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The Block – Rod Is The Only Person Not Happy The Show Is Rating So High

Katrina was surprised at how quick Rod was to get the mankini on. He put a spa in his back yard of course the he was keen as to strip off to get in it.

However he is probably the only person involved in The Block who is hoping that the ratings won’t hit the 2 million mark tonight. Just to make sure we all got a good look at Rod’s not bad arse the producers replayed his roll into the spa about five times.

He must have been feeling very rough the next day as it looked like he had passed out on the lounge room floor.

The problem with tonight’s episode after they announced Rod and Tania as the winners of the facade and outdoor areas it turned into something you would see at an office farewell. It involved in-jokes, too much booze, and people thinking they are funnier then they actually were. Yes I am looking at you Scott Cam.

By the way I did think Rod and Tania did deserve to win the last challenge as the way they had designed it gave it a sense of space. Unlike Amie and Katrina’s whose design made the yard look more cramped with their zen sunken seating.

The second half of the episode was reminiscing about everyone’s time on The Block, and some product placement, which actually worked for me as I quite like the red luggage. For the record they same yearning did not occur for a MacDonald’s coffee.

The recap that Jenna and Josh received was all about their arguing. However they might have the last laugh, as currently they are favourites to get the highest price for their house according to Sports Bet. The highest price may not win you first prize as it is about which house makes the highest profit, and each house will have a different reserve.

Odds from Sports Bet via TV Tonight are:

Highest Selling Price
$1.90 Josh and Jenna
$3.00 Rod and Tania
$5.50 Polly and Waz
$6.00 Katrina and Amie

Josh and Jenna are also turning their arguing into a marketing tool, they have started up a company called Bicker Design. Currently their website is not up yet, but they can be contacted via their Facebook page.


1 Block Fan { 08.16.11 at 10:31 am }

I thought last night was pretty hysterical and good to see them looking like they actually do all get on…Rod is a good sport and seems like an all round nice guy. They deserved to win, I would have been shocked if they hadn’t. It somewhat restored my faith that maybe its not all as rigged as I had thought… It will be interesting to see the couple this week post The Block. I don’t know how the auction results will be able to be kept secret for 23 hrs before the big finale!

2 Block Fan { 08.16.11 at 10:32 am }

Even if the registered bidders at the action have to sign something saying the results are confidential until the show I can’t believe no one will blab about it…

3 Culinary Boner { 08.16.11 at 11:51 am }

Hey Rodney,
Rock out, with yer Block out (to paraphrase a classic saying)

Given the general ribaldry and chumpy, lamby lameness of last night’s show I was almost indignant to see a spirit mixer can floating in the spa… and not a rubber johnny or two.

4 Lebay { 08.16.11 at 1:01 pm }

Wasn’t Jenna displeased to be the winner of the Chump award. That sour puss could have turned cream! Later on in the interview she said it should have been just Josh. I mean WTF are you part of a team or not! I thought Rod really got into the spirit of it all, although that footage of him going into the spa will haunt him till his dying day…..

5 Heléna { 08.16.11 at 2:06 pm }

hilarious episode! – I loved it! I do wonder whow they are going to fill in the hourly slots for the rest of the week though :/ the auction show on Sunday should be a huge ratings night for the show

6 some random { 08.16.11 at 5:38 pm }

Loved that episode, apart from when waz ruined his perfect little speech by saying, “if we lived in a perfect world we’d all be spooning, everyday *polly puts head in hands*, but it’s not a perfect world.” And i’m scarred for life with rod’s little stunt too. I would imagine josh and jenna would get the most for their house, being double fronted and on the biggest block of land and all, but that doesn’t mean they’ll win (because of the reserve price), don’t want them to win……….

7 PollyB { 08.16.11 at 6:14 pm }

Cringeworthy episode. The only good thing was it showed they must have become quite good friends. R&T by 1/2 a point. And this isn’t rigged? Yeh, right.

8 Reality Raver { 08.16.11 at 8:52 pm }

Polly B – I was kind of glad it was rigged, for them to win the back yard. Considering al lot of their work was good but their style was never going to fly with the judges. I hope they do go overseas.

Some random – I started out really liking Polly and Waz but in the last few weeks I just started thinking they were hamming it up for the cameras.

Helena – at least one of the episodes will be about the showing of the houses.

LeBay – do you think the chump award was a bit over done. It was a good joke but it just got tired.

CB – I don’t think Rod would have been capable of doing anything in the spa.

Block Fan – I suppose they are hoping it won’t leak out in 24 hours before it goes to air. the down side of twitter and blogs it can go viral.

9 seepi { 08.16.11 at 8:55 pm }

I think the tiny terraces were the death of this series. they probably couldn’t get a camera in their along with the contestants while they actually did anything, and this is why we just saw them shopping.

Likewise it has been hard to really show the houses now they are done – kitchen layout and tiny lounges etc. The master bedrooms are the only ones we really got any time focussed on, and the exteriors of the houses.

This is probably one reason why we saw so much shopping, contestants lying in bed talking and silly games in mazes. and driving around.

Next time, I vote a huge warehouse conversion.

10 PollyB { 08.17.11 at 7:23 am }

RR – I agree it was rigged because of the standard of R&T’s work throughout the series. They did earn some kind of reward. And after seeing the ep about Rod’s dad, yeah, they deserve a holiday.