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The Renovators – Another Elimination And The Contestants Were Sad To See Him Go

It is with mixed feelings most people will view Kelly’s elimination from The Renovators. Yes he was a bit of dick, but he was great TV viewing. I wonder if this was what Ali meant when justice is done, see previous blog post on that spray here.

Kelly was from Byron Bay who looked like he was still living in the Age of Aquarius or he had taken too many tabs of LSD. The quirkiest bit about him is that he is a former accountant, there is no way you could have pick that. What was surprising was how upset his fellow team mates were when he was eliminated. Christie was in tears.

Tonight Michael, Jarrod, and Kelly were up for elimination, their challenge was to pick a room which was a dining room that had been trashed from a party and redecorate it for an elegant dinner party.

Again Michael showed how smart he was by running off to the paint section whilst the other guys went to pick furniture. He knew it would take a couple of hours to dry. Kelly just ran around however he did admit it takes him a while to get it together.

Surprising Jarrod’s was nicely styled with a nice art deco feel to it. However his cutlery was laid out wrong. Michael’s was light and elegant, and Kelly’s was unfinished, and his painted walls were a disaster.

This means the fibro shack team are down to two people they will have to work twice as hard as the other teams now.

Also The Renovators wil continue to start at 8.00pm. This show is good I don’t know why the ratings are so low.



1 HR { 08.09.11 at 11:26 pm }

I hope they can stick to one time slot…I’m sure thats a major factor in the low ratings…wasnt it on at 7:30 pm yesterday? I assumed 8 pm & when I tuned in, half was over, so I just dint bother to watch the rest…am sure thats the case with many people…am sure once they get a consistent airing time, ratings will go up…but they should have done so from before…

2 Susan { 08.09.11 at 11:36 pm }

I really am enjoying this show too – thought it would substitute my MChef withdrawal but it has grabbed my attention.
Lived in Sydney too for 12 yrs and still have an investment property there so am also interested in the real estate prices and locations.
I do think the judges got the decision spot on tonight- his room in comprison to the other two was certainly the less professional and inspiring IMO.
The remaining contestants seem like a really nice bunch of people- hopefully this show gets to focus more on renovation and not so much on them……………

3 Dazza { 08.10.11 at 7:28 am }

People are locked into the Block and therefore this show is suffering. Won’t pick up til Block finishes. Ali reminds me of an older Sam Armytage

4 Georgie { 08.10.11 at 7:44 am }

I’ve never watched The Block but I’m definitely hooked on Renovators and that happened before MC finished. Varying timeslot is annoying though so hope that’s finished. I thought Michael and especially Jarrad did extremely well last night – they surprised me.

5 sue { 08.10.11 at 8:23 am }

I wonder if they will invite Ali back, now that her nemesis has departed??? :) just a thought…..

6 Maz { 08.10.11 at 10:02 am }

It will probably pick up once the Block finishes. However, the ads that were shown before the premier were all about the houses yet we have hardly seen anything of them (okay even time we have flicked they are in the warehouse fluffing cushions)
The elimination concept has left me a bit cold as they way I understand it you could be in a situation(not that the producers would allow this) where a house could have no contestants as not enough progress has been made. The fibro shack is down to two already.

7 brain dead dave { 08.10.11 at 4:05 pm }

Ch 10 are Encoring this in the afternoons. I’m happy to watch Kelly be thrown out again.

8 smauge { 08.10.11 at 8:06 pm }

I’m late to comment on this because the TiVo taped Modern Family. WTF channel 10?? So sick of time changes.

9 trishfish { 08.10.11 at 8:47 pm }

i missed i too! kelly is gone but new assholes are emerging… grey team “nice” old lady dissing the dead tree. I like Natalia!!!!