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Masterchef Australia or Was It The Amazing Race

Sorry about the delayed recap –  I am in the country with dubious web access…

Firstly I just want to say the New York week has been fantastic location wise. Liberty Island, and the United Nations were fabulous, then add in all the high profile chefs on the show. But then chefs are the new media sluts.  No filming in a dodgy park in the Bronx plating up hot dogs and pretzels for this lot.

However you knew they would not going to be able to have a week in New York without filming in Times Square and tonight they entered the fray.

However don’t expect to see Sun or Billy there as they are in lockdown, and I am sure Billy would have shizzled his soup a bit more if he knew this meant having to share a room and hang out with Sun. I mean in all her too camera pieces has she ever cracked a joke? Barrel of laughs not. In fact she does not even have that Hari Krishna serenity about her. On the upside thank christ Season 3 has Sun as she is one of the more memorable characters.

Obviously in Times Square they are told where to stand as George and Matt Moran appeared on the huge screen with George saying “guys, hello”. It did make good TV.

However as usual they give  Gary the role of handing out the instructions as he IS the serious judge.

Tonight they are planning the “ultimate dinner party”. It is a team challenge and they had to cook with the person who is to the right of them.

So Hayden and Dani, Kate and Michael, and Alana and Ellie.

They were to do one course from  “one of this city’s top Michelin starred chefs”.

Matt Preston gets his chance on the big screen, stating,  “somewhere in Time Square are the names of those 3 chefs, address of their restaurant’s and the meal you have to cook”.

And there starts The Amazing Race. The clue for the teams was ‘always on the move’. Would it be a person dressed up as M&M or an Al Queada operative? No it was a sandwich board.

Hayden and Dani get Wylie Dufresne entree “everything Bagel”  from WD50.

They jump in a cab to get to the LES, where Hayden says he gets there in 15 minutes at what time of day were they filming? Midnight?

Kate and Michael got Steak Frites from David Chang’s Ma Peche.

Ellie and Alana obviously had the producers take pity on them and send the sandwich board person to them, they had to go to Tribeca to Paul Liebrant Dessert Gold Bar Corton Restaurant. They were in hell, as they had no idea where Tribeca was and then could not find the service entrance. To add to their woes they got the dodgy cab driver and went to the Four Seasons Hotel instead of the Four Seasons restaurant.

When they finally arrived they only had 1 hour and 25 minutes to complete the dish.

Whereas Hayden and Dani had 2 hours and 5 minutes to prep their “everything bagel” which looked pretty interesting, however being an old fashioned girl I think I would prefer the real thing rather then the nitrous oxide version.

Kate and Michael were also delayed because they couldn’t find Ma Peche’s  service entry. Also Chang made them wait when they got there, and then he bitch slapped Michael about the last dish he made for him in the Korean challenge. David Chang is reality TV gold. Maybe he needs a permanent judging spot on Top Chef.

His cooking is interesting, and yes I will check out his new eating establishment in Star City once the Chang frenzy subsides, however I was underwhelmed by some of the things I ate at his Milk Bar in NYC.

His take on Steak and frites involved the frites being made of rice. Also Kate and Michael had to do a side dish of “local vegetables’.

In the kitchen, Michael struggled with hanger steak as he had not used it before. Dani runs around the kitchen boasting she has nothing to do with 45mins to go. What was Hayden doing at this point? Or is he off using the smoking device for a completely different use, evoking the Time Square of old…

Alana has ruler out measuring out what appears to be 10inches snigger, now if Hayden was still had is Dirk Diggler moustache he could have helped her out.

By the way what was the story with Matt Moran’s suit, he is normally far more sartorial – did anyone like it?

The guests for the “ultimate dinner party” were  David Chang, Paul Leibrant, Wylie Dufrey’s offsider (as he was sick), Julian Nicolini of the 4 Seasons, and the four judges.

Hayden and Dani’s entree – John from WD50 says they pulled it off. David Chang, who can only play bad cop,  says he remembers it being lighter.

Michael  and Kate’smain – David Chang says they did an admirable job and even a professional cook would have trouble first time. 

David also says rice frites cooked well. Matt Moran asks if  anyone missed the  crab salad, and no one did.

Alana and Ellie’s dessert Paul Leibrant says they did a bloody good job.

George said “most agree we have a stand out dish”. Was he talking about the dessert or the two girls?

Ellie and Alana won and will get lunch with Daniel Boulud – 4 courses and a masterclass. Dani and Hayden lost and will go into an elimination challenge with Sun, and Billy.

Which raises the issue of whether it is easier to win with a dessert dish? I know cooks pretend to hate doing to desserts, particularly on Top Chef, however this season on Masterchef, whoever who has done dessert normally wins or at least is safe.


1 Mac { 07.14.11 at 10:03 am }

Funny, a few weeks ago everyone was having a bitchfest when Kate lost the immunity challenge even though the guest chef had an incomplete dish. Fast forward to last night, the vast majority of viewers seem to agree or favour the judge’s decision even though Kate and Michael’s dish was incomplete and lacks presentation. Judges are bias? Favouritism? HA!! Those hypocritical viewers should look at the mirror instead and ask themselves who is really bias.

2 Dash { 07.14.11 at 10:07 am }

How can Dani even still be in this competition!? I can’t believe that she can soak a bagel in an ice-cream custard and then put it in an icecream machine and then she’s done, hardly masterchef. Lets not forget the melted chocolate with a stick the night before and also the milk with soda water earlier in teh week. C’mon people, this is ridiculous!!
Alana, what a champion! Cool and calm under the pressure, giving Ellie advise and guiding her. And then to deliver absolute gold (literally!) and serve up a michelin star quility dish – my moneys on her to win.
And, she deserves it!

3 Oshada { 07.14.11 at 10:20 am }

That was probably my favourite episode this season. That was a bloody amazing reward! Also today’s one might possibly top that, what with all the open hostility and all 😉

4 Thomas { 07.14.11 at 10:23 am }

I’m most surprised at how they could have kept that footage from Times Square secret. What if someone filmed it and put it up on utube? Wouldn’t that blow the whole show?
As usual, you could KINDA tell who was gonna lose. Kate speaking at the start just indicated she was safe, while overconfident Dani and Hayden blew it.
Credit to Alana; she knows how to win.

5 Sooty { 07.14.11 at 10:26 am }

1.6 million viewers last night. Where’d you do that poll of ‘the vast majority of viewers’ Mac?

6 Mac { 07.14.11 at 10:33 am }

Take a look around the Masterchef forums, facebook page, ask your friends and ask them how they feel about last nights decision.

7 Sooty { 07.14.11 at 10:38 am }

Have no friends. Personally, I’m spewing about last night’s decision. It should have been Kate and Michael in the bottom. And I’m spewing that Laughing Ellie and Bland Alana won.

8 lagrossebrioche { 07.14.11 at 11:00 am }

Did anyone else get the impression that there was no audio at the time that they were viewing the Times Square screen? The reaction shots were fairly generic. This means it would have been less of a spoiler if someone did post it on youtube.

9 Culinary Boner { 07.14.11 at 11:08 am }

This episode was quite enjoyable in parts – mainly the section in the middle when we were spared the usual overdose of George, Gary and Matt P. Unfortunately that couldn’t last and they were back at the end as annoying as overstaying house guests. Thought David Chang’s pre-emptive bollocksing of Michael – “I tasted your dish in the MasterChef kitchen and it was disappointing” was the highlight. I was hoping he’d then go into full Tony Montana mode and add “Don’t you f**k with me, you monkey.” Interesting to see how much more hard-arsed he was when in his home town. Thought the As (Alana and Ally) done good with their dessert effort. The other ‘reality’ highlights were Matt P’s totally camp piece d’camera on the big Times Sq screen (I was expecting Elvira to join him) and the grey mega-bouffant mullet extraordinairre on one the gays who helped the As on the location of Tribeca.

10 Maz { 07.14.11 at 11:12 am }

The show should be renamed the Dani hour. Even the other contestants pieces to camera (Kate & Alana) are about Dani.

Thought ‘Team Sunshine’ deserved to win. But hey it was chocolate so may be a bit bias. :)

Hope Sun survives tonight. I know people don’t like her but she preferable to the over-exposed Dani surviving another week.

The question remains how long will it be before Dani has a regular gig on the Circle and/or the 7pm Project.

11 Thomas { 07.14.11 at 11:33 am }

If I remember Times Square, they would probably not be heard at all from the preachers, crackpots, traffic etc. But that was quite a number of years ago..

12 littlepetal { 07.14.11 at 11:38 am }

For once I do agree with judges decision. That dessert looked salivating. Kate and Michael nailed the sauces and the steak and rice chips were cooked to perfection. Maybe no crab but that was not the main component of the dish. That is why Matt M kept saying to do the main component of the dish first.

Hayden didn’t taste when he was adding the seasoning (wonder if there were exactly measurements for the seasoning) and he didn’t smoke long enough (also did the recipe say to smoke for 10mins and Hayden decided to smoke for 5 mins).

For once Dani knew what it feels like to cook well and yet been let down by your partner and have to face elimination.

When the producers were focusing on Dani having nothing to do and disturbing the other teams I was hoping that later they will show her forgetting something and couldn’t get it on the plates. The outcome was better than I thought.

Please let either Dani or Sun to go. Maybe Dani first follows by Sun.

13 cue the music { 07.14.11 at 12:10 pm }

Agree, it was the right decision last night.
David Chang just looked p*ssed off the whole time.. is he regretting his Masterchef involvement?

also – the cynic in me wonders if they really were on the big screen or if that was superimposed later on? It wouldn’t be the first time they’d asked the MC contestants to act.

Looking forward to elimination night tonight. Let’s hope it’s about the food.

14 EH { 07.14.11 at 12:11 pm }

As much as I want Dani to go but I think Sun’s time is up judging from the promo clip.

If this NYC week not controversy enough with Ellie winning immunity pin, I am guessing they will up their game by sending two of the best contestants home next week to ensure MC will be the talk of town…. lol!

15 JaniceG { 07.14.11 at 12:24 pm }

The “amazing race” aspect of this challenge was absurd: among other things, given that the sandwich board people had to stay relatively in range of the contestants, they shouldnt have been that hard to spot.

I don’t blame Ellie and Alana for deciding to try to beat the traffic by taking the subway but the Time Square station is manned so they could easily have gotten correct directions the first time around, including which exit to take out of the final station so you end up on the correct corner. (Not that it mattered in the long run.) I bet the camera guys were cursing them out having to lug their equipment up and down stairs and into subway tunnels!

Needless to say, it was obvious from all of the interview clips of Michael saying how convinced he was that they had screwed up that they were not going to finish last. I was, however, surprised that the chefs said that the main ingredients of the dish were done well – the rice frites that they showed seemed to be unevenly browned.

I must say that I was actually surprised at how well Dani took the news that they were in elimination given that not only did Hayden screw up the trout by deciding to trust his opinion of how it should taste rather than following the recipe instructions for smoking times, she actually *mentioned* it to him. I really cannot believe that she had the chutzpah to go swanning up to the other teams and trying to chat while they were working, though. What a selfish imbecile.

Finally, one vote here for Matt Moran’s electric blue lapels, which I thought were very cool :->

16 Chunks { 07.14.11 at 12:27 pm }

Next week the remaining Top Seven contestants have to each renovate a kitchen before cooking up a scruptious 12 course degustation menu designed by Tetsuya while modelling a new range of aprons by Donna Hay on ‘Australia’s Next Top Modelling Chef on the Block’…

17 Fides { 07.14.11 at 12:44 pm }

cue the music – I too wondered whether they were really on the big screen. It looked strange.

Thought the right decision was made, Michael and Kate did have the more difficult dish with all those components. They didn’t deserve to win of course, but missing a component has rarely spelt the end of a MC contestant. Didn’t Hayden make top 24 although omitting pastry in the Maggie Beer challenge? And I always remember Sharnee not making noodles on a Neil Perry dish and still making top 24.

I must admit I was fooled by the recapping. I thought Dani being confident and articulate must mean her team made it through, while Michael had his hangdog, teary look which I thought must mean disaster. Michael would be least able to disguise his sad face.

Ellie continues to regress at an alarming rate – she talks and squeals like a tween. But I guess she is overexcited and slightly hysterical at the way things have panned out for her in NY. Who would have thunk it?

Please let it be Dani who goes tonight. I’d put up with another week of Sun but not Dani. Also, I do want to see Sun’s approach to the Dalai Lama challenge which is next week.

18 AnonyMousse { 07.14.11 at 12:48 pm }

Gee, it was lucky they all ‘decided’ to go for a walk just at the time the billboards played the Masterchef bit, or that would have been some money wasted.

I had no problem with the winning dish, but the losing dish was a bit questionable

19 Oshada { 07.14.11 at 1:10 pm }

cue the music, David Chang seems to exist in a perpetual state of varying pissed off-ness, if Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw is to be believed 😛

20 Culinary Boner { 07.14.11 at 1:43 pm }

Oshada, and if you believe Medium Raw both Tony and David have an extreme fetish for chicken asses….
…(on skewers and charcoal grilled)

21 brain dead dave { 07.14.11 at 1:57 pm }

Ma$terchef frequently runs overtime, so I jumped ship before the finish to see all of Angry Boys last night.

Was rapt to find out that Goldilocks and Teary Tonsils crapped out, especially after the smoke blowing they did about finishing so early.

The show is getting harder to watch now so I turn the sound down and play my favourite music instead. Trout threads ,hey? I thought they had scales and didn’t need suits.

Marion was on radio flogging her new cookbook yesterday, I think it’s called simply “Marion”. Life’s a bitch ,you put out a cookbook,then you die.

22 Pollywaffle { 07.14.11 at 2:37 pm }

I do believe Marion is going to come out any day now as Kylie Kwong’s straight half sister

23 cue the music { 07.14.11 at 3:01 pm }

@Chunks LOL :)

24 Paula { 07.14.11 at 3:40 pm }

Hamish and Andy should compare
‘Australia’s Next Top Modelling Chef on the Block’…

25 lulu { 07.14.11 at 3:48 pm }

Whoever said ‘Dani took it well,’ are you crazy? She looked positvely murderous – Hayden was lucky not to have one of those stupid bagel thingies rammed in his face. Kate and Michael’s dish was the most difficult and time-consuming by far, but as usual , the fluff ball wins again with a caramel slice (not you Alana)….just to torture me.

26 Thomas { 07.14.11 at 4:42 pm }

From the editing of the trailer it looks like since Sun is having the most trouble, she’s probably NOT going to go home. Well I don’t hate Dani, but she is quite mediocre so far. Hey, at least she got to go to NYC!

27 kingfisher { 07.14.11 at 5:02 pm }

who got the harder dish who got the easier dish who won !!! the easier dish of course when are you going to be rewarded for doing the hard yards are you serious about allana and the squealing little school girl (goddam it grow up you little baby) they make a liitle cake in 1 hour and micheal and what ever her name is put together a harder meal with more pressure on them and the bloody sweet little cake wins . reward the true workers please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 PollyB { 07.14.11 at 5:10 pm }

Did they all have to complete entree, main & dessert at the same time? Or was that just editing? No need to edit that way, or did they actually eat a cold main? And that’s why dessert was so good, it had all that time to set properly?

29 JaniceG { 07.14.11 at 5:35 pm }

@lulu: Considering Dani’s usual hysterics and tears, I thought a mere murderous look was pretty self-controlled for her!

30 Fides { 07.14.11 at 5:53 pm }

^^ What would have made it perfect is if Hayden had a pin.

31 Jasmin { 07.14.11 at 5:55 pm }

A bit off topic… There is a song by Ray Lamontagne which might sum up what Billy was thinking when he was stuck in lockdown with Sun. It goes:

” There’s just something about this hotel
Got me wishing I was dead
Gotta get out of New York city, son (Sun)
Somewhere I can clear my head”

BDD, Teary Tonsils… how apt.

32 brain dead dave { 07.14.11 at 6:38 pm }

Dani looked like someone had crapped into her handbag a long way from home.

33 Dmc { 07.14.11 at 6:53 pm }

As the editing really showed the girls under the hammer I told the roommate they were going to win. And sure enough they did. But really Hayden, haven’t you learned by now that if the recipe says 10 mins it means 10 mins? And if you say ‘I thought five minutes was enough it tasted fine to me’ before the fireball this is producer code for ‘this so going to screw you’.

34 davsimp { 07.14.11 at 7:10 pm }

Don’t want Billie, Sun or Hayden to leave tonight, so I guess that leaves Dani. Nothing against her, but out of those up for elimination she is the one I want out.

Pissed myself at the preview for tonight, three of them all with their food in the fryers and Sun comes over to find there isnt one for her (like musical chairs) and Hayden pipes up, “you have to move faster” CLASSIC!!

35 Jo { 07.14.11 at 7:48 pm }

I have a feeling it’ll be Sun to go next, but I really really hope that it’s Dani.

36 Thomas { 07.14.11 at 7:51 pm }

Yeah not sure what Hayden was thinking. With micrograstronomy you have to be quite exact. Don’t mess with the experts! He’s been mucking up of late; won’t be too surprised if he walks tonight.

37 ange { 07.14.11 at 10:52 pm }

Well – it had to happen – Sun has finally gone. I thought it would have happened long ago. Mind you, she did take it gracefully. Pretty unfair with the chicken and only having 3 fryers. I was hoping Dani would go she is really bugging me.

38 SilverFox { 07.15.11 at 3:25 am }

Please bring some sanity into this show. Dani and Ellie in top 7, and whoa ellie has an immunity pin. You gotta be kidding me. I don’t generally post my ideas anywhere but i just had to vent out my feelings of frustration somewhere. Having said that, im glad sun left. In a perfect world Dani and Ellie will follow her to the exit door but who knows.

39 angel { 07.15.11 at 4:25 am }

I don’t think much about Sun as a cook and if have to be blunt she did not deserve to be in the top 12 let alone top 8, and im glad she was sent packing. But for a change it was good to see one of the girls leaving gracefully and not covered in tears. And gosh! what’s the deal with Dani. Every NY episode i’ve seen she’s crying. There seems to be no middle ground for this girl, either she laughs uncontrollably or she cries uncontrollably. I don’t know which one is more annoying

40 Dmc { 07.15.11 at 6:58 am }

You have to hand it to sun a little bit. She knew what we all knew, that she was the weakest cook and her time was well and truly up. She doesn’t even want to be a chef and would rather write about food. The show needs to look at how someone like this can make it so far in the competition

41 PollyB { 07.15.11 at 7:23 am }

I’m not sure we can say Sun couldn’t cook. We didn’t see any of her bloody food, she was mostly in the middle bracket. She did seem relieved to be going though, good luck to her.

42 Thomas { 07.15.11 at 8:04 am }

Silverfox> She has cooked well, and she was lucky to be in the same team as Alana for the team challenge, who’s a great leader. Ellie got the immunity pin b/c the other chef practically let her have it. He seemed to be spending more time on her than actually cooking.

Hayden’s living on borrowed time, it seems. And burnt chicken is acceptable? Uh…

43 JaniceG { 07.15.11 at 9:05 am }

Anyone else notice that they were unable to come up with even one dish that Sun created that the judges really liked in the video recap after she was whacked? (Not counting the lamb at the cookout, which just showed her cooking it.)

44 Joseph Skyrim { 07.15.11 at 10:01 am }

Just wanted to say I loved Alana’s “victory dance” last night. (Er, last-last night?) Maybe she does have a personality under there afterall! =)

45 Izobel2 { 07.15.11 at 10:04 am }

Agreed Joseph, it’s the first time I’ve seen her personality…

46 seepi { 07.15.11 at 10:07 am }

It was great to see Sun looking so happy with her family and friends at the end. Good on her.

I”m not sure there’s a lot of work in food writing – Claire WB wanted to try that too.

And what was with that soul food – looked revolting – how feral was the fryer oil. And the potato salad looked like mash. yuck.

47 Fides { 07.15.11 at 10:54 am }

Guess Dani is just very temperamental – they say that with babies who laugh and smile at anything (those huuuuge smiles), they also tend to be the ones that cry/scream/throw temper tantrums easily. She’s just an emotional rollercoaster that one.

When Sun remarked how a vegetarian could make it to Top 8, I thought it said more about the calibre of this year’s contestants than about achieving your dreams/overcoming hurdles and all that. I never minded Sun too much – intense and seemingly joyless yes, but she balanced out all the silliness of those squealing piglets. Plus she did look happy to go home and her dog was a cutie.

But when Matt said they were chucking her out onto the streets of Harlem to find… I was so thinking he would say “find your own way home” . That would have been brilliant – I would watch that. Because sending her out to find her dream was too cliche even for this show.

So can anyone explain this : they start as top 7 next week and there appear to be two eliminations during the week. Finals week is the week after and usually it starts with the final 6 to whittle down to 2 by Thu. So will there be different numbers for finals week, or will there be only 1 elimination, or will there be 2 eliminations but with Mat reinstated?

48 Izobel2 { 07.15.11 at 11:03 am }

Oh yeah Seepi I forgot to mention about the actual food…. looked like a heart attack on a plate to me!!! Blergh!!

And when Alana said “oh yeah Allie & I are lovin it here with our fancy outfits on lappin it up but what we’re really thinking about is someone going home………” WE’VE HEARD THAT CRAP TWICE A WEEK NOW!! Why not just say “we’re loving it here, glad it’s not us in elimination!”

49 littlepetal { 07.15.11 at 11:05 am }

I read at Throng that there will be 2 elimination next week. As I mentioned before the next (supposed to be the last) immunity challenge is a shocker. You think they are down to Final 6, the immunity pin challenge should be against a chef but no it is against some one who can cook but not a chef. (BTW I am a fan of this person in his other job). Whoever win the Dalai Lama challenge will have a good chance to win the immunity pin. But then again, since the standard of this mob is not great he/she may not win.

50 Fides { 07.15.11 at 1:31 pm }

Agree littlepetal. I hope the challenger wins. And I hope the contestant vying for the pin is Hayden as I reckon it would get very competitive.