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Masterchef Australia – Sun Is Eliminated

Hayden showed he is a potential member of Mensa when he realised there were only three fryers and four people cooking. He realised he needed to get one.

Sun showed she was not quite as smart, and had a hissy fit when she realised she could not get her chicken in a fryer when she wanted to. In the end she did  have them in a basket to separate them from the other person’s chicken pieces. Interesting enough when Sun was having her meltdown the animosity and lack of sympathy said it all from the Hayden and Billy.

Tonight it was soul food night at Sylvia’s in Harlem. I thought it was a great elimination challenge getting them to cook the Southern American cuisine.

However I thought it was a bit harsh they did not get the recipes for at least some of the dishes.

Matt Moran was back looking dishy in his usual gear after his sartorial slip up of the night before and he was overseeing the challenge. The contestants had to cook four dishes in 90 minutes.

Three were the same and each had to do a different side dish.

So it was BBQ ribs, fried chicken and mac and cheese. Then Hayden had to do okra gumbo, Dani did candied yams, Sun did potato salad, and Billy did collard greens and black eyed peas.

Sun struggled from the get go. She always looked uncomfortable handling meat, and butchered her chicken badly, and then ran out of time. To be fair 90 minutes for four dishes without a recipe was tough.

She didn’t season her potato salad, and under cooked her chicken.

Dani burnt her hand badly but continued going, but did seem to shed her daily bout of tears. She also forgot about her chicken and burnt it.

The chef from Sylvia’s was very surprised she was going to put sugar syrup in her candied yams.

Billy was pretty comfortable with the whole challenge and did not have any major hiccups, and Hayden was just confused about how to cook the okra.

It was pretty obvious Sun was going to be the one eliminated tonight.

How often do the judges say your dishes are just not appetising at all. This was referring to her fried chicken and her potato salad. Her chicken was undercooked as well. Also not enough cheese in her mac and cheese.  However her ribs were thought to be right.

On the other hand what was in Hayden’s chunky rib sauce the judges called it “fusion”. His mac and cheese was better but an end of an okra was found in his gumbo and this was a no no.

Dani’s fried chicken was the best by far even though it was burnt, also her rib sauce was judged to be the best so far.

However Billy showed he was the one with the soul talent, with the chef of Sylvia’s saying he could make a true chef out of Billy.
He was the first to be made safe, then Dani, then Sun was given the chop.

Just in case we thought Sun had no friends we saw there were quite a few to greet her when she returned home. Sun has said she would like to go into food writing and has started her own blog I must have been remiss that I did not know she had a degree in journalism I thought she was a administration officer. However maybe they didn’t want two female journalists from Brisbane. Alana is the other one.

Well I hope Sun finds some happiness outside of Masterchef as she barely cracked a smile on her time on the show.


1 Culinary Boner { 07.15.11 at 4:39 pm }

Anyone want to book a table at Brother Billy’s?

I really liked the episode as I am a sucker for Soul Food and BBQ US Style. Thought chef-family member at Slyvia’s was the star of the show with his quiet but quirky and upbeat manner.

2 Marie { 07.15.11 at 4:40 pm }

Hayden and Billy were very much for letting Sun figure it out herself which is fair enough really. I mean were they supposed to take out their chicken before it was done just so that she could put her own in? Or stop what they were doing and search for a basket for her? Sun’s ‘gentleman’ comment really annoyed me because it smacked of such an archaic attitude in which one would expect a man to make sacrifices just because she is the weaker sex. It’s a competition Sun, not a ball in an Austen novel. Even Dani had the good sense to rush and get the last fryer when she noticed there was 1 left. I actually didn’t have a problem with Sun up to this episode. Still, best of luck to her.

I thought it was a bit rough that they didn’t have a few recipes or more time! Billy proved it could be done however, good for him! I also thought it was strange they didn’t have a random way of designating the side dishes and that Hayden was specifically chosen to pick something he hadn’t cooked. Yes for challenging the participant but when has having experience been a bad thing?

When Dani said that her problem is that things seem to spiral from bad to worse I think it is just her attitude that makes little things seem to be huge issues after one setback. She kind of becomes a little melodramatic and can’t seem to recover quickly from a problem. It was funny watching her face after she tasted the salty rib sauce though! I almost felt bad for her. Almost!

3 brain dead dave { 07.15.11 at 5:03 pm }

Billy boiled,while others toiled. He’s got sole.

4 Suziekue { 07.15.11 at 5:09 pm }

If this episode was anything to do with cooking, the number of fryers should not have been part of the equation. But of course it’s never been about the cooking. As it happened, it brought out the worst in all of them. In any kitchen, cooperation and teamwork is the key to success – the others just showed their bogan bad manners, gentlemen or not.

And MC was never going to let Sun stay no matter what she had dished up. MC judges spoon fed the other judges about what to praise and what to criticize. I nearly choked when they passed off Dani’s burnt offering as the best chicken. As if. Notice nothing was said about her dried up side dish.

What absolute high farce this show has turned about to be, pantomime antics where I bet even the hammy actors have trouble keeping straight faces. But then they are all so full of their own hubris, they most likely think we all fall for it.

5 NT Kate { 07.15.11 at 5:38 pm }

The no recipe thing was silly – its not like most of them can actually follow a recipe in any case (witness the reason Hayden is in elim), so no big advantage to actually tell them at least what is in each dish and any special techniques they ought to be using! Candied yam for example is not something an Oz cook will likely have in his or her repertoire, no wonder Dani went into weirdland in trying to work out how to make it.

That said, apart from the gumbo and perhaps the black beans, are fried chicken and mac and cheeze really the best they can come up with as examples of ‘soul food’ suitable for MC?! Yet more totally unappetizing, heart-attack and obesity inducing food that I for one will not be rushing out to cook.

I actually thought the best line in the show was that along the lines of ‘if we ate with our eyes, we wouldn’t eat this’ in relation to Dani’s dish! Just how Dani wasn’t in the bottom two given her burnt chicken and sugar encoated yam defies credibility. Oh well, at least unsunny Sun is gone, and hopefully next time…

6 smauge { 07.15.11 at 5:44 pm }

Hayden giving Sun the don’t argue at the fryer was the highlight of this whole series so far.

7 PollyB { 07.15.11 at 5:49 pm }

Pasta and tomato & sausage sauce, mac and cheese. They go all the way NYC for this? Gotta say though, sweet potato is a staple for me. Mmmm.

8 Suzanne { 07.15.11 at 6:12 pm }

@suziekue I don’t think “cooperation and teamwork” were lacking in the kitchen, nor do I think Billy & Hayden were displaying “bogan bad manners”.

What did Sun expect? That others would take their chicken out for her? That she should put her uncooked chicken in with their nearly cooked chicken? That because she couldn’t get herself organised, others were in the wrong?

As others have mentioned, even Dani could do the maths and work out to get her chicken (over) done in time.

I love sweet potato too, but candied? Tried it once for a Thanksgiving dinner – never again. I think my recipe had marshamallows, brown sugar AND golden syrup!

9 Jess { 07.15.11 at 6:12 pm }

I liked this episode. But screwing Sun over with the fryers was unfair. Yes, yes, nobody likes Sun, and we all wanted her to go out…but she should go out on her own (lack of) merit, at least.

Calling Harlem the “Home of Soulfood” was odd, though.

10 Suzanne { 07.15.11 at 6:13 pm }

And thanks RR – always love your recaps.

11 smauge { 07.15.11 at 6:27 pm }

She did go out on her own lack of merit – she miscalculated the timing and didn’t realise 4 (serves of chicken) doesn’t go into 3 (fryers).

12 Suziekue { 07.15.11 at 6:30 pm }

@Suzanne – the four of them could have all agreed on an allocated time each for the fryers at the very beginning and snookered MC at its own nasty games – that would have demonstrated some maturity and a degree of sportsmanship. But as I said “bogan bad manners” won the day.

13 David Allen { 07.15.11 at 6:36 pm }

Funny how it’s always women paying out on other women. Drag ’em down ladies. Talk about archaic attitudes.
Sun came across as too nice for this show. Smile? At what? Besides Kumar was she the only one without her gob wide open all the time. “Oh my god, a famous chef noones ever heard of! Oh my god, that building is very big! Oh my god, I’m bipedal!” Dani is the most completely unselfaware girl (and I mean girl!) on TV at the moment. I wonder if no-one liked her in high school and she couldn’t work out why.

14 Sooty { 07.15.11 at 7:01 pm }

Vale Sun. You were slow, you were dour, and by the great Australian public, I believe you were vastly misunderstood. But having checked out your blog, er… World fame unlikely.

15 Suzanne { 07.15.11 at 7:15 pm }

@suziekue I agree that would have taken a level of professionalism and maturity that this batch of contestants are sadly lacking. And I was attributing the “bogan bad manner”s to Hayden, but I guess they could also be applied to Sun (first time I have seen that MC had a swearing warning).

@David Allen “it’s always women paying out on other women”. So should we assume that despite your name, you are also a woman? Not that there’s anything wrong with that :-)

@Sooty I agree

16 Jess { 07.15.11 at 8:29 pm }

Sun needed time for her potato salad to cool down, which is why she started that first, instead of her chicken. That makes sense to me. She was unique in that situation, as the other contestants had hot side dishes. It was probably a poor decision, since her potato salad turned out poorly anyway, but I wouldn’t hold her entirely accountable for the lack of cooking space. In a completely fair setting, they would have had equal access to appliances (and they would cook the same dishes).

Agree partially with David, though. A lot of these chefs that they’re gawking over aren’t especially famous or reputable, and I cannot imagine how every single contestant knows every single guest chef who comes along.

17 Jo { 07.15.11 at 8:41 pm }

I didn’t mind Sun, I would have much preferred Dani to have gone. Listening to Sun on radio and reading her elimination interview, she sounds like a nice person, and does actually laugh. The editing on the show undoubtedly caught and showed her most stressed moments, but I don’t think she’s a sourpuss 24/7.

18 Thomas { 07.15.11 at 9:00 pm }

I think the fryer situation was overplayed. hayden did give her the fryer at the end didn’t he? And Dani’s burnt chicken was the best? COME ON! Are the judges bending over to accept Dani’s crappy stuff? Her drink with a shit looking cupcake the past week?

I doubt the restaurant wanted to reveal their recipes, but some hints as to the contents would have been helpful.

19 SaintsDeano { 07.15.11 at 9:04 pm }

I agree with Jess.. screwing Sun over with the deep fryers was unfair. Still, I’m glad to see Sun gone.

20 Pollywaffle { 07.15.11 at 9:42 pm }

Don’t really think the accent on Sun’s name ( its true check out the blog- you’ re not alone Prince ) would have helped her MC career or the print run of the cookbook

21 lulu { 07.15.11 at 9:53 pm }

I don’t understand why Sun was so disliked – was it because she didn’t giggle/cry/gush like a blithering idiot, or that she wasn’t a suck-up? She was a matter-of-fact straight-talker, and that clearly did not endear her to the masses. Personally, I found her refreshing, in contrast to the judges’ two pet chihuahuas, Daniiii & Elliiiiii – anyway, they hardly showed her.

22 AnonyMousse { 07.15.11 at 11:04 pm }

“The main ingredient in our dishes is love”

Love is an ingredient? So, specifically is it liquid, powdered, or dried love?

23 Sunlover { 07.16.11 at 6:10 am }

I thought the main ingredient on Thursday night’s ep was soul.

And Sun, sweety, you are-soul.

Now go suck on a lemon.

24 sue { 07.16.11 at 8:35 am }

if Sun wants to follow her dream of Journalism, why on earath was she on masterchef to begin with, why not have let someone with a real passion for cooking entre, being a vegitarian wouldnt have helped her chances, i only hope and prey that ellie with her screwed up face pulling and danni with her tears follow sun out the door

25 brain dead dave { 07.16.11 at 10:01 am }

I did feel , like smauge that Hayden sledging Sun at the fryer was up with the few highlights of this series.

It was unscripted gold from an unshaven ar$ehole. What would he be like after a beer or two?

26 RarelySeen { 07.16.11 at 10:18 am }

I’ll have a seat at the Soul Food Cafe Culinary Boner, I can feel the love from Brother Billy, I hope it propels him through to the finals.
My children are using Kenneth’s line every night at dinner “Mmm, If you was eating with your eyes you would not be eatin’ “.

27 Suziekue { 07.16.11 at 10:23 am }

^5s BDD – yup, when the chips are down and you’re playing for gold, it’s hard to disguise the inner bogan.

28 auds { 07.16.11 at 11:20 am }

nothing wrong with being a bogan. Its how you treat people that matters.

I thought Hayden could have been a bit nicer. I know its a competition but if the shoe had been on the other foot I bet he would have wanted somebody to share their fryer.

29 Chunks { 07.16.11 at 12:16 pm }

Um, people, there was nothing unfair about the deep fryer situation. There were three deep fryers and four COMPETITORS. How can you “share” a currently occupied fryer? Which part of competition don’t you get? This was not a team contest it was an individual contest. I know we Aussies prefer to avoid conflict where possible (often making for dull reality TV but so what) but why would any of the other three decide to blow their chances by removing their chicken before it was cooked just because Sun was hopeless? They are under incredible stress. I think Hayden showed great restraint in not telling her where to go in much more colourful language.

The right person was eliminated. And just look at Billy go.

30 Thomas { 07.16.11 at 12:47 pm }

If it was Masterchef US someone would have thrown the fryer, hot oil and all, at Sun. And Gordon Ramsay would have said “oh well that’s too bad isn’t it?”

31 Jess { 07.16.11 at 3:42 pm }

@Chunks MasterChef being a competition doesn’t make it inherently fair — I don’t know why you would think so. The unfairness stems from there not being equal access to the deep fryers. It’s not about sharing. It’s about an uneven distribution of resources. Imagine if there were only two food processors between the top three.

32 Chunks { 07.16.11 at 4:33 pm }

So what Jess? That’s a problem created by the producers and not the other contestants. They didn’t steal the fourth fryer, it just wasn’t there. Why would the other contestants commit competition suicide just because Sun was the last one to get organised? I still don’t see how that makes Hayden a bogan.

33 littlepetal { 07.16.11 at 7:47 pm }

Sun will always be Sun. She didn’t charm the initial selectors with her smile. I am sure the selectors and the judges knew Sun is boring and can’t cook but they still picked her. Why, you may ask? Its all about the show, to create hate, to have talking points and it’s nothing about the cooking. I wouldn’t believe that out of the 7000 applicants , there wouldn’t have better cooks than Sun and some the the remaining contestants.

I blame the producers and the judges for the poor choice of contestants. I have never like Sun. I remember watching the first challenge and Sun was all stress out and said she didn’t know it could be that hard!!! My initial reaction is haven’t you watch the earlier MC series. Even I know how hard it can be and she will not last long. Surprise, surprise. She made it to Top 8. How, I don’t know but she will be happier at home. Happy to see she is more at ease at home and she took the time to reply to people who comments on her blogs.

34 littlepetal { 07.16.11 at 8:37 pm }

Read the blog on Earlier they have a forumite called Alice 30 who wrote that she got in to Masterchef Top 50 after someone withdraw. It has been revealed that Alice 30 is Sun!!!. So we now know she just scraped in to the Top 50 due to the withdrawal of another contestant.

35 Jess { 07.16.11 at 9:05 pm }

@Chunks That’s the entire point, really: given the circumstances, three fryers between four people is unfair. If you can’t comprehend beyond that, then I don’t think any further explanation will help you understand.

36 Reality Raver { 07.16.11 at 9:38 pm }

I have no sympathy about fryer situation it was the limitations of the kitchen so the contestants should have thought about it.

37 Chunks { 07.17.11 at 2:46 am }

I guess you are correct Jess. I don’t believe in setting aside special places on reality show competitions or committees, either, for disadvantaged people – like women or lesbians or Zimbaweans or left-handers or brunettes or vegetarians – who just can’t cook or organise themselves in a kitchen. Just sayin’.

38 Colls Bolls { 07.18.11 at 10:06 am }

“Love is an ingredient? So, specifically is it liquid, powdered, or dried love?”

Being ‘soul food’ it’ll be deep fried love, with a side helping of cheese and bbq sauce

39 alicia { 07.24.11 at 8:32 pm }

I did not like the idea of having three fryers for 4 people that was unfair. Even more the idea of giving them just 90 min to cook 4 dishes was absurd.