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Lara Bingle Doing A Reality TV Pilot?

A few weeks ago Lara Bingle was threatening to take an AVO out against a paparazzi because she thought he was harassing her. Even though a few days later she was on the front cover of Who Mag having sold her holiday snaps and story about her romance with new boyfriend Danny Cipriani to them. And yes the photographer went on holidays with them.

This raised the issue of whether  someone whose fame is really just based on her celebrity and who she has dated should be complaining about paps following her. See previous blog post here.

Jo Casamento in her column yesterday in the Sun Herald said that a camera crew for a yet unnamed reality TV pilot has been following Lara around. It will be interesting to see if this makes it to our TV screens, as I am not really sure what the plot line would be.


1 Bel { 08.01.11 at 2:40 pm }

Along the lines of Keeping up with the Kardashians I imagine… which I love. I’m not a lara bingle fan but I would watch it! #stickybeak

2 Chunks { 08.01.11 at 4:47 pm }

I don’t understand why anyone would care enough about this waste of space to watch a reality TV show about her. What an idiot she is.