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The Block – The Renovation Is Finished

The renovation has finished, so what are the next five episodes going to be about until the big auction finale?

Tonight the teams were still working on the facade of the houses and the gardens but there was a deadline as they were going to be judged on it.

Just some quick thoughts on the episode:

  • They needed some sort of entertainment in the episode, and this appeared to be the fake skull. First he tricked Waz, and then Amy and Katrina. The joke went on far to long. However I did laugh when Rod said the skull was the guy who had put dints in his fridge.
  • There were a mound of tradies on The Block for the last 24-48 hours. I would like to have known how many of these had been personally hired by the contestants;
  • I liked Rod and Tania’s backyard it had a great feel of space, however for me the spa is not a positive thing;
  • Amy and Katrina’s zen garden gave their backyard a bit of a zen feel. The open fire must be the new trendy outdoor must have as Josh and Jenna also had one.
  • The outdoor kitchen appears to be a trend as well, I am not sure if I agree with John McGrath that it is a must have item.
  • Polly and Waz did the outdoor kitchen, I felt their outdoor space was unmemorable;
  • Josh and Jenna who are popular with the judges again got the thumbs up for their covered deck and the fruit trees;
  • Polly revealed The Block has brought her and Waz closer together, however Josh and Jenna did not say The Block had torn them apart;
  • Everyone always looks bedraggled at the time of the judging deadline, however Katrina and Amy always look fabulous, how do they do it?

The viewer has to wait until tomorrow night to find out who won the $5000 prize.  I presume all their houses are gone over and touched up before the inspections commenced.


1 Liz { 08.14.11 at 11:20 pm }

Didn’t see tonights ep, as I lost RockPaperScissors repeatedly tonight and so was treated to a night of testosterone viewing. Having said that, I did manage to flick over in some ad breaks – was horrified at those hideous western red cedar shutters left unpainted. Looked like a massive zit. Thought that the exterior paint jobs, shown up close, were the work of a disinterested four year old. I get it that painting weatherboard is difficult, but that was just sloppy. John McGrath saying an outdoor kitchen is a “must have”….really??? REALLY?? In whose world?? From personal perspective, many people consider they are really restrictive as area fixture. And as for the spa….along with shag pile carpet….are these people for real or have they fallen into an Austin Powers/swingersville timewarp?

2 AJ { 08.15.11 at 8:23 am }

Of the backyards, my favourite was Josh and Jenna’s with actual GRASS and a distinct “dining” area and “sitting” area with the fire pit. The other three were all pretty poorly planned. The giant sunken lounge/seating area chosen by the sisters looks cool at first instance, but I have to wonder how much use it would actually get and it took up a lot of their backyard.

Given that Rod and Tania did not have a dining area inside their house, I expected them to really impress with an outdoor dining area, but the main focus was the spa and bar. Sure, they had a table as well, but given the residents cannot sit around a table inside, I would have thought they’d try to create an area for dining area that was protected from the elements (roof and some kind of wind-break) and had some built-in warmth.

As for Polly and Waz, well I can barely remember their outside area. The “outside” kitchen seemed to be little more than a BBQ and a sink, which doesn’t impress me all that much given their “inside” kitchen is about 2 metres away. As they didn’t have a dedicated indoor dining area, I also expected them to create a useful outdoor area that was protected from the weather.

As for the facades, Polly and Waz were the stand-out for me. I liked the red shutters and thought they “matched” the exposed red brick wall really well. I also liked the “simple” front garden. I thought the facades chosen by the sisters and Rod and Tania were a bit too dark and “modern”, especially Rod and Tania’s house which looked like it would be home to the Addams Family. Josh and Jenna had a decent facade, although I could barely distinguish between their “light gray” and “white” paint colours and the front garden seemed really off with just a pot in the middle of a large patch of soil. A nice grassed area would have been fine.

At the end of the day, I can’t see how Josh and Jenna will lose as their house layout is heads and shoulders above the other three homes. Unless their reserve is set FAR above the other houses.

3 Culinary Boner { 08.15.11 at 9:45 am }

The so-called practical jokes were lame, uber-lame.
Why no plastic dog turd?

4 suzy { 08.15.11 at 9:46 am }

Just a comment about Josh and Jenna’s house name…….Bellecourt 1915? Isn’t that supposed to be Bullecourt(France)…somebody I think misread the name!

5 kleenex mum { 08.15.11 at 10:50 am }

I’m sorry to once again knock josh and jenna, but having LAWN in the back orchard…… lets look at the down side off this. did we see a garden shed for the lawnn mower…….. in inner city living who would want to spend time and effort trying to get a bloody mower down to mow that small peice off lawn, you would have to drag a mower over the deck, yeah right, you could do the edges by hand sciccors i guess, to save getting a whipper snipper, i am really surprised that the judges didnt make comment off this feature, i personally would not have done it, as with their front yard, i agree with the judges. it looked like they were desperate to put some sort of plants in to finish, as jenna admitted to one and all she didnt know any thing about gardening why oh why didnt she let arron stick to the design he made, the succulent garden originally he presneted would have been beautiful, but no jenna has to throw her tantrum and get her own way. It would really piss me off if this couple won, also the sisters are not deserving, as they really didnt do a lot off the hard work, i wonder who or if a real painter was bought in to repaint the sisters house, joshs house, pollys fence where we saw in the morning mist the paint running down the posts, what a joke this is, i certainly would never consider putting a bid in on one off these propertys, there are so many around that area on the market that leave these for dead

6 Block Fan { 08.15.11 at 10:54 am }

I will be shocked if Rod & Tania’s exterior doesn’t win tonight – they had the most general appeal and made good use of the space. I liked J & J’s fruit trees but the front of their place was a bit lacking. The front of the sisters place looked a little random, I liked Polly & Waz but still think Rod and Tania deserve the win!

7 Culinary Boner { 08.15.11 at 12:12 pm }

At this year’s Bogies:-
“And winner of the Sidney James-David Croft- Jeremy Lloyd Dooooble Entendre Award”….pss…”pass me the envelope please”…
“Goes to Scott Cam…for his ‘now the teams have to get on with screwing’ ”
“well deserved, but he’d’ve won the Gold Barbara Windsor Mrs Slocum Trophy is he’d just added ‘…with their massive tools’ “

8 PollyB { 08.15.11 at 12:45 pm }

Um, Kleenex Mum, I live in a town house with a small strip of grass, which I’m very grateful for. I don’t have a garden shed, or a lawn mower. I pay about $20 a month to have it cut. Easy. One thing I have in my small back yard is a clothesline. I didn’t see one in any of the yards. They all have water tanks don’t they? But everyone is going to use clothes dryers? Hmm, not good for the environment.

9 Wurstsemmel { 08.15.11 at 12:55 pm }

Yep, CB, I noticed that too..but wasn’t it in relation to Rod and his landscape gardener chump? ………something about Rod and the guy all night screwing…..HUGE PAUSE…..screws. Honestly, the biggest chump on this block in Scott.

These houses would have to have a bit of a going over before going to market. The paint jobs were pretty bad in places. In the end, it’s all a bit of a joke because it was tradie city last night. When I see a show about renovating, I want to see the blockies doing it themselves. We can all pay money to get renovation work done.

Oh, and I thought the girls pit was the pits.

10 akris { 08.15.11 at 1:35 pm }

I think it’s unfair for people to constantly put down the sisters as not deserving to win just coz they didn’t do as much heavy lifting/trade work as the other teams…i think that they are doing just as much, if not more than the other girls in the other teams. They shouldn’t be disadvantaged in this way just because they don’t have a guy to do most of the manual heavy labour.

As much as I do like most of Josh and Jenna’s design aesthetic… I do believe they only won the kitchen because of space, and same with a lot of their other rooms. ie built in closet. I think it would only be fair that they have a much higher reserve price than the other teams.

I also want Tania and Rod to win.. they don’t get into the drama and politics they just get their work done. Although I’m also not a fan of their first bathroom, their shag carpets or the spa… but in terms of their work ethic and genuine all round niceness I think they’d be worthy winners.

11 Culinary Boner { 08.15.11 at 2:50 pm }

Wurstsemmel, I agree I got the context wrong as I spent a fair part of my viewing last night cringeing at the lame jokes, filler and props. And this is from someone ” hoo don’t mind a little doooble entendre, no wot i mean”. I half expected Kenneth Williams to ponce onto camera nostrils flaring. Sadly, that wasn’t to be. That said, at least it wasn’t as tedious as the Renovators. Barry the Bore gives me brainfreeze.

12 brandy { 08.15.11 at 3:43 pm }

all this sour grapes re the space of J & J’s house/rooms/backyard. They didn’t get first pick of the houses – Katrina and Ami did. J&J picked their house second.

Then there was a challenge win that gave the chance for one of the other couples – forget who – P and Waz I think – to pick a different house to the one they’d chosen and they decided to stick with their original house. It was either P & Waz , or Rod and Tania, I think.

So two couples turned down the house J&J chose, and that they have had so many advantages because of allegedly. I’d say they have better design taste and taste overall, than the other couples. Which is why they win so many rooms.

But the outdoors goes to the swingers, this week.

13 akris { 08.15.11 at 4:03 pm }

Brandy brandy brandy… so not sour grapes.. I agree that J&J have great design skills, but you have to admit there is no way any other team could’ve won that kitchen unless J&J totally stuffed it up like their lounge.

Sisters: Points down for a small kitchen, no cooking or bench space
Rod & Tania: Points down for not having a dining area. Also space related.
Poly and waz: Bad design trying to make the most of the space they had. that table!!! Enough said.

J&J definitely deserved some of their wins.. ie. their second bath was amazing and their second room was the best of the lot, and their kitchen was the best BUT only because of the space restrictions for the other team. Last year they ALL had the same space in terms of rooms (excluding extra garage and patio), but some had higher reserve for whatever reason.. So this year I can’t see how any other house can have a higher reserve than them .. more money spent due to more winnings and more space.

14 km { 08.15.11 at 4:55 pm }

what were Amy & Katrina thinking with their backyard???? i thought they were in with a chance to win but not now, sorry girls….

15 brandy { 08.15.11 at 5:32 pm }

well the other teams are dopes for not picking the bigger house. full stop. That’s my point. i am sick of them on the show whining it’s the Josh and jenna show. ah, akris akris akris.

16 Akris { 08.15.11 at 6:15 pm }

Haha brandy.. Good one…

Other than Polly and waz noone really knew that it would be bigger choice

17 Wurstsemmel { 08.15.11 at 6:55 pm }

Actually, I think it is a measure of the kind of people Polly and Waz are that they didn’t use the key opportunity to swipe Josh and Jenna’s house -if they’d had their game hats on, they should have taken it but I think they’re too ethical for that. Now, if it had been Jenna and Josh… would have been all change.

Jenna and Josh have done some great rooms. I loved their first bedroom, the ensuite. However, you can’t argue that the kitchen wasn’t won purely on space. No one else had room for the kitchen island and table.

Their backyard space is nothing special. Spa aside, I’d have to hand it to Rod and Tania this week. I’d love Polly and Waz to win but I don’t think that’s likely…so R&T for me despite the swinger feel.

18 some random { 08.15.11 at 9:01 pm }

Well, my faves are polly and waz, i don’t think there’s much of a chance of them taking out the whole thing though. I’m sort of feeling it going rod and tania’s way, especially considering the person who wins is the team who’s house makes the most above the reserve price. Because Josh and Jenna have more space, their house may sell for more, but their reserve price is about 200k more than the others, meaning they will not make any more than others above reserve. I believe polly and waz reserve price is the lowest, give them a bit more of a chance maybe??? Want them to win i think they’re really entertaining, does no-one else agree with me??????

19 seepi { 08.15.11 at 9:47 pm }

Did anyone watch Who Wants To Be A Billionaire tonight – what a shocker. So embarrassing. I don’t think a single person answered a question correctly. rod tried to pass on Every Single Question. Even the last one. Even an early one like ‘what is surrepticious’. Not a bright spark amongst them.