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Masterchef Australia – Live Blogging – Kate V Michael

The first question that needs to be asked is why on the penultimate episode of Season Three Masterchef is the cooking part of the Final only an hour long?

Most of the big episodes have been 90 minutes. I know that there is a pause in transmission for The Renovators and then they come back for a live final, but an hour only means there cannot be that many challenges.

Also Will take the opportunity to thank all the readers and commenters who stuck with the blog for Series 3. I won’t be doing a recap of the final as such. However will be doing a blog post on the pros and cons of Masterchef Australia which will be up late this evening.

The word in the media is Rene Redzepi from NOMA in Denmark is the guest judge in tonight’s final.

The opening montage of the last 14 weeks is like my life flashing before my eyes and of course ALL the decent cooks that had been eliminated. Helloooo Cleo.

And ten minutes in we finally get to the cooking and it is a Mystery Box and the jduges would get to allocate 10 mins eat.

It is a Mystery Box race they had 45 minutes to create one dish. You must use something from each box, and you can’t move on until you have picked the mise en place  to move on to the next one and you can’t go back. Quite a good challenge.

Michael picked beef and oysters, Kate picked crab from the first box.

Kate then started making a celeriac salad, whilst Michael went with baby vegetables.

Both dishes ended up looking quite nice.

Kate – did Balmain bug and crab remoulade salad  – George said great

Gary like the subtle flavours but queried whether it was cooked enough.

Michael siad he had made a steak and oyster pie – it was a pretty deconstructed oyster pie. George thought flavours were nice but the carrot was under cooked. Gary didn’t buy into the pie idea. I tend to agree with him.

George scored Kate a seven, Gary gave her an 8 for a total of 15.

Michael scored an eight from George, and Gary gave him a nine for a total of 17.

The next challenge is to cook the dish of their life they had 2 1/4 hours to cook it.

Of course Michael could not step away from the sous vide. Michael is making vanilla lobster with a champagne sauce, and Kate is making a quail and a ballontine, with roasted garlic custard.

Gary and George were wondering if Michael was doing enough in the timeframe.

Kate forgot to fill up the water in the steamer, and she burnt the steamer. Someone in the gallery pointed that out to her. Which raises the issue should the peanut gallery be able to call out to assist on final night?

Michael got told off for leaving the roots on the leeks, and it did not go down well. He did it because he had eaten at a New York restaurant and thought it looked good.

End of season three I still don’t know the difference between gravy and jus. They loved Kate’s dish and Matt said the flavours were so delicious that she kind of got away with the burnt flavour of her custard.

Michael’s scores from the judges were:

Matt Moran gave him an 8/10,

Matt Preston gave him an 8/10,

Gary scored it an 8/10, and

George scored it a 7/10.

Now with a total of 45.

Kate’s dish was scored:
Matt Moran – 9/10;

Matt Preston – 9/10;

Gary Mehigan – 9/10;

George Calombaris gave it a 9/10.

Kate was now three points ahead of Michael on 51.

After The Renovators – the episode must have the dessert challenge, then the announcement.

By the way has Adam been cast out of the Masterchef family? Has anyone spotted him up on the balcony?

I really think this break in between is treating the the fans and viewers with contempts.

OK the second half has started, and we have to sit through the opening credits and another back episode montage. Eight minutes in and still waiting.

Finally we have the big surprise guest is Rene Redzepic from NOMA Copenhagen. Hands up if you have heard of him. He unveils his dessert the snowman that looks a little bit similar to the snow egg from Peter Gilmore of Quay that was done in last year’s final.

It looked pretty amazing.

Again the peanut gallery helped out Kate when Dani yelled out to put the maltodextrin on the meringues.

For the record Rene is a hottie.

Also didn’t realise Rene was there to give Kate a personal masterclass, when she realised she did not have enough carrot puree. Though to be fair he did also give Michael a pep talk before he put the dessert all together.

Both desserts were praised, but they are not going to bag out any of the dishes tonight.

But first a parade of chefs have to come in, and Miguel Maestre attempted to grope Alana.

Anyway the winner is …………………………. by a landslide………………………



Kate. She hopees to open a B & B in Orange. Prior to her being a stay at home mother she was a teacher so she is looking for a career change.

Gary offered Michael a culinary scholarship at his restaurant.. I wonder if he will stick out a career in cooking, I think he probably will.

I have to be honest I feel pretty ambivalent about it all.


1 pete { 08.08.11 at 5:00 am }

Just to clarify an earlier post, Cleo and Alex have not “hooked up”. Did you guys miss that Cleo is an out and proud lesbian? When she was eliminated and went back home to her “surprise” welcome home party the first 2 things she did was give her pussy a cuddle (from memory it was a rather tubby cat) and have a kiss and cuddle with her wife/girlfriend/partner, or whatever that kind of relationship is allowed to be called in Australia.

2 JaniceG { 08.08.11 at 7:01 am }

My favorite comment from the live blog at The Age: “The last dish you will cook on this show is ‘the snowman’. Kate says it’s gorgeous. Michael says it’s ‘Frosty’. I’m hoping it’s claymation and is about to be directed by Tim Burton and kill them all.”

3 PollyB { 08.08.11 at 7:09 am }

I know why the winner gets jack shit. All the money goes to paying the best chefs in the world to appear. Why else would Heston, Rene & Chang et al appear on this embarrassing load of twaddle. I’m glad we get to see chefs of this ilk, but not even they can spice up this bland and boring recipe of tripe.
Like JaniceG I’m looking forward to UK MC later this month. Even if they have gone down the pantomime road this series hopefully we’ll see their usual amount and standard of cooking.
And speaking of pantomime, Jowlsy ‘Bonaparte’ Prestonius should consider changing career and buggar off back to the motherland with the cast of Neighbours at Christmas and play, oh I don’t know, a big ugly giant. Wanker.
Last night the TV guide changed so many times – 8.30 for 30 minutes; 8.30 for 1 hour; 8.30 for 1 hour and another show at 9.30-ish. Yes, talk about contempt for the viewer. I didn’t watch Master Reno and I won’t. just because it is the same format by the same contemptuous bastards. Reality TV indeed.

4 librarygirl { 08.08.11 at 7:53 am }

Congratulations Kate, but getting help from the peanut gallery and the visiting chef in the final challenge…… no. I feel a bit ripped off on Michael’s behalf. Hoping the new production team manage to repair the damage that has been done to the show this year with the relentless greed of the sponsor’s product placement. Since before the New York eps. I disengaged from what was once must-see tv, and I know many others who feel the same. First off I would get rid off the three judges, who are now caricatures, and inject some new blood.
The long, long, long boring drawn out last twenty minutes over finishing time, felt like the last nail in the coffin. All we needed was someone to throw a handful of dirt on the remains of what two years ago was unmissable television.
Thanks RR for continuing to blog it despite how disappointing this
show became this year.

5 seepi { 08.08.11 at 8:00 am }

It was disappointing. REnovators was a far better show.

I think the ‘/faking out’ of the judges during the judging has ruined it. There is no point paying too much attention to what they say as it is always a trick, so I zone out – yet these judging segments take forever.

I hate the way the whole thing is drawn out too long actually. And I hate the emotional ‘why do you want to be here so much’ interrogations.

They need to bring back a bit of honesty to the judging, and talking about he actual food, not ‘will this be enough to beat Michael’ – the viewer can already work out that she needs to beat the opposition, but we can’t taste the food, so we need honest opinions on how the dishes taste.

6 Culinary Boner { 08.08.11 at 9:23 am }

What a yawn-fest.
Last week we had a homage to the wedding cake from Bride of Chucky brought to us by Muttley the Smirking Pastry Chef*.
And for the finale we have the Snowman –
Does someone in production have a video nasty collection of 90s classics?

* I’m looking at you Zumbo. Still waiting to hear about me Stonehenge cake.

7 Roo { 08.08.11 at 9:27 am }

I switched off after they mentioned Kate’s KIDS for the 100thtime and therefore I knew she was in. If she’s not cooking one, I’m not interested.

8 Skod { 08.08.11 at 9:39 am }

One of those shows one watches to get it over with. The bored expression on Kate’s youngest kid says it all.

I don’t agree that Kate was chosen to win it all (if they wanted the most potential they’d have chosen Hayden), but she’s proven to be a more daring cook than most of the others and she was surprisingly good in Friday’s cooking lesson. I can’t stand her open her eyes wide look, but she was definitely way ahead of the competition.

9 Paul { 08.08.11 at 9:44 am }

207 comments about a show that nobody watches.
Hmmm – something’s not quite right there.

Anyway, its all starting to become rather passe’ to bag out on Masterchef. Sure its got its faults but FFS its still a terrific show watched by a huge audience.

I look forward to next year when the only people who watch are those who are genuinely interested in the show. It appears all the whingers will not be watching next year (thank god) and therefore it might even be possible to have a constructive discussion about MC.

10 kingfisher { 08.08.11 at 9:58 am }

how much assistance does kate need and she is the masterchef champion . she’ll be forgotten in a month . now to rest my weary head goodnight all, blog you next year snzzzzzzzzz

11 Ralphie { 08.08.11 at 10:05 am }

Had to laugh at your comment brain dead dave –
“Best not to stand under that balcony where Danielle is. Hope it withstands til the end of the show or may have to get the Renovators back on set”. You forgot to mention Shannon as well. OMG, they both looked so huge & obviously did not take any hints from these blogs that they need to lose some weight, in fact a lot of weight. Looking at those two, I nearly brought up my dinner.

And the final did not look live to me. What a joke to promote the show as being a live telecast.

12 Mac { 08.08.11 at 10:10 am }

How lame. I wanted Michael to win, not Julie.

13 Culinary Boner { 08.08.11 at 10:15 am }

Paul, I’ll be watching next year…and I’ll be bagging out examples of crap cooking, overblown pantomime, rubbish contestants, stage-managed judging, piss-poor editing, cynical product placements, the return of Zumbo as Bashful Dwarf, george and gary pawing the young chicks, george and garry fawning over some celeb chefs, self-indulgent symbolic eco-challenges, inconsistent immunity challenges, boring pieces to camera from cadaver-like contestants, Matt P, irrelevant celebrity appearances etc…

Though, maybe, just maybe, Shine can inject some interest and drama back into the show so that I can watch it for the same reasons I watch Top Chef.

Otherwise I’ll just be back watching it because it’s inoffensive pap that allows me to do other things while the tele’s on. A backdrop that allows for commentary and comment on one of the past-times I enjoy – cooking.

14 Skod { 08.08.11 at 11:14 am }

I’ll be watching next year, as the producers, to one better the Dalai Lama challenge, come out with the Jim Jones challenge as they create the best dish to hide.. you know.

15 Culinary Boner { 08.08.11 at 11:56 am }

“Gary offered Michael a culinary scholarship at his restaurant.”

Will he get a MBW or MCP?? (*Masters of Beef Wellington or Masters of Cottage Pie)

Will he have to get the Richard Blais hairstyle (to match Gary’s Jnr Richard)?

No imagination this year’s lot of contestants.
In the first series Chris Badenoch managed to get laid, score a long-term & much-younger girlfriend, become notorious (always a good way to longer-term fame beyond the normal reality TV timefarme of 3-months) and establish his own fairly smart restaurant concept (no suck-it-up, booby-prize scholarships needed).

16 littlepetal { 08.08.11 at 12:06 pm }

Channel Ten can claim that the rating is still good but it dropped from 4 million viewers to 2.6 million viewers. I am sure they are not too happy. Even lost to the final episode of Australia Got Talent. I have a feeling it may lose to the final of The Block.

Yes, this show have lots of celebrity chef but they did nothing but just appeared on the show!!

17 Chunks { 08.08.11 at 12:25 pm }

For all the carping, I think Kate was the worthy winner last night. She gave a clear demonstration of how much she’d learned – just like Julie did in season one – and she really delivered where it counts. Michael once again did silly things like not cutting the roots off the leaks and adding champagne to his sauce at the end and not allowing the alcohol to cook away. Kates snowmen also looked to be rather more upstanding. I was amazed they both did so well on that challenge but have to say the spraying looked unbelievably wasteful and must have ended up with yoghurt all over everything.

18 Culinary Boner { 08.08.11 at 12:41 pm }

“The snowball is the hardest dish on the menu of the best restaurant in the world.”

DutchCourage, I think you meant snowman? Didn’t you??

Though on 2nd thought maybe next year they can go further down the Big Brother track and introduce a snowball challenge instead. Perhaps Cathay Pacific can sponsor and Ten can re-run Clerks after the challenge? *snigger*

19 brain dead dave { 08.08.11 at 12:46 pm }

It’s rubbish, ergo it gets bagged. Drove my cheffy to the levee but the levee was dry.

20 Fides { 08.08.11 at 12:54 pm }

Problem for next year is that they’ve run out of superlatives for the final challenge ie hardest dish from the world’s best restaurant set by the world’s number 1 chef . How do they top that?

Kate definitely showed how much she has learned – though she did have the advantage of being in a lot more winning teams. I think Michael only had one team win so only got one private masterclass, whereas Kate only had 2 team losses? Plus she scored the Malaysia trip and the private masterclass with Matt Moran.

21 AnonyMousse { 08.08.11 at 7:23 pm }

Paul, I have to say that unwavering optimism is no better or constructive for a show than whinging, as you put it. The people who are whinging are mostly people who wanted the show to be as good (or better) then it has been previously, and they have as much of a right to complain when it’s not up-to-scratch as people have a right to celebrate when a show’s doing things right.

The ratings were down massively (over a million) from last year’s finale – I sincerely doubt that sort of sharp drop happens if they’re doing things right (especially when there was no competition in the other timeslots that night).

22 littlepetal { 08.08.11 at 9:18 pm }

With the drop in rating, I think next year they can’t charge as much for the advertisement which means they have fail in the rating game. They can keep saying that they are still doing o.k. I really hope MKR will continue to do well we just more honest cooking. MKR cost much less to produce and viewers in general are happy with it.

Also I think people who watch the show and goes onto blog to discuss about the show are people who genuinely want to enjoy the show. At least they bother to voice their opinion. If the producers don’t take notice and poo poo their opinions than its their loss.