and Johnny. Mixed with some older personalities like Tim, Gabrielle and Craig, who I think as the show goes on will give us some good reality TV. Is Tim, who has worked at Ralph Lauren already cast as the villain, and you can see an ageing queens spat between him and Craig before the end of the series.

Interesting Craig who does bridal and evening wear in real life should have hit this challenge out of the ball park, however he completely choked. He had some nice red fabric, and even Alex when he looked at it when it was being made was positive and said it looked very Valentino. It turned into something that was very ill fitting year 12 formal dress. However the hem line was longer then most 18 year olds would like. But they may have liked the sleeves up or down approach which was an accident. It is a bit hard for the established designers to have to get back into the groove of sewing when outworkers have probably done it for them for years.

I also thought Matcho was a bit unlucky to have his design to be dumped in the bottom three. Ok it wasn’t something anyone would really wear but it was well made and original. Some of the other designs were poorly sewn.

The judges signalled out Gabrielle’s floaty dress for praise, but I thought it looked like there was a gaping hole in the back. And I am sure I saw one of the other dresses not even covering a models butt. She made it top three, with Dylan and Johnny.

There was little suspense with who would be the winning design as Johnny’s was the outstanding design. It must have felt good for his gorgeous African model who was picked last by the designers to be their muse to be on the winning team.

Bottom three was Craig, Anthony and Matcho, with Anthony having to go. Was it the most unfinished frock ever to grace a Project Runway show?

By the way congratulations to Arena TV for their outstanding marketing campaign in the lead up to the premiere with the premiere audience up 53 per cent on the average audience for the latest season of the US version.

Project Runway Australia on Arena TV Monday nights at 8.30pm.  Encores of the episode are on at 1pm (AEST) Tuesday and Saturday at 9.30pm (AEST).


1 Anonymous { 07.11.11 at 8:03 pm }

Match was lucky not to be eliminated, totally annoying , and cocktail dress was shocking

2 Anonymous { 07.11.11 at 8:13 pm }

Matcho hilarrious outfit came across arrogant , John us design amazing

3 Anonymous { 07.11.11 at 8:15 pm }

Loved Megan, I agree with others didn’t like matcho at all, strange character and shocking outfit

4 Anonymous { 07.11.11 at 8:17 pm }

Dylan was great nice guy, great dress, tim interesting, and matcho get a new top , been in fashion successfully for years that was not fashion not even a tea towel!!!!