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The Renovators – Who Was In The Wrong Kelly Or Ali?

Firstly lucky for The Renovators producers the contestants voted to go with the French Chic theme tonight as guest judge was Helen Hargraves is a french chic interior design specialist walked into the warehouse right after the vote had taken place.

The contestants had to vote on whether they would have to design a room in beach style or french chic. The majority voted for french chic. Ironically for awhile there it looked like some teams were not going to vote for either style.

Well the main thing about this episode was that Kelly appeared to have some kind of brain explosion which his inner arsehole erupted from.

Kelly had felt in previous challenges that his voice wasn’t being heard, so he just over rode everyone  and basically took over the design. Ali had wanted to paint a border around the floor but he was moving furniture over her paint tape and in the end aggressively pulled it up.

The editing didn’t show what Michael and Jarrad were saying about all this. Actually can Jarrad speak I have barely seen him on the show. We did not know if they were on team Kelly or team Ali. Ali was in tears. Kelly who I bet would consider himself a sensitive new age guy looked like he couldn’t give a rats.

At the end of the episode Ali who had had enough quit the show.

This has been the second person to leave. The other person was Phil who wanted to get home to his wife.

In the end the half renovated home team in St Peters won the challenge. This was team Peter, and his trusty sidekick Lisa who I think designed a lot of the room. I loved the way Lisa looked at Helen Hargreaves like she was nuts when she suggested putting a bird in the chandelier. Lisa said “Well I would have to go out and catch one”. I think Helen may have meant an ornamental one….

There is a couple of things I like about this show. Firstly it is fast paced, and secondly the guest judge ensures no favouritism and also gives a different perspective is given.

Who did you think was in the right? Ali or Kelly?


1 MolksTVTalk { 08.07.11 at 11:36 pm }

Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali. Kelly is a jerk.

2 brain dead dave { 08.07.11 at 11:50 pm }

I think Ali was in the right because she reminds me of a teenage crush.

Kelly is probably a workplace psychopath. Too much brown acid ,maybe. He’s possibly quite talented in some areas but he’ll cause a lot of carnage along the way. Feel sorry for Michael having him on his team.

3 Chunks { 08.08.11 at 12:09 am }

Poor poor Michael. How the hell did he end up with that idiot on his team? Oh well, he should be GREAT for the ratings….

4 Chunks { 08.08.11 at 12:18 am }

I can’t work out why but it’s something to do with his nose and his dreads. Michael reminds of the character in the middle here:

5 Kate { 08.08.11 at 12:19 am }

Poor Ali. Kelly was an absolute bully. Laid back hippie my arse.
It’s Michael’s own fault for having Kelly on the team. Kelly was by no means the last person left when they were picking teams.

I have to admit a certain amount of glee when dust-a-phobe Kelly was chosen for the fibro asbestos shack

6 Moo { 08.08.11 at 1:42 am }

From the very first episode, I just knew Kelly was going to be cast as the arsehole of the show by the producers (his serial killer look isn’t helping his image either).

With regards to what happened tonight though, it was clearly Kelly’s fault; he just bullied Ali into submission. Ali did nothing wrong, but I do think her exit was overdramatic. She only let Kelly ‘win’ by leaving.

Tonight was also the first night I’ve seen Jarrad talk to the camera and it had nothing to do with this incident either. I don’t like him either though, just because he seems so up himself by gloating about his $700k+ in equity or whatever on his profile at The Renovators website.

7 Laura { 08.08.11 at 1:54 am }

I wasn’t an Ali fan until tonight. Kelly is awful and he should be the one going home. Ali has a lovely aesthetic and she was a valuable team member to Michael, who I suspect is more into the construction side of things than design. I really like Michael so I hope Kelly doesn’t bring the team down any further.

BTW they did show Jarrad and he was on Ali’s side.

8 Ali was right { 08.08.11 at 3:08 am }

Kelly’s actions were so unprofessional. He should have waited for the team as a whole to make a call on the paint/tape instead of jumping to his own conclusions and going on a rampage.

They did have a voiceover of Jarrad and he mentioned that he felt so sorry for Ali because of all the work she had put into the taping. He also said that the way Kelly was going about it was poor.

9 smauge { 08.08.11 at 6:58 am }

Kelli and Ali are both nasty in different ways. Who’s wrong? MICHAEL! For being silly enough to choose them!!

10 TB { 08.08.11 at 7:02 am }

Are we sure Ali has actually left the show? She said she wanted to and that was the end of the show. No soft music, no tearful goodbyes, no flashback videos. I think there might be more to come on this tonight.

11 Im cool { 08.08.11 at 7:03 am }

Poor Ali, I don’t know if she leaves for sure because masterchef came on BUT I wonder if Michael lacks experience in leadership skills to reign these 2 especially Kelly.

12 smauge { 08.08.11 at 7:04 am }

I thought the same thing TB, but I also found it strange that there was no “Does Ali walk out of the competition?” angle in the preview either.

13 sue { 08.08.11 at 7:23 am }

I thought Ali was right and Kelly was rude and arrogant, and that was before the one of the judges confirmed that Ali’s paint border idea would have made the room outstanding- so suck on that Kelly. he is definitely NOT a team player!

I did wonder why Michael chose him for his team- he is certainly a loose cannon!! He must have shown some other renovating abilities off camera that Michael thought were worth picking- otherwise I would consider him a liability on the team.

I am also looking forward to the Block review- I noticed some glaring edit problems- take note of end scores!!!!!

14 seepi { 08.08.11 at 7:41 am }

Kelly is an out and out nutter and nasty with it.

Ali is a bit too precious and unrealistic about deadlines. She did have design ideas though, which Michael’s team may now lack. I hope he doesn’t let Kelly do any more murals…

Poor Michael is only 20, so he would not have a lot of management experience, but picking Kelly was a major mistake. I missed that ep – who was picked first – and last?

15 seepi { 08.08.11 at 7:50 am }

Also, it was a shame the first few minutes were building a brick wall – boring as, so AI don’t think that will have won them any viewers from masterchef.
Pity, cos the white room challenge was good.

16 Lulu { 08.08.11 at 8:10 am }

We rant about teaching kids in school not to be bullies then we sit back and let an adult bully get away with it on national television. Kick Kelly off or you’ve lost me as a viewer.

17 brandy { 08.08.11 at 8:53 am }

er, isn’t that a bit bullying?

18 Roo { 08.08.11 at 9:18 am }

Pegged Kelly as a fuckwit from the beginning and was suprised he was picked fairly early on for a team. I look forward to being able to yell at my tv each night as he does his pieces to camera.

19 DaMeerkat { 08.08.11 at 9:40 am }

a difference of opinion about direction to undertake within a task is not bullying what specific part exactly are people claiming to be bullying perhaps I missed a scene??

when Ali was like ‘oh i have been to france so i know better than everyone and only my opinion is right’ and Kelly responded with a hilarious retort about french bread and the tour de france??

or the bit when she went ahead and did her thing anyway in an antagonistic manner despite getting in the way of all the other members of the team and kelly ripped the tape from the floor so that they could actually get the task completed on time?

As I said earlier I’m not for a second excusing Kelly’s lack of social skills and idiocy … but a difference of opinion is not bullying.

Kelly is an idiot… Ali is a spoiled brat… The good thing is there are many other cast members far more worthwhile watching.

20 DaMeerkat { 08.08.11 at 9:46 am }

There was also an issue of lack of leadership within the group as well as a lack of communication…. its not the first time ali has had her mind set on something and did it anyway even if her team mates had doubts… she did the same in the street appeal challenge… again with the stripes…
(If you recall the street appeal challenge, at the last minute she decided she wanted to change the colour of the stripes… as a result her and August were the only ones not to complete their garden… what is it with her and bloody lines and stripes?)

maybe the line looked better close up than we were able to see on camera .. but to me the finished product looked like someone had ripped something off of the wall and forgotten to paint over it…

Perhaps kelly and ali have too much in common and thats why they clash…. they are both drama queens and both are determined to have their own way…

21 Jen- Why { 08.08.11 at 9:53 am }

I agree with Smauge- they’re both bad. Kelly’s behavior was disgusting, but Allie isn’t a team player- she wants it done her way & won’t listen to other people ideas- like in the housefront challenge. She had the sympathy of everyone tonight, but whatever she said at the end “I can’t work creatively like this” (or whatever it was)- she would have trouble whoever she was working with, thinks she knows it all, & is better than everyone else. Princess. That said, Kelly was out of control.

22 DaMeerkat { 08.08.11 at 9:56 am }

Not to mention that painting a floor with 40 minutes to go that will get ruined and wreck furniture is a recipe for disaster.

Kelly is not the most rational person by a long shot.. but even he could see that.

23 sue { 08.08.11 at 10:22 am }

point is Ali wanted to paint it b4 furniture, which I thought the others kind of agreed to, but Kelly went ahead and barged in with the furniture and refused to wait. so if they had painted 1st, it would have been ok….

24 Annie { 08.08.11 at 11:13 am }

I must Admit when Michael picked his team I was a little surprised and wondered just how that was going to go for him. I like Michael, but his management of the team last night seemed……….Once again Kelly goes off on his own tangent (Dust-a-phobic moment, oh not to mention the “mural” moment) Of course Ali is not without her faults (Front garden challenge “must have stripes” Im not willing to compromise). I bet August is happy that he doesn’t have to work with Ali. Michael should have managed the projects tighter and will have to do so in the future if he wants to keep the keys to the house. I’m waiting for the teams to be split up from the house they are working on and put into new teams. I think there is alot of the Survivor TV show model going on here “aliances being formed”, the future will be interesting for The Renovators.

25 Chunks { 08.08.11 at 11:57 am }

I think Ali and Kelly are both problems (wasn’t it her who’s made millions from renovating?). Neither of them is a team player. Poor Michael. Still, having to manage those two will give him experience you can’t buy. Happy the orange team won. I’m rooting for Peter and Lisa.

26 DaMeerkat { 08.08.11 at 12:11 pm }

Ali just messaged me on facebook following my comments on a thread there… Kelly messaged me as well earlier… Laura posted on the wall a few days ago on one of the threads too (and did so with a hell of a lot of dignity!)… the contestants all do follow the facebook threads.

not sure if we are allowed to post links here but here is the thread alison responded to… her last response was a few minutes ago…

27 Reality Raver { 08.08.11 at 12:24 pm }

DaMeerkat – her Facebook rant is gold. What she didn’t think of it as a reality TV show? I had a lot of time for her last night, but if you go on a reality TV show you have got to realise people will be giving their opinions on what they are shown. Also that the producers will edit you as they want.

Ali was the last one to be picked on the teams.

28 DaMeerkat { 08.08.11 at 12:42 pm }

this was the message she sent to my inbox … ( the ‘amatures’ 😛 ) bit refers to discussions as to her making millions as a renovator prior to going on the show…

14 hours agoAlison Mitchell
It’s Ali from the Renovators.
The show is not for amatures – EVERYONE on there is successful from renovating in some form or another.
I didn’t form alliances behind the scenes like many – I’m just an ordinary single girl who’s worked hard and likes what she does.
Just enjoy the show – take a breath and perhaps don’t ditch on other human beings.
Keep smiling, Ali

My response:

Hi Ali – I just saw this.

Someone else made a comment about the other cast and their various professional backgrounds… and I liked that comment and didn’t further debate it because it was a very fair point.

one of the best comments on that thread from last night was this one:

L*** H*****
….And critiqueing is what we do- it’s a public forum – we’re Aussies – we are passionate & stand up for what we believe in.
We love an underdog and love an argument
11 hours ago · Unlike · 7 people

I am an avid reality tv show fan and have found the Renovators discussion threads to be extremely interesting to read. I don’t normally follow threads for any other show but to me this is the best new reality tv show in a long time.

I always find myself going for the underdog… and most definitely at the point that I joined the discussion… kelly was the underdog… And it seemed unfair that everyone was attacking him.

I tried to make my comments balanced and express the good, the bad and the ugly of both.

And I can only comment on the way people are portrayed on the show. And yes.. I definitely understand 100% about the way hundreds of hours of footage are edited down to just a few short hours, so we will not always see the full story. I also realise that when people are placed in a confined setting such as in a reality tv show, in an environment that they may not be very comfortable in that a different part of their personality can come to the forefront and may not reflect who they are within their average life the other 99% of the time.

So with that being said I really do hope that you are able to take the comments made by everyone with a grain of salt… I do genuinely apologise if you found my comments hurtful in anyway… clearly not my intention.

I must say.. I didn’t realise that any alliances had been formed.. considering I’ve watched nearly every reality contest show of free to air tv.. I should have guessed lol … I did wonder how strategy would come into play in picking teams… and if ppl would ‘throw’ challenges to try and get rid of a key holder.. or alternately if a key holder would intentionally pick a weak team as a way of having more chance for themselves in an elimination challenge.

Again though… the editing on this show and masterchef is different to other reality shows… so we don’t see much of that side of things…

I do respect you taking the time to message me and wish you all the best in a return to your everyday life.

<<< that was about an hour before her facebook rant lol

29 brain dead dave { 08.08.11 at 1:01 pm }

I didn’t realise that it was Ali that did the “I’ve made millions” smoke blowing. Good riddance.

30 Jasmin { 08.08.11 at 2:06 pm }

I didn’t think Ali was the last person to be picked for the teams… I thought it was the brunette with the dimples (can’t remember her name).

31 smauge { 08.08.11 at 2:15 pm }

Ali was the last person to be actually picked. The other girl was not picked at all, therefor went to the last team.

32 AngelSN86 { 08.08.11 at 2:20 pm }

I hated Kelly back when he was being an idiot about the dust when they had the two terraces challenge. Hadn’t really formed an opinion on Ali just yet. I think in this case, Kelly was in the wrong mostly because he was such a dickhead about it. My interpretation of that team dynamic is that Michael picked Ali for her design input and picked the 2 blokes for labour. It was somewhat understandable that maybe Kelly wanted the opportunity to show his design skills but he didn’t have to be such a jerk about it. Did anyone notice that one of the judges specifically mentioned that having the blue outline on the floor would’ve made their room heaps better?

I hope that Ali doesn’t quit. I do seem to remember seeing footage of Brendan saying oh we don’t want you to quit so maybe they can put her on another team or something. But I’ll be really upset if Kelly stays and Ali quits. That team will be absolutely screwed if Ali leaves and its just the 3 blokes. That may sound sexist but none of them seem to be overly design-minded so I think they will struggle.

33 Jasmin { 08.08.11 at 2:27 pm }

Smauge – touche. :)

I am really enjoying this show.

34 Izobel2 { 08.08.11 at 2:56 pm }

Nice photo Chunks! If I only had a brain….! I like Michael, but like some of you think that he must have seen something we don’t in Kelly. I’m with you Jasmin, I’m really enjoying this show too.

35 asombrar { 08.08.11 at 4:36 pm }

I don’t like Ali, she is pretty high maintenance and has illusions of grandeur…but I cannot stand Kelly. He shouldn’t be on the show and god knows why Michael chose him! He was definitely the one in the wrong here

36 Reality Raver { 08.08.11 at 4:37 pm }

Smauge – thanks for catching that hot potato for me but yes Jasmin you are right Christie was the last girl standing. At the time I wondered why as I thought she was quite a strong competitor.

37 Chunks { 08.08.11 at 6:11 pm }

I think this photo may be all the explanation anyone needs as to why Christie was chosen last:

38 smauge { 08.08.11 at 7:09 pm }

Imagine a babyish voice as you look at that picture and you have right there everything you need to know about that woman.

39 over it { 08.08.11 at 8:11 pm }

Im just still trying to get over the hearts and stars Kelly wanted to paint on the windows in the first challenge. I completely agreed when the judges said it looked a bit ‘childish’. No shit. The dust outburst was just so over the top and unecessary. Get a grip mate. Get rid of him so he can head back to Ninbin or wherever he comes from

40 AngelSN86 { 08.08.11 at 9:06 pm }

Bummed to see that Ali did quit. But had to laugh that karma came around and bit that team right on the butt and sent them into elimination. :) Just praying that Kelly is gone.

41 brain dead dave { 08.08.11 at 9:22 pm }

Kelly’s dropped his team right in it but he’s as quiet as a lamb tonight. Doesn’t know where to look.

He ticks all the wrong boxes. Quelle damage.

Michael seems afraid of/doesn’t know how to handle him and thinks they’re “mates” – yeah , just like Burke and Wills, it’s too late. .

42 smauge { 08.08.11 at 9:32 pm }

I’m really sad for Michael. I had hope if she opted out we might get Jo back and put her in Michael’s team. It is extremely unfair on him that his team will be down to two. If there Is ANY justice in the world Kelly will be out.

43 brain dead dave { 08.08.11 at 9:37 pm }

Yeah, Michael’s likeable and talented but he’s not a psychiatric nurse.

Kelly should do the right thing and tank. But he’s on the crazy train.

All he did tonight was give a useless lecture on the Hill’s Hoist.

44 trishfish { 08.08.11 at 9:39 pm }

… i really hope kelly doesn’t get eliminated, so much funnier watching the show with him in it. It was super funny that ali and kelly were in the same team to start with, the explosion was inevitable, i could hardly wait to see what no compromise and insanity would do together…. sad that ali has left and hope kelly doesn’t go too. They were the most interesting characters.

45 trishfish { 08.08.11 at 10:02 pm }

P.S ali said on fb the paint job was 25% done so they were probably scared that it wouldn’t get done like last time with garden challenge and also michael can’t vs to kelly too much cause then he’ll start his crazy tantrums with him too and he needs a worker…

46 Annie { 08.08.11 at 10:28 pm }

Darn interesting history of the Hills Hoist there tonight Kelly. Geez did you know we had them in NZ too!!! Kelly’s a bit like watching David on Big Brother, tanty thrower!

Aliances: Obviously Kate and Peter in the Orange Team.

47 Chunks { 08.08.11 at 10:45 pm }

Ah dear, poor Michael. What if he gets stuck with Kelly? Ack. Annie I think you mean Peter and Lisa. Which tanty throwing David on Big Brother – surely not Farmer Dave?

48 DaMeerkat { 08.08.11 at 11:14 pm }

michael wont go tomorrow.. know that for a fact because ppl on facebook have spoken about him working on the house. they live on the street and the scenes they described definitely havent been shown yet…

So it will be kelly or the other guy… whatsisname… the one that blends into the background a lot.

RE: Alliances.. Im guessing the main alliance is fairly large.. and consists of most people that Ali didn’t list in the ppl she supports.. in her facebook rant

49 The Renovators – Ali Did Walk And Now Is Taking On Her Facebook Critics | reality ravings { 08.08.11 at 11:23 pm }

[…] Raver TweetThe big question tonight was whether Ali would actually walk from the show after her fight with Kelly last night. Brendan Moar and the judges told her to sleep on it, however she decided to leave team Michael and […]

50 smauge { 08.09.11 at 6:57 am }

A spoiler alert might have been nice DaMeerkat.