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The Block – Everyone Is Running Out Of Money

All teams appear to be running out of money, so I don’t know what they are going to do next week. The teams have their vouchers but that is not going to pay the tradespeople streaming through the houses. I am presuming their will be a cash injection this week, otherwise teams won’t doing anything next week.

A few thoughts about the episode:

  • Polly and Waz have managed to renovate a master bedroom and ensuite for $3,700. How?
  • Whereas Josh was coping with a $6000 tiling bill, that seems a bit extortionate. Keith the foreman suggests he renegotiate we didn’t find out the outcome of this;
  • However I was on Team Keith in his fight with Josh. There were plumbers there that needed to access an area, and he couldn’t be bothered moving the plaster boards, and then blamed it on Keith for being disorganised;
  • Katrina and Amy  cushion with the cockatoo on is not good. I will be interested to see what the judges think.
  • Also Katrina and Amy do spend a lot of time shopping.


1 inad { 07.20.11 at 11:51 pm }

I would not be suprised if there was a ‘suprise’ cash injection from the show (probably courtesy of Toyota) … didn’t that happen last season too?

I bet the producers of the show would have intentionally set it up this way so that, the contestants feels really stressed out and create some emotionally distress for viewing.

2 Casper { 07.21.11 at 12:01 am }

RR – the block site has the budgets for each couple on it and after last weeks bathrooms and laundries they all had just over $70, 000 left, apart from Josh and Jenna who had $80,000 left. This was from an initial $100,000 plus winnings. I suspect the cliff hanger tonight may be about them recieving the extra money they appear not to know about.

3 AngelSN86 { 07.21.11 at 1:17 am }

I think the problem seems to be that they’re using their cash for furnishings. Whereas the cash should really be saved for just the tradies, as you obviously can’t use vouchers for tradies. Then the vouchers should be used for the actual objects in the rooms. I can’t remember where all of the vouchers were from or the specific amounts but if they’ve got around $70,000 left and only a few grand is cash, then they’re all still holding onto like 60 grand in vouchers. Surely they should start using them.

If the producers insist on showing all of this footage about budgets and tradies bills etc, they need to actually explain it. Like get Scott Cam to do a quick piece to camera explaining why some teams bills are so high or explain the going rate for a tradie or something. The average viewer will have no idea what the going rate is or whether some teams are getting gouged or why Polly and Waz are somehow having a builder in their house pretty much full-time but still staying under budget etc etc. Scott did touch on some of it at the beginning of the episode, by saying that Rod & Tania are doing a lot of the work, which we already knew and he also mentioned that Waz is doing a lot of labour. But every time anyone brings up some specific amount, like the girls saying the builder wanted $7000, its like okay but what does that include? Is that just labour, is it supplies as well? Does that include multiple people etc? And as I said, is that actually what you’d be expected to pay? Are tradies on the block expected to give cheaper rates in exchange for the exposure? It needs to be explained better I think.

Also, random question here but does anyone know if that budget is supposed to include their food and expenses for the 2 months or however long it is? And all those hair and nail appointments or dinners out etc.

4 Casper { 07.21.11 at 1:35 am }

Angel – The budget money is definately not for food or other every day expenses, it’s for the reno only. Those expences are either covered by production or via the contestants wages/retainer.
From what I can gather the contestants are basing their budgets on about $30,000 plus winnings at the moment and are unaware of the extra money. Makes sense from a production pov to create stress which could lead to drama of some sort.

5 Lisa { 07.21.11 at 1:49 am }

Keith is arrogant and I really do not like him. He was being way too much of an ass to even listen to Josh. Totally understand what Josh was saying tonight and it’s fair enough. Also the fact that Josh had moved on and Keith came back and started digging into Josh again just proves he is too much of a child to be in a management role.

Also, the cushion that Katrina and Amy bought (which I’m judging they think is their secret weapon? Especially after all the ridiculous running frantically into the house so no-one could see) is ugly. It may even be as ugly as that velvet green chair in their study/workplace.

6 Casper { 07.21.11 at 2:06 am }

Lisa – It’s easy to slag off Keith when you see it all happen in one episode. Sure it was his stuff up to start with but he told Josh to move the gyprock. two days later he had to tell him again. two hours after that he had to practically demand it be done. The whole time josh was being a smart ass. Keep in mind Keith is the site forman so in reality he is the boss of the site. I don’t know anyone in a management position that would cop that. This was also shortly after Keith had to make Josh get rid of his rubbish in accordance with OH&S laws. Let’s also not forget that Josh thought he was a pretty good bloke when he and Scotty dropped everything to fix his dropped floor right before the first room judging, for free I might add. Keith was spot on when he called Josh on not being able to do these sorts of things anywhere else.

7 Wurstsemmel { 07.21.11 at 5:09 pm }

Josh and Jenna just might win this week if the award is for whinging.
While I like their style, she really needs to get over herself….favourite quotes ‘we NEVER work to a budget’, ‘we’ve renovated two houses, have two dogs, have travelled the world…’ YAWN. And even Josh is breaking out into a rash of entitlement this week.

The stupid thing that Keith did was to keep trying to have the last word. He’s the site manager, supposedly he has the power, he just undermined himself with the additional comments. He should have simply said if the plasterboard doesn’t get moved, no hot water for you!!

8 Casual Reader { 07.21.11 at 10:33 pm }

The spat between Keith and Josh… here is my theory :). As Jenna is the one wear the pants in their relationship, she has Josh under her thumb… poor guy how does can he vent his frustrations? at Jenna, yeah if he doesn’t want to live! he is just too afraid of her and thats probably why Jenna is (whether real or not) portrayed as a very immature brat… anyway I’ve digressed. Given the right opportunity someone (e.g. Josh) constantly in living such an environment (e.g. Jenna), would blow up given the chance to do so. This is like in a bully and victim relationship, where the victim turns and he/she acts out as the bully at others.

9 Casper { 07.21.11 at 11:53 pm }

I’m starting to feel sorry for who ever buys the houses this year. Standard seems to be plummeting imo.
CR – I’m on board with your theory.

10 bella vita { 07.22.11 at 2:41 am }

Jenna seems like a whingeing cow. All she does it blah blah blah ever so politely, when you can just see she’d be one of the nasty girls in High school who thought they were better than everyone else.
Josh is starting to seem the same way, hence they are perfect for each other.
After driving past the houses…from the outside I didn’t like Josh and Jenna’s…and while not a fan of the theirs and Rod and Tania the best.
I agree re the standard of work slipping and will be interested in maybe going to an inspection to see if they fixed things prior to sale…after all, Channel 9 cannot afford to lose money on these.

11 Block watcher { 07.22.11 at 4:25 pm }

Jenna and Josh are driving me crazy!! All they do is whinge, whinge, whinge!!! Josh and Jenna need to pull their heads in and quit complaining!! It’s poor me, poor me all the time. They are messy and disrespectful to authority and I don’t know what the judges are thinking but their house is full of second hand crap. Who in their right mind would pay $500 for 2 cushions. I’m sick of their attitudes. I hope they don’t win and someone else with a more positive attitude does.

12 Casual reader { 07.22.11 at 8:11 pm }

The block lost it for me tonight… the block unlock is really just the block recap for the week… producers must of run out of material this week… typical of any TV shows when they run out of ideas and they do a recap but spin it under a different title for the episode.

I should have skipped the whole week and watched tonight for a summary.

Perhaps they should do a “class” like they do on MC if they run out of ‘mini games’… so it doesn’t have to be a competition where a team wins something… they could teach people how to nail or paints things properly and apply what they learn back to the house…

13 Block Fan { 07.22.11 at 9:16 pm }

I agree with most of the other comments – I want to support everyone as they are working hard but Josh and Jenna are getting embarrassing to watch with all that bitchin and whining! Josh wasn’t so bad to start with but I think Jenna’s moaning must be catching and he is turning into a right idiot. It will be be a shame if Josh and Jenna win as what kind of message does that send younger viewers? That its OK to complain, back-stab, sulk and bully? And yes, The Block Unlocked was a non-event/fill-in tonight.

14 Casper { 07.22.11 at 10:08 pm }

CR – the class idea like MC is great. Hopefully the producers are reading the blogs and pick it up for next season. Would have given Polly & Waz a much better shot.

15 some random { 07.22.11 at 11:21 pm }

Just commenting on tonights episode. the preview for sundays episode shows the judges saying “this is the best house in the (history) of the block.” now, i’ve done my research of the videos online, (i know, nerdy, but i have nothing better to do with my time) and the judges walk into a room that has a black and white photo of the city in the background. Now, if you rewind to thursdays ep you’ll see a photo that polly has on her computer screen, of the city, that she says she is going to print on a canvas (maybe in black and white or grayscale) and hang on the wall next to the window. If you compare these photos ( photo on wall and photo on computer) they are identical, meaning the room they step into is polly and waz’ room, (also it is a second-story house, one of which jenna and josh do not occupy! :)) from this room they step into the bathroom of the same room (because it shows them heading that way and it looks exactly like the room in the background) and that is when it shows them saying “this is the best house in the whole four series of the block”! I think i’ve written a short novel here, but do you think my theory is right? I am really hoping i am correct because i do not want polly and waz to have to leave. What do you guys think?

16 nittywitty { 07.23.11 at 1:43 pm }

some random: Have you seen this site (walking Melbourne)? The link is On the last page there are 2 photos of Polly and Waz’s upstairs. I can’t tell if they are the rooms that wowed the judges. What do you think?

17 some random { 07.23.11 at 7:42 pm }

Well, the background colour is the same in the bedroom, (by background colour i mean the colour in the background when the judges are standing in the bathroom saying “best room blah blah…” but in the preview it looks like the room is a lot more spacious (that may be just camera angles though). They also stepped into a bathroom and said “wow” (not that that means it’s the room that’s the best) which i believe is Kat and Amie’s ensuite. However when the judge describes the room as the best room he is standing in a shower where in the background (where bald judge is standing) you can see the bedroom, and i think polly and waz’ room is the only bathroom with a layout where you can see the bedroom. :) I may be biased saying that is their room because they are my favourite couple. I might take a closer look at the photos later but i am hoping my observations are correct. Do you agree or do you see something else?

18 some random { 07.23.11 at 7:47 pm }

*Judging by the photos the shower is right next to the door aswell, so you can see the bedroom*

19 some random { 07.23.11 at 8:09 pm }

Oops! that bathroom they said “wow” to was probably not kat and amie’s bathroom, so, disregard that comment.

20 nittywitty { 07.24.11 at 1:42 am }

Looking at ‘walking melbourne’ site on page 5, the plans for the 3 upstairs additions have the doorways from the ensuites opening onto hallways leading into the bedrooms. I’m more confused now. Anyway Polly and Waz’s upstairs looks pretty hard to beat . Therefore if they don’t win this, the one that does win had better be something really special.

21 some random { 07.24.11 at 11:52 am }

In one of the previews for tonights show i did see josh and jennas walk in robe which from the previews looked pretty spectacular. If they can do the same with their bed/bath then they could well have the best room. However it depends on where the shower is, polly and waz’ room (from their plans) is one of the the only ensuites where the shower is to the immediate right of the door, if the other judge was standing next to the judge that was in the shower, he would be standing basically right infront of the door (on a bit of an angle), meaning you could see the bedroom in the background. this is one of the (two?) layouts where you can see the bedroom from that angle. Plus, looking at the same page on that site, all the outdoors are finished (apart from jenna and josh’s looked like junk and unfinished, my personal opinion :)), that almost surely means that no-one gets eliminated, especially considering on the biggin scott real estate website it says/shows that number 39 was completed by polly and waz, even more reason to believe they won this week so they could survive. That however, would put kat and amie in a very vulnerable position for the next week, so there must be a cash injection somewhere????? Anyway i am still standing on my theory that polly and waz’ room is the best… or is that hoping? They do look hard to beat. :)

22 Block Fan { 07.24.11 at 7:48 pm }

EKK! Our bloody Austar decided to reboot just as Scotty was about to turn the board and reveal the winner! I see from the nine website that both Josh & Jenna and Polly & Waz got 33/40. So I guess they have spilt the prize money as first equal? Does anyone know when the show will be up on the non website? I have been waiting for this room reveal so just about had a fit when the screen went blank!!

23 some random { 07.24.11 at 8:43 pm }

Well, you can go on the website and see all the room reveals separately in the videos, but that’s all i know. The actual ep wont be up until later, but that’s on their webpage ( And yeah, they did split the prize money $5000 each.

24 Rocky { 07.27.11 at 6:57 am }

Now we see why J&J had a 6 grand tiling bill. When you tile quarry tile all the way up the walls and then pretend to not know why your bill is 6 grand then you are a liar. Now add that to whingers, arrogant, entitled, argumentative and according to behavior on Facebook, thuggish. What a lovely couple.