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The Block – And The Shagadelic Theme Continues

Seriously Rod and Tania have got to be swingers, first the shag pile carpet and now the outdoor spa. I once sat through a documentary called Swingers (true story) and all of them had outdoor spas, needless to say I have never looked at outdoor spas in the same way again.

Also in the too much information conversation the girls were having about what their pet name for their guys were when it was getting saucy, Tania revealed Rod called her bitch and sang “Give it to me baby”. Classy. To be honest Rod and Tania are probably my favourite couple, but they have made some dodgy design decisions.

If you are interested Polly calls Waz Bubba….

Speaking of dodgy design decisions Polly and Waz’s outdoor kitchen is a dumb one. I agree with Josh it takes up space, and the indoor kitchen is a couple of metres away. Also it is Melbourne it gets pretty cold so how often would you use it?

Josh was getting former Block contestant  Aaron who is a landscape gardener to design and work on his garden. Is this fair? Or is he paying him? Anyway again all we saw was Josh and Jenna bickering. This time about the paint colour, then about how she didn’t like the succulents that Aaron had proposed to put in the garden. She was on the phone bitching to her mother, and he was bitching to camera about how Jenna needed a lot of reassurance. This pair really need to learn how to communicate.

It appears the other couples don’t particularly like this pair.  Amy, Katrina and Tania were bitching about Josh and Jenna and how Katrina had freaked them out about the colour they were painting their facade.

There seemed a lot of filler in the episode with product placement, showing people sealing gaps, and driving around in the Toyotas.

What do you think of the outdoor designs? What are the aspects of The Block you are enjoying and what no so much?


1 PollyB { 08.09.11 at 9:50 pm }

R&T are so tacky! They remind me of a dear friend of mine. I have to be so careful when I respond to her queries of how do I like ‘the new aqua satin cushions, for a change to brighten things up’ and the silver beads and things, in an all brown mcmansion-y type thing! I don’t get it. Is it bored suburban parents who, if not swingers, just need sparkles & spas to reassure them their lives aren’t over? And the 3 older girls, gossiping, and dark haired sister stirring the pot. Yeh, yeh all fine in the competition, but methinks this is the way of life for them.
Loving Bubba, he must luurve Polly so much!
I hate the colour of the sisters house, and I think R&T’s is similar, not sure.
Still going for J&J FTW. She sure is coming across rather petulant.

2 seepi { 08.09.11 at 10:11 pm }

Does he really call her ‘bitch’ when he’s feeling romantic. Ouch.
he did say a few dodgy things in the first few episodes too – grabbed a chain and said ‘this is what I use on Tuesdays’, and some other dodgy thing in the same episode. Rod needs to calm down I think. Perhaps the swinger thing is what he really wants – like a freudian thing.

I couldn’t watch tonight. turned on once and got the annoying gruff foreman trying to make the work in the facades seem like a lot. Yeah yeah – they say how much work it is every week – next. Then got J and j in maccas, then tried again and got the gossiping, bitching about paint colours (but didn’t get to see the colours). Then got Polly yelling out about pet names ‘when you’re feeling it’. That was it – I stopped trying to watch the Block (hoping to see a room) and stuck with 4 weddings and Renovators.

3 librarygirl { 08.09.11 at 10:27 pm }

I saw a few minutes of this when I was channel flicking – never seen any of it before. Oh my actual God – and we complained about Masterchef! Bogans bitching about house paint colours.
How do a million people watch this?

4 Dutch Courage { 08.09.11 at 11:19 pm }

I don’t think there is much to like about the current season of The Block and I can’t understand why it has been such a sucess. The things I don’t like: 1. Boring contestants. The only excitement comes from arguments and whinging. 2. Boring hosts. Shelley Craft…enough said 3. Silly and totally irrelevant challenges 4. Over the top and irritating product placement 5. Fake budget and spending reports (when they run out of money they go….shopping). 5. Far too much airtime. They hardly have 30 minutes of interesting material per week.
That’s it for now….

5 HR { 08.09.11 at 11:32 pm }

This blog post of yours was such a MIRROR IMAGE of my thoughts, its kinda scary!

6 Pangus { 08.10.11 at 7:57 am }

Having the second kitchen may be smarter than we think. I live a in a predominately Asian area and almost all do their cooking in their second kitchen , leaving their indoor kitchen looking brand new at all times. Maybe at the auction we will see how much Asian interest there is this house.

7 Picnic { 08.10.11 at 8:04 am }

I am losing interest in this show in a hurry and I am a viewer who sticks with shows to the end. R&T are my favorites, along with Waz. I agree Dutch Courage – stupid challenges, endless recaps, boring room decor, OTT product placement (the worst I have ever seen) and it has waaay too much airtime. How come people are still watching?

8 Amy { 08.10.11 at 8:52 am }

The Block might not be all that enjoyable this year, but Waz keeps me watching. He might be one of my favourite reality show contestants ever! He cracks me up.

Oh, and J&J have started their own design company – Bicker Design Co. That’s right.

9 Culinary Boner { 08.10.11 at 9:48 am }

Watched this for the 1st time in a while and the highlight was the new seduction line I’m adding to my repertoire – “Get up on this, bitch”. Can’t wait to see Mrs Boner’s reaction when I try this out next weekend.

I’m also pretty sure that Shelley Craft is the human reincarnation of Tweety Bird.

10 Jaime { 08.10.11 at 10:57 am }

Can’t STAND Shelley Craft she is so … Mel Doyle’ish … URGH VOMIT!

11 Wurstsemmel { 08.10.11 at 11:06 am }

Good call, Jaime. Wish Crafty would get lost in all that shag carpet.

Loving Waz. And, actually, finding Polly a good laugh. The rest, I can do without.

12 kleenex mum { 08.10.11 at 1:58 pm }

Jenna, jenna, jenna ( the episode for the front garden )She must be one hell of an actress that channel nine found to play this roll, but wait…. is it a roll or is Jenna really a selfish, spoilt, back stabbing, whinging bitchy, BULLY( cyber ) when she herself is the worst type of bully I have seen in a while, and what a gutless man Josh is to put up with her discusting behavior, I really dont think as a family reality show and many veiwers are young that this sets a good example channel nine, this behaviour is not funny and should not be encouraged at all. One could only hope that Jenna is not like this in real life, she will not go far…… dissapointed that channel 9 allows this behaviour to go to air for ratings

13 OverJenna! { 08.10.11 at 3:51 pm }

I am usually totally devoted to the Block, but I found myself channel flicking last night when Jenna was at her whinging, sooky, selfish, bitchy best. She is beginning to make my skin crawl, and Josh is not much better! I agree with Kleenex mum – I don’t think J & J should be given the air time they are getting, not a very good example for our kids. Totally loving Polly & Waz though!!

14 JM { 08.10.11 at 8:25 pm }

I’ve been losing interest – hardly any of it involves renovation – too many stupid, pointless, boring challenges and other rubbish.

15 Culinary Boner { 08.11.11 at 3:03 pm }

Rod’s term of endearment to get his missus in the mood – “bitch” – reminded me of some lyrics from ‘Cool for Cats’ (for you youngsters UK Squeeze, 1978 – featuring that charming Jools Holland chappie, when he was but a dashing young stripling)

“I kiss her for the first time and then I take her home
I’m invited in for coffee and I give the dog a bone”

No mention of a spa, unfortunately, nor shag pile, nor even foreplay. Well, apart from a disco pash. A “nasty rash” is sung about though.

Living large Rodney and Tania, living large. Keep up the good work.

Hopefully, you’ll get to nudge, nudge-wink, wink your way through showing prospective buyers how they can put the house’s many fetaures to ‘special use’.

16 Larry { 08.16.11 at 2:10 pm }

Haha I doubt Rod & Tania are swingers and surely they would be laughing hard about such comments…. Tania hasn’t travelled the world, let alone left australia – i’d be surprised if she had experimented in the boudoir.. As for shag pile carpet, Rod & T’s style will certainly appeal to a certain market.

17 Larry { 08.16.11 at 2:11 pm }

Haha I doubt Rod & Tania are swingers and surely they would be laughing hard about such comments…. Tania hasn’t travelled the world, let alone left australia – i’d be surprised if she had experimented in the boudoir.. As for shag pile carpet, Rod & T’s style will appeal to a certain market.