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Mat Beyer Punted From Masterchef For Having A Mobile Phone

The scenes where Mat Beyer was punted from Masterchef Australia felt very staged.

Matt Preston arrived at the house sat down with Mat and it was all very civilised with no tears or angst. So I wonder if it was filmed at a later date. Who knows.

Matt Preston said “You made use of a personal phone which is against the rules of the competition.”

“The judges and I spoke about what we should to do and we thought it best if you made an honourable exit”.

Two questions how can it be honourable if you get kicked out? And like it was the judges decision it would have been the producers.

Mat said the phone wasn’t to cheat he was just really missing his girlfriend.

Mat then left the house with a day pack, and without any shot of him saying goodbye to his team mates. So a not so honourable exit.

The big question that was not answered by either Matt Preston or the other to camera pieces was how the camera was discovered. One theory floating around was that it was found in his room by the housekeeper. But hell don’t take that as gospel I had Mat flying to New York!

The rest of the contestants were then told – Dani cried, and then the rest of the contestants talked to camera about how booting out Mat was the right thing to do.

They then announced that Billy Law was back in and didn’t Ellie look non-plussed.

Blog post on the Marco-Pierre White challenge to follow.

UPDATE: The Daily Telegraph says he took the phone in the house because of his missing mother. She has been missing since 2004, and after seven years they can declare her deceased. He said he was feeling vulnerable because Mother’s Day was coming up. I feel sorry for him, but he should have spoken to producers about it to get more phone calls to his girlfriend.

UPDATE: I don’t usually put a press release verbatim on the blog but I thought because there is so much interest here it is:

MasterChef Australia contestant Mat Beyer has left the show tonight after admitting he broke the rules.


The Melbourne IT tech support worker was discovered knowingly breaking the rules by smuggling a smartphone, with activated internet and phone capabilities, into the house.

“I did the wrong thing and I deserve to go,” says Mat, admitting he smuggled in a phone six weeks before being discovered by production staff. “I think it was the wrong thing to do and I think it was a rash decision, but I made a stupid mistake and I guess I’m paying for it now.”

All contestants are thoroughly explained the rules of the competition numerous times before and throughout the production of the show, and all contestants are fully aware of these rules.

MasterChef judge Matt Preston said, “Mat had a mobile phone in direct contravention of the rules to which all the contestants knew they had to abide. We have to be fair to all the contestants which is why it was decided that the only thing to do was to let Mat make a honourable withdrawal from the competition. Myself, George and Gary wish Mat all the best for the future and hope that he will continue to pursue his dream of finding a future in food.”

Phones, smartphones and internet access are restricted to contestants while they are part of the show and filming because it gives contestants the opportunity to find out all sorts of information outside of what is offered during filming. By illicitly phoning or texting someone, a contestant could gain an advantage over the other contestants. To preserve the integrity of MasterChef, it is deemed fair for all contestants that access to phones is limited.

Obviously if a contestant has a personal issue, then access to phones and face-to-face contact with loved ones is reassessed. This also compliments 24 hour access to a psychologist and frequent production breaks for weekends or holidays such as Christmas or Easter. In relation to phone access in this case, Mat did not approach producers asking for more phone use.

Mat left the competition and is now replaced by Billy, the last contestant to be eliminated earlier this week.

The production has offered on-going psychological access for Mat, extended a weekly allowance beyond his appearance in the show, has offered to give him access to a cooking apprenticeship job interview and has extended the hand of friendship to help him follow his dream of working in the food industry.

Mat truly has a gift for cooking and the team at MasterChef Australia hopes to one day dine at a restaurant he calls his own. To see an exclusive interview with Mat after his elimination, please head to the official MasterChef website



1 Slushie { 07.07.11 at 11:18 am }
2 NT Kate { 07.07.11 at 11:25 am }

The whole Mat story as far as we now know it is very sad.

Even though I hate the goth look, I have a lot of sympathy for him. You can just imagine numerous scenarios of how the producers would have played this had they known the story: no sane person would have wanted that, and falling apart under the pressure and taking a stupid risk is perfectly understandable in the circumstances (and I’m not sure he could have predicted how bad or otherwise it would be in advance). I’m personally inclined to think they should let him have another go, rules notwithstanding (we are all human after all), but I guess it is way too late in the piece now.

But it all goes to illustrate a cardinal point – if you have anything at all in your background that you don’t want made public, don’t go on Reality TV. But maybe Mat was rather hoping that by going on tv, his mother would be prompted to come forward…

3 AngelSN86 { 07.07.11 at 11:37 am }

Kaylen- Sorry I misread your post and didn’t realise until the editing period had closed on my post. I also never meant to imply that he was lying about his missing mum. It was more that I wonder whether it was the sole reason for taking the phone into the house. Or is it a more justifiable reason than just wanting to chat to his gf?

The thing is, he should’ve told the producers so they could allow him the extra phone calls or extra visits etc at those times that it was necessary. Or he should not have gone on the show. He knew what the situation was, previous seasons have shown that the contestants don’t get much contact with their families, can’t have phones etc etc. If he knew that these tough times (Mothers Day, coronial inquest etc) were coming up and that he would be able to handle them in the MC house, he could’ve done the honourable thing and left at Top 50 or Top 24.

The other point of my post was that other contestants possibly have tough personal stuff going on as well. We don’t know what they’re going through in their personal lives. The only reason we know about Mat’s issues is because he’s had to use it to justify breaking the rules and taking in a phone. But other contestants have come out after their exits and revealed they were dealing with break ups and close friends deaths etc. Yet they managed with the allowed contact sanctioned by producers.

If he was so desperate to keep it quiet and private, he only had to tell the producer, who would’ve presumably given him the extra phone calls or contact with family. They would only use it on the show with his permission. But now, by breaking the rules, he’s had to tell everyone. He had to know he would get caught out eventually.

Yes, its a sad story and a tough situation. But at the end of the day, he broke the rules and he suffered the consequences. Whether it was a deliberate, pre-meditated decision or a rash stupid decision is kind of irrelevant. And frankly, so is the reason for doing it. Their contracts would state the consequences for breaking the rules so he knew what would happen.

4 JaniceG { 07.07.11 at 11:38 am }

Giles Hardie at The Age has done another in the series of amusing episode recaps, which in this case points out several continuity errors in the staged Mat exit. (My favorite line: “Matt Preston has a word of consolation. “If you need any help, in trying to move forward in chasing your dreams in food, you know where we are”. I really want him to add “we’re just a phone call away”, but sadly no.”)

5 Honeysnaps { 07.07.11 at 1:09 pm }

David F – I’m very sorry to hear about your sister. My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope you get the answers you need soon.

6 Marie { 07.07.11 at 1:11 pm }

Thank you for the link JaniceG, gave me a good laugh!

7 brain dead dave { 07.07.11 at 1:55 pm }

Sounds like a laboratory rat has more freedom than a young Ma$terchef contestant.

Ma$terchef has been cheating and conniving for nigh on three years. There’s no jus-tice.

8 Mat Beyer – OK Let’s Get Some Closure On This | reality ravings { 07.07.11 at 4:45 pm }

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9 smauge { 07.07.11 at 6:29 pm }

I’m glad you cleared that up Kaylen – I was going to say you were being a bit harsh! I still think AngelSN86, you might be. No one can know how you’d feel and act in such a situation UNLESS you were in that situation. Cut the boy some slack. He’s been through a lot, and now he’s had to face the glare of this coming out in a way he wouldn’t ever have wanted to deal with.

10 youngmel { 07.07.11 at 7:33 pm }

well said @smauge – I thought Mat was a credit to himself, taking responsibility for a mistake having very public consequences. David F – very good wish to you and your family – I am sorry to hear of the painful loss of your sister, with all the uncertainty involved – if your sister was around I hope she would be proud of the way her son handled this difficult situation.

11 David F { 07.07.11 at 10:36 pm }

Thank you for all of your support. Mat was not aware of the Coronial Inquiry when he first entered the MC house. Family matters like this were personal and would have been disclosed to all family members after the competition or Mat’s elimination.
Proud of you Mat … Uncle David