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The Amazing Race – The Farmers Are Running An Awesome Race

I like the Farmers but what the hell did Matt mean when he said “Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns and give it to her”?

But their exchanges crack me up – this one in Jerusalem was a beauty as a guy walks past them eating.

Tom: “That’s a bagel there, the round ones with the hole in the middle”

Matt : “What’s it do?”

Tom: “What do you mean? It’s food.”

The farmers were first out of the pitstop and had to search around Masada to find their next clue. They were 45 minutes ahead of Jeff and Luke.

They had to drive to Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

Jeff and Luke are very intense do either ever crack a smile.

The Roadblock was deciphering a hebrew code, Matt flicked it quickly to Tom, as he said “it seems like a bit of a quiz”. And what must be an Amazing Race first he had a kip while Tom was doing the puzzle. His rationale when he is doing puzzles he doesn’t like people yelling out.  I am loving this team.

They then headed off to Jerusalem to a post office for their next clue.

Sam and Renae were last to leave the pitstop at 8.28am, and when they hit Masada I was surprised they didn’t ask someone which part of the ruin was King Herod’s winter palace, so they wasted a lot of time finding the clue.

Jeff was having problems with the code, and asked Nathan if he wanted to collaborate. It was like guys come on it is top four when are you going to get competitive. Also Nathan realised he had made a mistake by saying yes, as Jeff was in a complete muddle not that he realised it.

Jeff did not get how completely he was stuffing it up, and was still trying to take the lead. He said “Trust me on this” and then went up to show his answer and was told it was wrong. Nathan realised an A was missing, an Jeff tried to make it look like he figured that out.

Once the farmers got to the post office they got the detour clue. It was a choice between Pilgrims trail – carrying a cross through the Via Del Rosa going past all the stations of the cross.

Or Holy Grail where they go to the western wall and on an archeological dig, find a pot, then take it to the City of David and wade through an aqueduct to hand it over to get their next clue. The Farmers went for Pilgrims Trail, as did the other boys teams. Whereas the girls went for the Holy Grail.

Nathan and Tyler got lost on the Via Delrosa not helped that they had not brought the clue with them.

Sam and Renae were saying they were getting a lot of help from men because they were blond. And Sam had a blond moment when she was telling one of them that adjacent meant opposite to….

The next clue was on the Rampart Wall, and the farmers had a bit of difficulty finding it, but they must have been pleased to find it and then race to the pitstop. Which was the Aisha Hotorah (sic) Centre and Matt and Tom were first to arrive. They won $10000 as well.

Nathan and Tyler got hideously lost, and were getting very tense with each other, but arrived at the pitstop third. Lucky for the girls it was a non-elimination leg as they arrived last. They will have to either arrive at the next pitstop first or incur a 30 minute time  penalty.


1 AnonyMousse { 07.19.11 at 12:34 am }

Expected this to be a non-elimination from the start – would have been too few otherwise, as per the first episode’s pre-go speech. Thought it was a bit strange that everyone lost their backpacks at the detour and didn’t have them at the finish line. Is there maybe a rule against having them near the prayer wall (to stop bombings, perhaps?) and so the producers pre-empted things by checking in their bags? I don’t know, that was just a guess.

2 Reality Raver { 07.19.11 at 12:39 am }

Good point about the bags as normally they have to run back and get them where they dump them. I think your security issue must be the reason for it.

3 AJ { 07.19.11 at 8:50 am }

I noticed the missing back-packs as well, but since everyone abandoned their back-packs, I figured they had been permitted to do so (as opposed to everyone forfeiting their back-packs for the remainder of the race).

It was a decent episode, but since there was no real “catch-up” point to level the playing field, it wasn’t a particularly exciting episode. The only real excitement was the edit the producers gave the father to make him seem completely deluded and entirely irritating.

I was really surprised at the degree of cooperation between the (all male) teams, even though they’re down to the final four. It seemed a bit foolish, especially when they were all so keen to make it to the “final three” (although it seemed pretty likely that it was going to be a non-elimination leg).

I hope the girls manage to make it to the final three. The three all male teams aren’t particularly interesting on their own, especially when they’re all working together.

4 lydal { 07.19.11 at 9:00 am }

I realised about the bags too as I’ve read in a previous post that bags have to be carried always when at the pit stop. Agree that security issue sounds right.
I’m loving the farmers but love the girls team too. They still have sense of humour, something I couldn’t say of the dad/son team. It seems that the father is feeling the pressure of the competition since a couple episodes ago.
And about male models , I like them but they seem to have brain explosions here and there.

I’m loving this series of AR Australia, glad they are getting ready for a second one.

5 Chunks { 07.19.11 at 1:27 pm }

I don’t like Jeff and think he’s a narcissist. Just sayin’.

6 AnonyMousse { 07.19.11 at 3:20 pm }

I rolled my eyes in the very first episode when the girls went on about how they’d use their looks to get through. But they’ve grown on me throughout the race – they’re not afraid of getting in there and doing what’s needed to get things done.

The only team out of the remaining 4 that I wouldn’t particularly like to see win is the father/son team, and that’s simply because even Elliot Goblet has more personality (and facial range) then the two of them put together. I feel like I’m in a charisma black hole (it’s sucking out everything cool and suave that’s nearby!) everytime they’re on screen in the interview room. Seriously guys, crack a smile once in a while!

7 akris { 07.19.11 at 3:24 pm }

The farmers are my definite fave.. I hope they win…

8 littlepetal { 07.20.11 at 1:59 pm }

The 2 young boys really lost the plot. Carrying the cross but without the map/clues and just walked like headless chooks.

The girls are trying their best but I love when they try to say they are the best female team blah blah blah. Then mentioned that they are half the ages of the other teams !!!!! Aren’t they about the same age as the 2 boys?

9 Izobel2 { 07.20.11 at 2:22 pm }

I was thinking that too Littlepetal.. What are they 11 years old or something??? I’m enjoying this season. Go the Farmers for the win.

10 akris { 07.20.11 at 2:29 pm }

@littlepetal: yeah i think that was a silly comment as well.. plus in general younger teams tend to do better…

11 littlepetal { 07.20.11 at 3:21 pm }

Usually the younger teams will do better but the Aussie version have the older teams performed better. I do hope the farmers or the father and son team wins-just to prove that older adults better than Gen Y

12 PollyB { 07.20.11 at 5:36 pm }

They are not farmers or cowboys, they are ringers. A uniquely Oz term for guys on horses who work with cattle. That’s what they call themselves, and I love it, and them. I hope they win big time.

13 Nat { 07.25.11 at 6:16 pm }

Actually the farmers are only 26, 1 year older than the surfers