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The Block – A Few Quick Points

Last night was just a straight getting on with renovation or in Katrina and Amy’s case going shopping episode.

Some quick thoughts:

Katrina and Amy had two interior designers to give them some advice, one was the winner of Home Made Jason Sullivan. Unfortunately we didn’t get to hear their views on that dreadful cockatiel cushion that sits on their bed in the master bedroom;

Rod was finding it hard to get motivated after not winning the room on Sunday. I love this pair as they are down to earth but also quite amusing, particularly Rod. Pity about their design style – did I hear white lounge and shag pile rug for this week’s living area?

Polly and Waz were going to acid wash their brick work and they bought a heater. Yes riveting stuff;

Josh and Jenna argued about their renovations, and how to build in the heater into their living space. It got a bit ugly between them, however it is not as aggressive as that other warring couple on TV this year –  The Amazing Race’s, Chris and Anastasia. I know there is a lot of Josh and Jenna hate doing the rounds, but I quite like them. For two youngsters they are the ones to beat. Jenna has a great eye.

Who is your favourite couple at the moment?


1 HR { 07.27.11 at 12:43 pm }

Its not so much ‘hate’ as it is ‘annoying to watch’…I really started liking them, but showing them bickering & arguing all the time is getting to me…I blame the producers of the Block- not J&J…as am sure with time they will sort out their differences…
Having said that Jenna has compared some of the FB comments to cyber-bullying – I dont agree with that – most of the comments are reactions & opinions to what is being shown on the show. If she doesn’t like the reactions, she should take it up with the producers & ask them not to air their negative moments so much. Given what is being shown, the reactions are normal & should have been expected…

2 seepi { 07.27.11 at 1:19 pm }

I dont’ mind josh and jenna.

but then again I also quite like the galah cushion!

3 Casual reader { 07.27.11 at 1:19 pm }

@HR – I’ve not read the FB comments. However this sounds like a reflection of her character in the show and real life (that is she is always in the right and it is always someone else fault)… Having said that, I agree that the editing by the producers would have filter out the scenes that causes the most reaction by the tv audience, although annoying to watch (because the show keeps repeating it… e.g. like Dani on MC). Whats to say that that by signing up the be a contestant on the show – there is an indemnity clause that basically says you lose all your rights and the show can portray people anyway they like and nothing the contestant can do about it.

4 kleenex mum { 07.27.11 at 1:39 pm }

I used to like the sisters until one eposode this week they were having a bitch and whinge about never winning a room never winning a challenge whing whing, moan moan blha blah blah, have you noticed how much time they spend shopping and when the going gets tough you go get your nails painted black or go get foils done on your hair, or go by a gnome or a galah pillow, really girls take a step back into your little dress up world, you entred into a renovating competition, stop bitching roll your sleeves up and put in some effort

5 HR { 07.27.11 at 4:24 pm }

@Casual Reader
Yes I also thought that there would be some clause in their contract to that effect- but surely if she thinks its equal to something as serious as cyber-bullying, she can make a request to them?
All am saying is they cant keep showing what they are showing & not expect people to react… A lot of people have said its the stress of renovation & every couple would fight- but i think its more than just fighting- its the way they fight…constantly putting the other down & treating that person like shit … i think that’s what is irking most people…
I was rooting for the sisters initially, but at the moment have no favorites…but what I dont get is why are so many people against the sisters? I did miss a few episodes, but as far as I can tell they haven’t really bitched about or been rude anyone…what am I missing?

6 PollyB { 07.27.11 at 5:03 pm }

“All am saying is they cant keep showing what they are showing & not expect people to react” – J&J are not showing it, they have no say in what is shown. Maybe it is a case of what we see is the only bickering they do? Probably not the case, but we don’t know.
I have no explanation why but at the start I wanted J&J to win and I still do. And I still say the sisters are spoilt, immature and self-centred.

7 Casual reader { 07.27.11 at 5:10 pm }

I don’t know either – re: the sisters. I personally don’t have anything ‘against’ the sisters. I do find them a bit childish in the way they are portrayed, it generates a yawn for me rather than seen as inappropriate behavior. Comparing this season with last season’s contestants, the sisters appears to be the only couple in my opinion isn’t really putting their weight or contributing to the renovation for someone who hasn’t done it before, even last year there was one couple (can’t remember their names) who was ‘clueless’ but they figured out what they need to do and did a lot of work themselves, however with the sisters they tend to cry over every minor incident (just like a child) :)

8 Jules { 07.27.11 at 8:03 pm }

I quite enjoy the sisters BUT they have this whole thing about how hard it is to get respect from tradies simply because they are women. I wanna slap them sometimes. They’d get more respect if they chipped in more rather than just go off shopping or getting their nails done. They’re hardly ever on site. It’s no wonder so much of what happens there – or doesn’t happen – is such a surprise to them at the end of the day. And they just want to blame other people.

9 nnnat { 07.27.11 at 8:51 pm }

@RR i thought Rod was finding it hard 2b motivated cos of the funeral he attended? I didnt see/ anything re: him not winning the room?

10 HR { 07.28.11 at 12:54 am }

@PollyB “J&J are not showing it, they have no say in what is shown”…
that is exactly what I said … by “they” I was referring to the producers, not J&J…
& am over the sisters- especially with today’s comments of “there is only so much 2 women can do” WTF…!! they have said similar stuff before, but it had always been indirect & I kept giving them the benefit of doubt…I also was among (the few- I guess) who found their silliness amusing…but that comment has totally put me off them…
So its either Rod & Tania or Polly & Waz for me…
Rod is quite funny too …”Epiphany- what..who’s she?” LOL!

11 Rocky { 07.28.11 at 9:00 am }

You can tell when the producers are just hunting for controversy in an edit. I’m far from naive to the ploys of TV producers. They pit people against each other or negative stereotype edit as much as possible etc

For example with the ladies it seems that beauty parlor was probably just a one-time incident edited in to make it look as bad as possible. Have you seen them pampering themselves repeatedly? If they had film believe me you would have seen alot more of it.

In the case of J&J their behavior is constant, ongoing and they always behave in a predictable way. Therefore they do not need “editing” to make them look awful They just are.

12 Rocky { 07.28.11 at 9:15 am }

@Jules-Believe me they are not exaggerating about women trying to deal with tradies. There is nothing worse than mechanics or tradies. The bull that they feed you is bad enough if you are a man can you imagine what they expect you to swallow as a woman ? K&A can’t let that stop them. I never have.

13 Block Fan { 07.28.11 at 2:56 pm }

Its annoying on their Facebook page to see Josh and Jenna acting like victims when in fact, regardless of editing, they actually did say and do all those nasty things. The editors couldn’t put the material in if it wasn’t there in the first place! Sure, they may be playing it up but J & J shouldn’t run away from the fact they come across as nasty, particularly Jenna with her foul mouth and negativity. You would hope the fact that so many people are finding them offensive might actually sink in with them…?

14 JM { 07.28.11 at 7:12 pm }

I’m sick of the sisters’ outrage that they haven’t won a room when they consistently sabotage every room they decorate with some ridiculous/ugly/inflammatory piece of junk or bad taste which they miraculously think will win it for them. I’m still reeling from that pointless silver spaceship non-room and the black wall in the bathroom.

Josh & Jenna’s antics get on my nerves but at this stage they are streets ahead of the rest and I hope they win.

15 nittywitty { 07.29.11 at 8:59 am }

Josh and Jenna’s own house they are renovating is 166 Mitchell Street,Maidstone. Listed in October 2010 @ $360 ooo+. On one of the listings it has ‘executors auction’. Don’t know what they paid for it or whether it was sold at , before or after auction. Anyway it’s definitely the worst house on the street from what I saw in streetview. Don’t know the area as I don’t live in Melbourne. If anyone is interested; Anyway all the best to them with the reno at Maidstone.

16 LB { 08.01.11 at 11:59 pm }

Have to say, as someone who has built several houses (owner builders) and renovated as well, you cannot underestimate the crap that tradies give to women, I had one carpenter who wouldn’t even talk to me (I was never rude, just insistent about what I wanted and how I wanted the end product which didn’t suit him) and would go to my husband and say stuff like “we’re just going to change this, OK?” and he would always tell them, you better check with the boss first (i.e. the wife). I’m too stubourn to let the attitude beat me, but I gotta say, some days it is hard and you do feel like shedding a tear or two (never in front of them of course), so I wouldnt’ be too hard on the sisters until you have walked in their shoes.

I also think that J&J may have been a judges favourite this year, but whether or not that translates into a win on auction day remains to be seen, the judges favourite didn’t do so well last year. I must say though, as a viewer I am relieved to see somone else, anyone else, winning stuff, cause the J&J love fest for the first 3 weeks was making me a bit sick of the show, especially when they gave them a plumbing challenge and no surprise the professional plumber won it!

17 HR { 08.02.11 at 1:51 am }

@LB…I can understand the sisters having issues with the tradies- since I can imagine a lot of the tradies being chauvinist pigs…but the real issue that I (& others) have with them is them not being more hands on- like they dont even give it a try … they say stuff like “we need a professional to do it”…but when the foreman himself suggests ‘you can do it’, dont u think its worth a shot? Even if they still dont want to do it, thats fine , but the worst thing is the statements they come up with: “only so much women can do” etc etc…speak for yourselves ladies..!!
& Yes the challenges do seem unfair..but that’s probably the only way the producers can “control” the show…plumbing challenge won by plumber & Monday’s cooking challenge won by the Mums’ on the block…yay!! so unpredictable!

18 LB { 08.02.11 at 9:40 am }

Hi HR – I think again its a case of the producers presenting what they want to, making them out to be helpless women, but in one of the episodes this last week, when the foreman was telling them to do the plastering themselves (which they did end up getting in and helping hang some sheets, but wisely decided to leave the jointing to the pros as if it isn’t done well the whole wall looks like pure c–p) they explained why they didn’t want to do it themselves, and their reasons are very sound. They want the finish to be A1 come sale day to get the best price (which is the whole point of the show) and they recognise they are lacking in the skills to get those finishes so want to leave it to the pros, but I have seen them get in and do the stuff they can, like painting, which they did have experience at. Obviously they did a lot of the work on the winning room themselves, which wasn’t shown on camera, as when Shelly and Scotty visited them late on the Saturday afternoon, they were awaiting the final tradie to install the chimney breast and cornices and then they had to get the rest of it done overnight for room delivery at 9am on Sunday, and there was a lot of work to be done!

As an ex real estate agent (10 years on the job) I can fully understand why they are concerned about quality, I wish I had a $1 for every time I have had potential purchasers comment on the poor quality of obvious DIY jobs, whilst those (like my personal favs Tanya and Rob) who do have the skills to DIY well, often “outfinish” the tradesmen, as nobody cares more about the finish than the owner, those who don’t have the skills detinitely detract from their sale price in my experience.

Whilst I agree with the sentiment that women can do anything we set our minds on, it is a physical reality that with a few rare exceptions we aren’t as strong as men and for some jobs it does take that extra physical strength, as I found out when building our last house and had to help the carpenter hang 27 very large, very heavy double glazed windows because my husband had to go away for work and couldn’t be there to give him a hand, there is no way two women (even two large and reasonably physically strong women like me) could have lifted some of those into position by themselves, as it was it was a struggle even with the help of a fit and strong, experienced carpenter. I was the project manager for all our reno’s/ builds and worked out what had to be done and when, my hubby was the brawn for a lot of it, just doing what was required and when, but I was also alongside him on the tools whenever I could, so know I can match him in the technical stuff, just not the strenght stakes.

I like all the couples, but don’t like Jenna’s foul mouth or the constant bickering between her and Josh. My 4 year old daugter loves the show and I have had to explain to her on a few occasions what the beeps are (not telling her the words obviously but explaining why there are beeps there sometimes) you would think with its family timeslot the producers and contestants would be a bit more aware of the language they use/air, and whilst we all make an occasional slip, Jenna’s appears (maybe contrived to be so by the producers) to be a constant stream of choice words.

We all know producers manipulate to get ratings, so I for one am taking the presentation of all the couples on screen with a grain of salt.

19 HR { 08.03.11 at 1:49 am }

@ LB – I get where you are coming from…& I have tried to give them the benefit of doubt ( i.e. they meant something else, or editing makes them sound/look like that)…but just that one scene where Keith the foreman suggested they could do the plastering & they said right away “no we are not doing it”…Keith seems like a picky guy, so if he thought they would be able to do some of it, am sure they could have…
OTOH, i think there may have been a totally different back-story to that scene, with the Keith being his usual bossy self & the girls trying to stand up against him…who knows?
Overall i do like them…they are quirky & i like when their sense of humour…i think a lot of flak they seem to be receiving is from ppl who dont get their sense of humour…
Right not Rod & Tania are my favs too…& Polly & Waz r alright too…fingers crossed, that doesn’t change…
Am over Jenna’s foul mouth too…although of late she seems a bit more well behaved (or rather the editors are presenting her that way-lol)

20 LB { 08.03.11 at 9:04 am }

Hi HR,

Yes, I think you have hit the nail on the head with Keith, from what I can see his brief (aside from enforcing the building code) is to cause as much inconvenience and difficulty as possible at the worst possible moment for the contestents, like making Rod put the extra supports under the bath when there was only 1/2 hour to go before noise restrictions kicked in and he was under the pump, or making Josh move the plasterboard or last night making him come back even though he explained the situation over the phone. Confrontation always makes for good TV in their view, so he seems to have been told to make it happen whenever possible.

I also wonder sometimes if the order of what the contestants say has been altered to make it appear far worse than it was, sometimes it just seems odd, then they say something later which would have made sense before hand! I will never forget as a young girl not long started work watching my boss interviewed by the ABC then seeing the interview that night on the TV, they twisted everything, edited stuff out, changed order to make it seem like he said something completely different to what he actually had said. So when it comes to the media (including reality tv producers) I don’t really trust their slants!

Love Polly and Waz’s sense of humour too, they crack me up. I think they are by far the most improved and their finishes are actually quite good, as are Tania and Rod’s and the girls, whereas I think Josh/Jenna tend to be a bit slap dash, especially with painting and that will hurt them on auction day. Lets face it, nobody is going to not buy a house because of a gallah cushion, or any other soft furnishing choice for that matter, but they will back off if the finishes like paint, cabinetry etc are poorly done because that is expensive to fix!

Looking forward to seeing the kitchen reveals on Sunday, it really is such a crucial room.


21 HR { 08.03.11 at 4:03 pm }

I couldnt agree with you more…stuff like decals, murals, pink cushions & gnomes on the bedside dont matter to the end buyer…however beds made of pallets(!) & a DARK Blue wall in an already small living room do…its a good thing J&J are planning on changing their living room, although I did wonder if the rules should allow for that…

22 LB { 08.03.11 at 4:20 pm }

Yeah, I was wondering about that too, seems a bit unfair to have the benefit of hindsight (and judges feedback) to then go back and get to redo (although it will make it twice as hard for them this week with an extra workload) but Scotty didn’t say no or raise an objection, so I am guessing they are OK with it.