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The Block – The Lounge Rooms Revealed

This week the rooms The Block contestants were showing the hall and lounge. The interesting thing I found was the size of these rooms were pretty small considering the amount of money the houses are going to go for. Apparently they are looking over $900,000. If you want to see some photos of who showed up at yesterday’s viewing see TV Tonight.

Obviously there is a dining room element to the design as well.

The thing I like about Jenna and Josh they just get on with it. Jenna wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty with the paint gun or lug out the lounge. Presumably Katrina and Amy are doing more then shopping but we are not showed them doing a lot of hands on work.

Rod and Tanya had followed through on their ’70’s swingers design style, and had morphed into Austin Powers, and Felicity Shagwell. If you get sent an invite to a party at their place – just beware what the after dinner entertainment might be.

First to be judged were Josh and Jenna, Neale Whittaker did not like the wooden wall with the checkers board that Josh had purpose built. However he did like some of the major furniture pieces.

Neale thought they were in share accommodation. John McGrath said some of the retro acccessories were getting on his nerves.

Polly and Waz’s wall is fantastic. Neale and John liked it, but they did not like the treatment of the wooden floor, or there was no rug in the lounge under the table. And they need to steer clear of wall murals.

“The return of the wall mural” said John. He said a wall mural will turn people off. He also wanted more seating.

The judges loved the hallway of Katrina and Amy, particularly the huge picture at the end of the hallway. They also loved the expensive coffee table. Personally I was not a huge fan of it. The only criticism was the lack of window covers. Also John and Neale showed they were savvy with reality TV show product placement by gushing for a few minutes over the Microsoft media centre TV.

Rod and Tania put tiles in the hallway. “It is a very different aesthetic” mused Neale. “Some people like it” said John, implying he did not. Are tiles laid in hallways of houses? I have never seen this before.

John also said they do a great at the execution, but their design is a bit Fountain Lake. However Scott Cam told them the judges said they had got the design right this week. The reason you would buy their house is you know the work they do is top quality.

Katrina and Amy’s room did deserve to win as it was the best room, but then it did cost the most. They needed it as they they had run out of cash. Next week the kitchens.

If you went to the open house on the weekend – tell us which house you liked the best.


1 nittywitty { 08.01.11 at 2:05 pm }

If anyone has been to the open houses and can go and have a look at a copy of ‘House and Garden’September issue- there is a 50 page spread on kitchens. Freedom has a one page ad with some of the heading reading ‘best on the block’. If that photo is of the winning kitchen, whose is it? The floor looks alot like Polly and Waz’s. Is it?

2 akris { 08.01.11 at 3:18 pm }

Well deserved win for the sisters..

I wish Jason was my new best friend too… :-)

J&J’s room looked a bit like a setting of a seedy party from an 80s movie where people are making out in the den downstairs…

3 AJ { 08.01.11 at 3:28 pm }

I wasn’t a fan of any of the living rooms this week.

Josh and Jenna too readily embraced the “shabby chic” aesthetic and it really did look like they’d cobbled together the entire room from furniture abandoned on the footpath.

Polly and Waz once again failed to bring anything creative to their living room. The hallway with the exposed brick looked excellent, but a bland black and white room with a tacky sticker on the wall does not deserve to win. Their room also looked incredibly small. It needed more seating, but I have no idea where they would put any other chairs, especially if the coffee table is intended to double as their dining table.

The husband and wife embraced their usual tacky decor, although the accessories were toned down. Still, the curved sofa and silver ottoman were trashy enough by themselves. I admire them for sticking with their theme, but I just don’t think a large number of buyers will like the 1970’s inspired theme.

And finally, the winning sisters. I’m astounded they paid $2,000 for a painting that can only be easily and fully viewed when walking down the stairs. How much time do they expect the buyers to spend walking down stairs? I’m also amazed at their choice of coffee table. Beside the fact it requires two people to move, it also seems to lack any real functionality other than providing a surface area (no drawers or shelves for remotes, etc). I guess they were the best of a bad bunch, but I don’t think anyone deserved to win this week as none of the rooms were particularly impressive, although that may simply be due to the fact that they’re only showing 1/3 of the “final” open living area with the kitchen and dining area also being combined with the living area.

4 nittywitty { 08.01.11 at 3:51 pm }

AJ- Totally agree . So underwhelming

5 Rocky { 08.01.11 at 4:32 pm }

They didn’t just call J&J a share , they dashed that whole aesthetic for what it really is. Shabby student housing dressed up. I wonder why that was missed from the start? Attract more younger viewers? Hanging trouble lights as lighting, propped up mirrors, banged up watering cans and a lot of trash masquerading as artwork won’t sell a million dollar home though.

6 Lisa { 08.01.11 at 5:31 pm }

I was really disappointed with the rooms this week. Josh and Jenna had a nice hallway, but I really didn’t like their living space. Polly and Waz had a beautiful hallway, although I agree with the judges in saying the treatment to the floorboards could have been better. Katrina and Amy’s hallway was beautiful. But again, not a huge fan of the living space and Rod and Tania – I really didn’t like the choice of tile. I would never choose tile over floorboards. Also, didn’t really like their living space. I felt the problems with the living spaces were there was far too much white, none of them felt really warm and inviting. So glad this week is over so I don’t have to hear Katrina and Amy telling us every second that this week they spent every cent and if they didn’t win they wouldn’t have any money left.

7 Josh { 08.01.11 at 6:02 pm }

I think Katrina & Amy using Jason’s idea isn’t fair. Its not like they came up with the idea for the entertainment area themselves. That could have been a big factor in their win. If they receive help from Jason and the other couples do it themselves then I think they should lose points for originality.

8 Elle { 08.01.11 at 6:21 pm }

I’m a fan of J & J’s style myself, but have to agree the loungeroom wasn’t that great. Nothing tied in as well as it usually would, and it didn’t look very inviting.

All of the loungerooms look very small to me, and none terribly inviting or cozy. The sisters did deserve the win this week as they were the best out of the bunch, but meh, none of them worked for me.

Oh, and what the hell are Waz and Polly thinking with those god awful tacky murals? just terrible.

9 Kate { 08.01.11 at 6:26 pm }

AJ I Largely agree with you.
I actually think JJ room way bettter than judges – they will be able to bring it up to spec but that the sisters won (I think it was best room) when someones else designed the cabintet and chose the coffee table (so they bought a couch- well done) . They drive me crazy with all their money moaning – they now have been given more than anyone else and they are STILL moaning about money. According to the stats on the nine website they have 37, 00 left (maybe not up to date) but thet dont seem to do any work themselves… even this week they got someone else to move theri table while Jenna is toting couches. I dont get it. SHow seems really biased against JJ.
I believe JJ should have won first bathroom also but they didnt want to be seen as favoring them. the fountaingate couple who won put in a stupid sink – where are you toothbrushes/meds etc to go – If someone else uses second sink while you are doing makeup you get wet – it was tacky. Not cool.
I like JJ stye – i think some people are more “inside OUt” than “Belle” (which BTW regualrly features stupid gnomes talking up all the bedside space) and these 2 judges are very narrow in their views.

10 Kate { 08.01.11 at 6:36 pm }

Just checked ninie site and it says KA have spent 21 000 on the lounge (assume not including the wifi tv system) and won nothing … but they did get to take 3000 off others… And that JJ habe won 15000 – but they gave 2000 to KA. Doesnt add up. All the couples have between 44 and 50 to do kitchen (excpet KA but if the 8000 prize money is added then they have 45K) so how they can say all the time they are skint is beyong me. (Also the 8000 is cash only and doesnt include free stylists or 5000 worth of free electronics in lounge). Seems dishonest editing to leave that in all the time, as if they dont it is true that they dont have any money. Very skewed. Happy to be proven wrong.
this is where i got data from

11 Rocky { 08.01.11 at 6:49 pm }

@Kate, J&J should have won 1st bath? with lights falling out of ceiling, grout unfinished, dirty cabinetry, styled with battered watering cans? That’s the problem with J&J , their finishing always has been a huge problem. Who wants splotchy painting, iffy fixtures, things possibly falling on your head, and ironically even the plumbing wasn’t working, yet josh is supposed to be so great at plumbing.

Too much is excused for J&J. Now the judges are catching heck from the viewers and probably other professionals who watch the renovation and J&J are being held as accountable as everyone else.

R&T’s winning bath didn’t have splashing water if you are not like Polly and walk in and turn the taps full volume and then snatch them off and pretend like they splotched all over you when all we saw was the water run quickly down the drain Even with her negativity she had to concede R&T’s luxury bath, expensive fixtures, ample cabinetry to the ceiling and attention to detail like the pop up ironing board was brilliant.

12 Kate { 08.01.11 at 7:05 pm }

Sorry Rocky, I rented a beach house with this very sink and it is hopeless. It is how i know that 2 folk cannot use it at once without splash. As for styled watering cans I prefer them to tacky fake flowers shoved nest to the loo – happy if that is your taste to agree to disagree.

I agreee, re JJ they need to polish their finishes more, but still not enough to be beaten by such bad design. I think their design score should have been hgher and their execution score was fair. I think the older couple do really good work but they dont have the taste level. JJ will polish up all the other stuff … and click in thier light (I am sure electrician had it wired so it wont fall down)..all their stuff could be fixed in a few hours…tacky basins cant be. There will still be nowhere to put your towel from the bath… and I think if we give Rod a pass for not plumbing his bath then why should other couples have to get it done?
After last years debacle of a show I am surprised that they have made the playing field so uneven this year (like M asterchef…some cook against experts cooking their own dish while some against a random swimmer) .. like how come KA can call Jason and get them to wrangle a discount on a Tuckey when their “day” is over? The foreman drove to fitzroy and lugged a table for KA and seems to relish in yelling at Josh. I dont know any one on any of the teams but think there has to be a better way. Rod et al will prob win anyway – they have the most TVs in a house ever so Ch 9 will like that.

13 Dutch Courage { 08.01.11 at 7:59 pm }

I left the Block alone for a week as it got a bit boring. Watched it tonight (Monday) and unfortunately it’s still pretty poor. I do know that any show involving Shelly Kraft can not be taken serious but The Block is just ridiculous. It might be considered an achievement to create a 1 hour TV show with only 5 minutes of material worth watching. Tonights episode included a cook off (as if we needed more cooking activity on TV). When will it get exciting?

14 JM { 08.01.11 at 8:10 pm }

Agree that none of them deserved to win this week although I loved the expensive picture that the sisters bought for their hallway.

J&J, my usual favourites, had a shocker. Their living room was hideous and just didn’t come together at all.

Couldn’t stand Rod & Tania’s “Wog Palace” tiling on the floor which had no place whatsoever in such a lovely old period house. They have no idea, although I agree with a previous commentor who stated that since they have a flatscreen in every room they’ll probably win.

15 Dutch Courage { 08.01.11 at 8:11 pm }

Apologies for the incorrect spelling of her name, it should read Shelley Craft. Not a fan as you can tell.
A Current Affair showed Australia’s brightest and youngest real estate specialist. An obese looking 14 year old confirmed that the houses from The Block would easily fetch $1.1 million. He didn’t say if he expected the RBA to increase interest rates…

16 nittywitty { 08.01.11 at 9:03 pm }

I rewound tonight’s episode 3 times for maybe a glimpse of the sisters doing the cutout for the cooktop. They didn’t do it. Again they are being propped up.

17 Dutch Courage { 08.01.11 at 9:10 pm }

Nittywitty, the cutout for the cooktop must have been done while the sisters were shopping. They missed it too!

18 seepi { 08.01.11 at 9:40 pm }

I suspect polly and waz are being propped up too – was it their builder who thought of the exposed brick wall?

All the lounge rooms were dire. The obsession with white walls is really dull and makes for chilly looking rooms. As for the white leather couch – would anyone really do that?

In the words of Kelly from renovators “I’m scared of white paint!”

19 Jenny Draut { 08.01.11 at 11:37 pm }

come on guys, i’ll have the block anyday over mastershit!!

that show is fast becoming a joke and treating viewers like idiots and i have not been watching it for a long long long time.

at least the block is
entertaining and good fun, particularly like J & J’s style, but tonight I do agree with the judges that the lounge room is poorly executed and does look like a shared student accomodation whereas the sisters got some sympathy votes and won with the help of their own stylist Jason…not fair but still good dinner TV

20 Slayer { 08.01.11 at 11:43 pm }

I cannot believe so many people have so much spare time they can sit around & talk shit about crap TV shows such as the BOG & Mastershit. I mean hell how much more of this “reality” tv shit can they bloody generate. I gotta put up with my wife taking over the f***ing TV every evening to watch that shit. It’s enough to put me off my dinner. It’s about time that everyone boycotts these garbage shows so TV viewing can return to some quality. It was bad enough when these shows were on once a week but now…. EVERY F***ING DAY!!!!!!! Bloody hell it’s enough to make me puke… reality exploitation fad cannot crawl up its own arse & disappear quickly enough.

21 HR { 08.02.11 at 1:40 am }

Funny that J&J fans think R&T’s bathroom shouldnt have won bcoz of the basins, but seem to forget that their bedroom won despite having a bed made of PALLETS…!
Someone mentioned Rod not plumbing his bath…I dont remember this…but i guess it was because of the bath’s weight issue? so atleast he had a reason not to…but wasnt it Josh (who is a plumber) who had no water in the first bathroom?
I dont think the show is for or against any one team…its a so-called reality show…so obviously the producers are going to mould it to fit into what they think makes it interesting & more even overall…
I think the producers of the show really need to get their act together w.r.t rules…Totally agree that having Jason as the sisters’ “new best friend” was so unfair…plus the discounts & did they not win a home entertainment system for that challenge as well? or was that for everyone?
Today’s challenge was a joke- cooking? really? on a reno show…so they threw in the flat pack kitchen to make it relevant…why not judge based on that?? those chef judges were so up themselves…they knew they were on a “reno” show right? & again it felt like this challenge was thrown in just to tilt the scales in favour of the mums-i.e the sisters & Tania…

22 Rocky { 08.02.11 at 4:06 am }

All I have to say is that J&J got a big boost at the start of this show when they didn’t deserve it at all. The judges let them win room after room and challenges, probably to attract younger viewers.

It pays to reserve judgement when watching so-called “reality’ competition shows.

23 Calliegirl { 08.02.11 at 9:43 am }

Cannot stand the way that Shelley talks – have to mute the TV whenever she opens her mouth. Why can’t she just talk normally?

24 nittywitty { 08.02.11 at 10:11 am }

Calliegirl -Thanks for the idea about muting the TV when Shelley is talking. Only one problem.I still have to look at the way her mouth moves when she is talking. WHO does she know that landed her that job?

25 HR { 08.03.11 at 1:56 am }

lol…yeah Shelley is annoying…somehow she is tolerable on AFHV though…but on the Block, during the cooking challenge, she totally got on my nerves as she was walking up & down & swishing those covers off the flat-packs…that challenge itself was a joke…anyone with half a brain should have been embarrassed to present it…

26 LG { 08.05.11 at 4:05 pm }

I can’t stand Katrina and Amie – they’re whinging cry-babies who do nothing for themselves. They HAD to win last week or there wouldn’t be a show, so of course the judges are going to make them the winners. It’s all fabricated B/S.

Severely disappointed in J&J’s loungeroom as well, but they’re definitely the best on the block. I hope they’re not penalised anymore.

27 Kate { 08.05.11 at 4:19 pm }

Hi LG, I agree completely. But the producers make us think they HAD to win – where as Nine page says they had $37 000 left after the lounge room ($7000 less than next person) see links above. So why did they keep saying they had NO MONEY? It isnt true. They then won room and also the “cooking challenge” clearly designed to give them money. I agree it is B/S goes against the idea of fair play. Theyhave now had more money than anyone else – will the whinging end? No, they do more indulgent crap and take them off to day spa to see women in their undies. Katrina has a blog whihc i titles “i want to be on TV” says it all. I thnik they will be presening on Ch9 in future.
I agree re JJ… not best room but they have changed it all- and when given feedback thye said “fair cop” where as others all have a reason “not their fault”…grrr.